Introduction to Permaculture, a Regenerative Culture, by Ludwig Appeltans

Introduction to Permaculture, a Regenerative Culture, by Ludwig Appeltans

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Introduction to Permaculture, a Regenerative Culture, by Ludwig Leodhas Appeltans

About this event

  • Would you like to learn about permaculture?
  • Do you want to hear practical information and guidance on how to implement permaculture solutions into your garden, farm or croft?
  • Do you have questions on how to get going or develop your permaculture plans?

Then please join us for an informative and exciting event to learn how Ludwig, our speaker, built his life through permaculture and how he is developing 15 acres of rock on Skye to create a wonderful and sustainable place.

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During this introductory talk, Ludwig will share with us how powerful and useful regenerative design tools can be to make your life easier, richer and more enjoyable on all levels, be it in your garden, your home, your work, your community, while at the same time improving the world around you too.

He will illustrate that by sharing a part of his story with us, by sharing some of the regenerative permaculture design tools he used to change his life from 'being an immigrant, juggling on the streets of Glasgow and dumpster diving to feed himself' to 'being able to buy a 15 acre rock of the Isle of Skye, paradise for a rich ecosystem and home to a regenerative culture project and future community, without a mortgage, job, inheritance or grants. This rock will soon be sold to the future, for the benefit of the people and the earth that are yet to be born.

After the talk there will be space for questions and discussion. Ludwig will also share information on some further learning opportunities and will invite you to join his new "Permaculture foundations" program.

This is an on line event. Details will be sent out shortly before the event. Please get in touch if you have any questions. Thanks.

Introduction to Permaculture, a Regenerative Culture, by Ludwig Appeltans image

Ludwig is a 50 year old man living on Rubha Phoil, a peninsula off the Isle of Skye.

A wee story from Ludwig:

When I - as an 8 year old boy - learned that we were destroying our planet, I was unable to carry on as normal and wanted to become a hero to save our planet. I am now occupying a grown mans body, but am still that little boy with the same dream. After a life long intense journey of discovery, I have quite a bit of experience and learning to share with you. I have trained - and am still on a intense learning journey - in all aspects of a regenerative culture I can imagine: Permaculture growing and forest gardening, permaculture design, aquaponics, simple technology life hacks, culture and community, land management, survival skills, nature connection, people connection, peace making, mental and physical health and well-being, good food, …

My on-going exploration of sustainable food production systems and ways of reconnecting people to their natural environment has led me to create Earth Ways in 2007 and I established myself as a forest garden/regenerative culture designer and teacher, and as a nature connection mentor.

In 2016, I pioneered the nature-based regenerative community at Rubha Phoil on the Isle of Skye.

I am a registered Teacher of the Permaculture Association of Britain and Rubha Phoil is a recognised Permaculture ScotLAND Centre.


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