Instant Impact on Vocabulary and Spoken Language Skills in the Early  Years

Instant Impact on Vocabulary and Spoken Language Skills in the Early Years

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This online session provides training for people who want to support progress in vocabulary and language development in EYFS and Year 1

About this event

This session is free to attend. This session is based on the award-winning Chatta approach.

The focus is vocabulary and language developent in the early years ( relevant for y1 and 2 and SEN staff)

This three hour online session is for school staff who are ready to start working with Chatta, people who already work with Chatta, for people new to Chatta and for people who want to try Chatta.

There is a 15 minute break half way through the session.

After attending this training you will understand and be able to use the simple and powerful Chatta approach in your classroom. Using Chatta will make a difference for your students' vocabulary, language use, writing skills, memory and confidence. Any age, any subject, any level.

'In every class there are students who face challenges related to working memory, sequencing, processing and language. Chatta helps them achieve their potential and exceed expectations. It helps everyone else in the class too. It is easy, effective and adaptable. The difference it makes is immediate and obvious.'
Chris Williams, founder.

There is no cost to attend but there is a subscription charge for the Chatta software. Anyone attending can access a 30 day free trial of the Chatta software will be able to experience the full benefits of Chatta in their own classroom.

Who Should Attend?

  • Class teachers and teaching assistants
  • Literacy subject leaders
  • Senior Leadership team
  • Special Needs Co-ordinators
  • EYFS Practitioners
  • KS1 Teachers
  • Language Teachers

What is covered in the session?

  • The vital importance of vocabulary, modelled language and oral rehearsal.
  • Dual-Coding and Multimedia Teaching
  • The power of self-explanation
  • The Chatta Approach in detail
  • Practical activities for participants to experience Chatta for themselves
  • Software Demonstration
  • Classroom activity ideas

Benefits of Chatta

For teachers and teaching assistants, choosing to use Chatta in your teaching will be an extremely effective, time-saving and easy step forward. With Chatta the possibilities are endless.

  • Remove barriers to learning
  • Strengthen oracy skills and vocabulary
  • (Almost)Zero-effort planning and preparation
  • Support students with EAL
  • Helps student overcome challenges related to working memory, sequencing and processing
  • Bridge the gap between thinking and writing
  • Support exam revision and preparation
  • Help with visual timetables, social stories and transition support
  • Strengthen language teaching

The training will:

  • Give teachers a deep understanding of how children and young people develop spoken language skills and vocabulary, and how that impacts on reading and writing.
  • Develop at the skills required to teach confidently and easily using the Chatta Approach and software.This will help remove barriers to learning and make lesson and activity planning almost effortless.
  • Focus on scaffolding, modelled language and oral rehearsal, making spoken and written composition effortless.
  • Provide range of practical activities to demonstrate what classroom practice may look like.
  • Provide clear and detailed activity plans, and hundreds of examples, to make it simple to begin to use the methods covered on the training course.
  • Enable your pupils to achieve excellence in speaking, vocabulary use and writing.

What Happens After The Training?

Following the training attendees will be ready to teach their first Chatta activity. We will provide resources and activity ideas and will be available to help

Who is the training delivered by?

This live online session is presented by Chatta's founder, Chris Williams. Chris designed Chatta to help teaching staff and parents remove barriers to learning, help strengthen language and vocabulary for students of all ages and to make it effortless for educators to teach through unlocking the power pictures. Chris has taught thousands of students using the Chatta approach and software in classrooms all over the world .

How To Prepare For The Training

Think about the priorities and challenges in your teaching. Think about your class and the content/topics you will be covering in the coming weeks. What do your students find difficult? What holds them back? You don't need access to the Chatta software to participate in the training. The software is easy to use and we will set things up for you ready to use immediately after the training session.

What Does Chatta Cost?

There is no cost to attend the training or for a 30 day trial of the Chatta software.

School subscription prices start at £300/year

Personal subscriptions cost £5.99/month or £60/year.

If you want to book this training session for your school or organisation please contact:

Online sessions can be arranged free of charge. There is a charge for face-to-face training and in school demonstrations.

What Teachers Say

Kingsway School:

“A fun, easy way to develop vocabulary, confidence, oracy and writing skills. The impact is magical and instant.”

Cherry Burton School:

"The impact has been phenomenal"

Waterton Trust:

"The impact is palpable."

Thurcroft Infant School

“I was very impressed with the content of the session.The content was balanced, clear and informative.The speaker’s style was very engaging, his knowledge very clear and his delivery was well-paced and appropriate.”

Half Acres Primary

“The session more than met my expectations, I can’t wait to get started.The sessions was excellent, a hands on approach but with the theory base to back it up.The speaker was very knowledgeable and responded well to questions, soooo many ideas!”

Ladywood Primary

“The session was very informative, it’s a refreshing NEW approach.The content was a good mixture of both practical and theoretical information. Chatta is an excellent resource for children with communication and language challenges.The speaker offered excellent delivery, great balance between listening and practical activities.”

Savile Park Primary

“The session was informative and the information and ideas were easy to take on board. Full of ideas to go back and use in the classroom!”

Berry Brow Infant & Nursery School

“The session fulfilled my expectations: practical, simple ideas that will improve oral communication.”

Townville Infants:

“The content was clear and informative and there was lots of time to practice and explore the Chatta approach and software throughout the session.”

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