Intensive Movement Workshop | LONDON

Intensive Movement Workshop | LONDON

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Local Motion Movement

52 Garratt Lane


SW18 4FT

United Kingdom

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Learn how the body is designed in its origin and how you can improve your performance as a human and as an athlete.

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For more Inspiration - @karimu_samuels (Instagram)


Karimu Samuels, Movement Coach -/enthusiast and sport scientist, created his own concept of how to sensitize the art of motion (by learning from world renowned teachers). Meanwhile he worked with professional athletes like the WIBF Flyweight World Champ Alicia Holzken, the WBC "prospect of the year" Sophie Alisch, Judo Fighter from the german national team, MMA Fighter, professional dancer and many more. Learn how the body is designed in its origin and how you can improve your performance as a human and as an athlete.

What is the essence of MOVEMENT?

- to understand what it means to move your body in the most economical, organic and efficient way!

In this workshop you will learn to work efficiently with your body and develop a feeling of lightness. Playful approaches, theoretical knowledge as well as methodical approaches are the basic building blocks. How do you create an understanding in your body and master yourself?

Physical suppleness and a feeling of lightness will help you to improve your performance on all levels. It doesn't matter if you are a fitness enthusiast, a yogi, bjj'ler, MMA fighter, boxer, judoka, or other....

Movement is universal and ubiquitous! If you understand how to implement the essence of Movement, you can EASILY apply it to any field of your choice.

CONTENTS will be:

- Body flow and its importance

- Animal Movements

- Coordination, Rhythm, Timing of a Movement

- Power Exploration & properly developing the kinetic potential

- Training the ability to react

- How to create FLOW

- Variety: learning simple to complex movement sequences

- Focus on physical and mental perception


In this workshop you will understand to perceive your body and learn the function behind a movement.

This workshop is ideally designed for hobby, amateur and professional fighters from all martial arts backgrounds, yogis, as well as fitness enthusiasts who feel physically stiff and want to restore suppleness in their body. If you are a trainer, coach or teacher looking to improve your skills in Free Form Movement & Mobility, this is also the place for you.

The workshop ignites myriad areas, whether it's your physical awareness, coordination, movement skills, joint stability, strength or your suppleness.

Learn how to make every movement look effortless and increase your physical abilities!

Intensive Movement Workshop | LONDON: Bild
Intensive Movement Workshop | LONDON: Bild

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