Inclusive Leadership Development (Emotional and Cultural Intelligence)

Inclusive Leadership Development (Emotional and Cultural Intelligence)

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Helping leaders commit to ensuring all team members are treated equitably, feel valued, belong & resourceful to achieve their full potential

About this event

Inclusive leadership means that leaders commit to ensuring all team members are: Treated equitably, Feel a sense of belonging and value, and. Have the resources and support they need to achieve their full potential.

Leadership, teamwork and managing complexity are best developed by going beyond our daily assumptions and habits in activities that disrupt our normal ways of thinking, emotions and behaviour and by enhancing the process of self-discovery.

In this course, we will cover the topics of Global Competence, Cultural Humility, Inclusive Leadership, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Action.

Topics that are covered:

• Helping leaders leverage cultural, generational, social and personal diversity in their organizations and workplaces, across borders and in new markets.

• Providing scientifically proven frameworks to encourage strong leadership resilience and agility

• Using Global DISC assessment and profiling to strengthen emotional and cultural intelligence

• Encouraging diversity, creativity and innovation, to elevate leaders’ self-awareness, self-confidence and sustained performance.

• Addressing self-doubt, stress and anxiety so that leaders can achieve a fulfilled life and abundant business based on their true selves


Introduction: What You Will Learn

1: Leadership & Identity

2: Theories of Identity

3: Cultural Humility

4: Understanding Global Competencies

5: Examining Local, Global and Intercultural Issues

6: Inclusive Leadership: A Framework For Implementing Global Competencies As A Future Leader

7: Owning Your Identity As An Inclusive Leader

8: Being An Inclusive Leader/ Leading Change As A Globally Competent And Inclusive Leader

9: Creating A Situational Leadership Decision-Aid

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