In-house communication sessions - Winter 2017
In-house communication sessions - Winter 2017

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In-house communication sessions - Winter 2017

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Short and Sweet Learning OFFER - £775 +VAT - on selected dates - January to March 2017

Organise a taster workshop for yourself and a group of colleagues in your offices early in the New Year.

We are offering 2-3 hour workshops on the four topics below at substantially discounted rates on selected dates only.

WORKSHOP 1: The Cognitive Science behind Words that Work

Thirty years of research in cognitive linguistics is now revealing just how powerfully we can shape events in each others minds when we understand more about how language and thought interrelate.

This workshop explores language and cognition, provides tools for change and a deeper understanding of the overall impact of your or your organisation's writing. We explore what is necessary for clarity, accuracy and genuine connection - and how traditional business, corporate and technical writing often breaks the cognitive rules.

We help you experience how different language structures tap into three broad areas of cognition (credibility, emotion and case-building) and how to balance those for different audience requirements.

As this is a short workshop, we will need to agree with you in advance the kind of writing you would most like to focus on in the session. This can include how to:

  • inspire, motivate and build trust among audiences via email and other forms of written communication
  • influence and guide clients, colleagues or teams in a specific business environment
  • generate productive and engaging dialogue with your organisation’s stakeholders
  • translate complexity with rigour and clarity while at the same time addressing the emotive values being expressed

Sessions are available, at a time of your choosing for 2-3 hours during office hours and for up to six people, at £775 + VAT on selected dates in January, February and March.

WORKSHOP 2: The Neurobiology of Communication

Raise awareness of the impact of communication with this 'behind the scenes' look at the neurobiology we all trigger.

Build the case for paying more attention to communication throughout the organisation.

Workplace communication and behaviour can have a significant impact on the vital body chemistry of teams and employees - with both immediate and long term effects on health and people’s ability to think, create and perform effectively. Leaders and managers must effectively mitigate for the power they hold by playing to important neurobiological and evolutionary mechanisms building safety and motivation.

There are typically five core human or social needs that drive our emotional state and our behaviour. In this workshop, we show how regularly addressing these needs in your communication – especially in times of change and challenge – builds trust, promotes positive emotive responses and a body chemistry that maintains higher level thinking and motivation.

Whether you are a communicator interested in organisational communication or a team leader focussing on interpersonal communication, this workshop will help you navigate the social triggers that impact on creativity, engagement and cognitive performance at work:

Sessions are available, at a time of your choosing for 2-3 hours during office hours and for up to six people, at £775 + VAT on selected dates in January, February and March.

WORKSHOP 3: The Power of Storytelling

To inspire we often need to balance our communication with greater context and emotional engagement.

Storytelling helps us do this - it simplifies the mental gymnastics of communication keying into critical mental processes of understanding and motivation.

When told or written well, stories do thier work under the radar and can be a powerful and respectful way of influencing others to see things differently. They cut through the clutter and create an immediate connection between the teller and their audiences - whether employees, the media or customer groups. In short, effective storytelling helps build trust and loyalty, shapes decisions and triggers action.

Increasingly, organisational leaders and communicators are using stories as a strategic tool to inspire, set a vision, teach important lessons, to listen, to define culture and values or to explain who they are and what they believe. Learn how to do this for yourself; learn how to assist this process in your organisation.

In this session, we will illustrate storytelling in action and will share techniques, tools and the essential ingredients of effective stories so that you can:

  • Find, tell and write stories that change perceptions
  • Communicate complex ideas clearly and powerfully through narrative
  • Use storytelling techniques as a supporting structure when presenting and to engage and inspire
  • Coach business partners/leaders by having a grounding in the theory and techniques of narrative

Sessions are available, at a time of your choosing for 2-3 hours during office hours and for up to six people, at £775 + VAT on selected dates in January, February and March. .

WORKSHOP 4: The Presentation Coaching Clinic

Learn to present the natural way – as if in conversation with your audience.

When we present – or speak to a group – the most important factors are:

  • Having something real to say
  • Building a connection by truly thinking about the group and their needs
  • Showing why you have a right to ‘lead’ on this and why they should care about the subject - or your approach

For most of us though, presenting isn’t something we relish - nerves and other self-imposed expectations often sabotage success or reduce our impact. This is often because we don’t know how to find the three vital ingredients above. Having them in place allows words to flow naturally ‘in the moment’, aligns our body language and makes us more credible.

In this short workshop, we show you how to take some of the challenges out of presenting and put ‘natural’ back in – so you can engage with your audience and present effectively. We will build your confidence and skills by moving from an easy conversational starting point to some mental strategies and story-based techniques that act as a presentation support structure for you.

For many of our clients, these sessions have opened the door to a different kind of presenting. We don’t promise an instant success, but we do believe this will set you on the road to easier, more enjoyable presenting.

This session will provide techniques, practices and feedback for up to six people.

Sessions are available, at a time of your choosing for 3 hours during office hours and for up to six people, at £775 + VAT on selected dates in January, February and March.


  1. Maximum of six people
  2. Travel expenses are included in the ticket price if you are based in London or within striking distance of West London or from our offices near Newbury.
  3. Each workshop must be booked at least fourteen days in advance and ticket sales end at this point
  4. You may book two workshops which can be held as morning and afternoon sesssions on the same day.

How to book: Select a date and then a ticket type for your choice of workshop. On the registration page, select 'individual' rather than 'business'. Ignore the timings given for the workshops.We will get in touch to discuss further details such as exact timings.

If you have any queries before or after booking, please email or call 01380 860 003

Available dates for any of the above workshops:

Thursday 12th January

Thursday 26th January - now fully booked

Tuesday 31st January

Thursday 2nd February

Thursday 9th February

Thursday 23rd February

Wednesday 15th March

Thursday 23rd March

Thursday 30th March

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