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Discover the secret behind listening for wellbeing.

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Unlocking the natural mental health in your family, community, school or team. Learn how listening is the key to everyone’s mental wellbeing. Through our on-line and in-person programmes, we’ll show you how you can naturally cut through the mental agitation, stress and noise to a happier, calmer and more productive self. Discover the most simple and nourishing way of connecting with each other through listening.

It's time to support each other

What would it be like if you knew how to support colleagues who were experiencing worry and anxiety?

What if you didn't need to be an expert and you didn't need to learn new techniques and strategies to support those who are stressed?

What if you realised that your natural ability to listen was in and of itself a powerful starting point?

What is a Wellbeing Listener Introduction?

The Wellbeing Listener Introduction is a fresh, simple and innovative approach to workplace stress and anxiety. It will enable your team members to engage in nourishing everyday-conversations that in and of themselves are restorative and refreshing.

This 2-hr introduction will share a new and innovative way of listening that will unlock the natural resilience and wellbeing in your teams.

Water-cooler conversations

We all instinctively know how those informal conversations around the water-cooler, or the photocopier can be incredibly supportive both for ourselves and others. These kinds of informal conversations are the glue of connection that bring together communities and teams.

In our current COVID climate these informal interactions are a rarity. Many people are feeling a sense of isolation and detachment from these everyday exchanges.

What would it be like if your teams naturally listened to each other and provided informal times for mutual interaction and support?

What if your staff realised that:

  1. They aren't responsible for making other people feel better
  2. When they listen for wellbeing, you blow on the spark of wellbeing in the other person
  3. Listening as a human-to-human in an everyday interaction is powerful

The great myth

The news is full of mental health statistics and stories that suggest we are about to be engulfed in a mental health crisis. There is a pervading myth that we need to invest in 'mental health experts' to resolve this situation.There is a place for mental-health experts - but more fundamentally there is a place for each and every one of us. When we start listening out to each other we are able to help more than we ever realise. This is what a Wellbeing Champion is all about

Here at the Inner Compass Guide CIC we will help you see:

  1. People want to be heard - they aren't looking for solutions
  2. That wellbeing is in-built to the psychological system
  3. When we are in touch with our own wellbeing we naturally help others

We all have a role to play in supporting each other and one of the simplest and most over-looked aspects of supporting people with work-place anxiety and stress is to listen.

What will you learn in the Wellbeing Champion Introduction?

In the Wellbeing Champion Introduction Webinar you’ll learn about the Inner Compass which is one of the most overlooked natural guidance systems pointing us towards clarity and wellbeing.

  • When people reconnect to their Inner Compass they discover the freedom of living.
  • We all have an Inner Compass – but the Inner Compass is often overlooked because we don’t understand how it works.
  • On this Wellbeing Listener Introduction Webinar we will help you to get back in touch with your Inner Compass.

This workshop will enable you to:

  • Discover your in-built peace of mind.
  • Understand a deeper sense of your own resilience and wellbeing.
  • Learn about the transient nature of moods and thoughts

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone interested in supporting colleagues or family members who may be struggling with stress and anxiety
  • Anyone interested in developing their listening
  • Anyone responsible for coaching and / or mentoring others

Caroline Brewer and Liz Scott are your trainers:

Liz and Caroline are inspired by creating communities based on wellbeing. They realise that the most powerful gift is the power of listening for the innate wellbeing in everyone. They are both wellbeing coaches, Liz works extensively with leaders in education, Caroline has a background in HR and has recently published a book “More than you think”. They also run retreats in Weymouth.

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