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New Year workshops OFFER - £875 +VAT on selected dates only.

Learn how to excel at the mental gymnastics of communication in our influence and impact sessions. In this series of workshops, we have brought together the topics and techniques that have consistently made the biggest difference to individuals in our leadership development coaching in the communications sector.

Stop convincing and start connecting to bring people on board with your vision of the future.

Organise a workshop for a group of colleagues or coaching sessions for yourself at discount rates in early 2020. (SEE AVAILABLE DATES BELOW or via the date selection button)

Choose one or more workshops from the four topics below at substantially discounted rates when held in your offices on the dates listed.

Transform your Presenting - and think like a storyteller

Do you need to present, pitch your ideas or speak to groups as part of your work? If so, learn to present with story-based techniques - the natural way – as if in conversation with your audience.

“Storytelling” is the language our human brains use to make sense of the world. By learning to present and think like a storyteller, you develop the skills and strategies to transform dry professional messages into emotionally engaging, credibility-enhancing experiences that inspire meaning, belief and action.

You also make it easier for yourself as a presenter because storytelling triggers better recall and grows confidence.

When we present – or speak to a group – the most important factors are:

  • Having something real to say
  • Building a connection by truly thinking about the group and their needs
  • Showing why you have a right to ‘lead’ on this and why they should care about the subject - or your approach

For most of us though, presenting isn’t something we relish - nerves and other self-imposed expectations often sabotage success or reduce our impact. This is often because we don’t know how to find the three vital ingredients above. Having them in place allows words to flow naturally ‘in the moment’, aligns our body language and makes us more credible.

In this short workshop, we show you how to take some of the challenges out of presenting and put ‘natural’ back in – so you can engage with your audience and present effectively. We will build your confidence and skills by moving from an easy conversational starting point to some mental strategies and story-based techniques that act as a presentation support structure for you.

We share valuable tips and strategies modelled from some of the world's top communicators in business, media, political and leadership roles. And we have successfully applied this to help pitch teams of all stages and ages!

For many of our clients, these sessions have opened the door to a different kind of presenting. We don’t promise an instant success, but we do believe this will set you on the road to easier, more enjoyable presenting.

This session will provide techniques, practices and feedback for up to six people. Alternatively, it can be set up as a more personalised coaching session for one or two people.

Sessions are available, at a time of your choosing for 4 hours during office hours and for up to six people, at £875 + VAT on selected dates in January, February and March as shown below.

Increase your impact in Meetings - become an effective and valued conversation manager

In this session we share a number of planning approaches and mental strategies that will build your confidence as a conversation manager - keeping things on track in meetings. The techniques will help you clarify your own needs ahead of a meeting and improve the quality of a groups' thinking during a meeting.

We show you how to avoid common pitfalls and build a relaxed environment that allows you and others to safely and respectfully say what they mean. Overall, you will be able to reduce frustrations and missed opportunities in meetings, contribute more and generate more of the results and relationships you want.


  • Best practices for starting and ending a meeting
  • How to accomplish the agenda and get broad participation - even when you are not the chair
  • Language techniques to guide and focus attention, clarify and dovetail needs
  • How to contribute usefully even when the meeting moves beyond your perceived expertise
  • Tips for handling difficult moments, group TCs and virtual meetings

We can work on current issues and any challenges that the group brings to the table and also share valuable tips and strategies modelled from some of the world's top communicators in business and leadership roles.

A group or team of 6 -10 is ideal to provide a practice group and a dynamic exchange of ideas. This session will provide insights, practices and feedback for up to ten people. Alternatively, this can form the topic for a series of personalised coaching sessions for one individual.

Sessions are available, at a time of your choosing, for 3- 4 hours during office hours and for up to ten people, at £875 + VAT on selected dates in January, February and March .

Power Up your Personal Impact and collaborative abilities

We live in a connected world where our personal impact, collaborative abilities and reputation matter more than ever before. It is no longer enough just to do a good job: you need to know your strengths - and when to be flexible - and for others to know them too. In order to find the most success, you must take conscious control of the messages you project - creating a consistent impact that others find easy to talk about.

