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What is the magic behind creative teamwork?

What can you do as a leader to unleash your team’s creative potential and generate more and better ideas to innovate your products and services?

And once that's done, how do you make that a repeatable process?

These are the questions we will be exploring in this webinar.

And to do it, we need to necessarily start with looking at the basics: creativity.

Creativity is not a skill, it is not innate.

Creativity is a way of operating: it obeys specific rules that have been broken down and analyzed - and as such they can be:

  • understood
  • learned
  • passed on

And in this webinar we will see exactly what those rules are, what is needed to build an environment conductive to their adoption and how you can implement them in your own team.

Outcomes range from better problem solving, faster innovation capabilities and higher resilience to stressful and high pressure environments. Once we are done, you will leave the webinar with a much stronger confidence in your skills to infuse innovative thinking in your team, navigate tough environments and guide your teams through them.

Join us on August 13th, we will be sending out the link to you the day before the event.

See you then!

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