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Atelier Carrière - Talk Lean: Simplicity, Authenticity, Productivity – NEW IN ENGLISH

INSEAD Alumni Association France

Mardi 12 novembre 2019 de 18:30 à 21:00 (heure : France)

Atelier Carrière - Talk Lean: Simplicity,...

Informations sur l'inscription

Type d'inscription Fin des ventes Prix Frais Quantité
INSEAD Alumni Member (à jour de cotisation) / INSEAD Students   plus d'infos 12h 20m 15,00 € 0,00 €
INSEAD Alumni non Member/ Others 12h 20m 45,00 € 0,00 €
Others Alumni 12h 20m 45,00 € 0,00 €
Wharton, Columbia Business Shool Alumni , Stanford et MIT 12h 50m 15,00 € 0,00 €

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Description de l'événement

Talk Lean — with Simplicity and Authenticity — and Gain Productivity NEW IN ENGLISH

In any organisation, meetings and conversations, both internal and external, are the lifeblood through which things are made to happen and relationships are established and nurtured. And yet most of these meetings and conversations are significantly polluted by all that is left unsaid, by circumlocutions, hints, allusions, oblique references, by a fear that saying what we really think, asking for what we really want or expressing how we really feel will come over as “too direct”. And to further reduce productivity, a lot of what IS said remains unheard. These failures have a critical but often unrecognised cost in terms of both results and relationships.

Start to unlock your own productivity and that of your teams in this workshop version of the “Interactifs/Talk Lean” course which is taught in blue-chip companies around the world (Accenture, Capgemini, EY, Peugeot-Citroen, Renault etc.) and which since 2018 has been offered as an elective course on the MBA programme at INSEAD.

You will learn how systematically to marry candour with courtesy, to be straight-to-the-point whilst always remaining polite, so that meetings and conversations generate more results, more mutual respect (and more self-respect) – and all of these more rapidly achieved.

The workshop will be run by Alan Palmer (‘86D), Managing Partner at Interactifs UK, who regularly runs the ‘Talk Lean’ elective on the MBA programme at INSEAD, most recently at the beginning of October. After a career in international advertising agency groups in London and Paris, Alan has been running programmes for Interactifs’ blue-chip clients around the world for over 10 years; and he set up Interactifs UK 6 years ago. As a thoroughly Francophile Brit and a frequent Eurostar traveller, he asks you not to mention the B----- word!

Should you face an impossibility to attend this workshop, please inform Giuliana (giuliana@inseadalumni.fr) as early as possible. As we have limited places to this workshop, a “no show” means that some fellow alumni would not be accepted.

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Où et quand

INSEAD Alumni Association France
19 Rue de l'Arc de Triomphe
75017 Paris

Mardi 12 novembre 2019 de 18:30 à 21:00 (heure : France)

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