And yet we rarely receive quality feedback that energises us or enables us to develop further. In this workshop, we help you gain insights into your current personal impact and identify some first steps to increase your personal effectiveness and ability to connect - as well as deepening your understanding of others in the team.

There will be a number of activities and a planning tool to get clearer on your strengths - as others see them - and to make developing your personal brand fun.

  • Gain insights into your own personal impact
  • Experience ‘fast-feedback’ and construct your own personal strengths statement
  • Develop some first steps in communicating and cultivating your personal (and team) effectiveness.

This is a short workshop where a team of 6 -10 is ideal to provide a positive environment and a dynamic exchange of ideas. This session will provide insights, practices and feedback for up to ten people.

Sessions are available, at a time of your choosing for 3-4 hours during office hours and for up to ten people, at £875 + VAT on selected dates in January, February and March .

Alternatively, we can work on personal impact on an individual basis in 3 or 4 coaching sessions.

Where Words Take Minds - the impact of our language

Thirty years of research in cognitive linguistics is now revealing just how powerfully we can shape events in each others minds when we understand more about how language guides thought and emotion.

This workshop provides tools for change and a deeper understanding of the overall impact of your own or your organisation's language and writing. We explore what is necessary for clarity, sensitivity, motivation, persuasion and genuine connection - and how traditional business, corporate and technical writing often breaks the cognitive rules.

We help you experience how different language structures tap into three broad areas of cognition (credibility, emotion and case-building) and how to balance those for different audience requirements.

If it is part of your role to:

  • develop communications and engagement strategies for your organisation
  • inspire, motivate and build trust by speaking to groups or using written communication as part of the mix
  • influence and guide clients or colleagues in a complex environment
  • engage your organisation’s stakeholders in productive dialogue
  • translate complexity while also addressing the emotional needs of audiences, then ..

Help yourself and your team to more effective leadership language by booking this workshop.

Discover tools and approaches that help you:

  • Build genuine human and emotional connection, when you want change
  • Stay within the limits of human information processing, when you want understanding
  • Become more aware of the approaches, language patterns and beliefs most likely to succeed in ‘influence situations’

Alternatively, we can work on linguistic impact on an individual basis over 3 or 4 coaching sessions.

Comments from previous participants included:

An excellent day… found all of it really useful – some real ‘penny-dropping’ moments.’

‘Really enjoyable and thought-provoking. Will apply those language patterns and frameworks right away.’

This session will provide insights, practices and feedback for up to ten people.

Sessions are available, at a time of your choosing for 3 hours during office hours at £875 + VAT on selected dates in January, February and March.


  1. Maximum of six or ten people as stated in each workshop type
  2. Travel expenses are included in the ticket price if you are based in London or within striking distance of West London or from our offices near Newbury.
  3. Each workshop must be booked at least fourteen days in advance and ticket sales end at this point
  4. You may book two workshops which can be held as morning and afternoon sesssions on the same day.

How to book a workshop: Select a date and then a ticket type for your choice of workshop. On the registration page, select 'individual' rather than 'business'. Ignore the timings given for the workshops.We will get in touch to discuss further details such as exact timings. If you prefer, you may book via email and pay by invoice. Please email or call us on 01380 860 003 with the necessary details.

How to book coaching sessions: Please book a coaching ticket or email or call us on 01380 860 003 with your enquiry. Coaching sessions are available at our New Year offer rate of £545* + VAT for three sessions (a face-to-face coaching session and two one hour calls. (* Must be booked during the offer period January - 27th March, 2020 and held in London or a mutually convenient location).

Available dates for any of the above workshops:

All workshops must be booked at least two weeks in advance. Ticket sales expire at this point.


Thursday 16th January

Thursday 23rd January

Thursday 30th January

Friday 31st January


Thursday 6th February

Tuesday 11th February

Thursday 20th February

Thursday 27th February

Friday 28th February


Thursday 5th March

Tuesday 10th March

Thursday 19th March

Friday 20th March

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