Invest Blockchain: Borderless Money for the Information Era

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Canada Water Theatre

21 Surrey Quays Road


SE16 7AR

United Kingdom

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Lecture by Darin Oliver, blockchain insider

This is the most important event of your investing career. It will be available for a limited engagement in several cities around the world.

Spend 3 hours with blockchain insider Darin Oliver and learn how insiders invest in blockchain money like Bitcoin, the biggest investment paradigm shift of our generation.

10 Special VIPs get a dinner and cocktail hour with Darin Oliver in London to ask direct questions and get, one on one, face to face attention.

Major universities, including Columbia University are offering online courses in Blockchain, but we bring you a professional blockchain insider who you may network with and will share his views which have evolved from decades of trading securities, commodities, derivatives, bonds, and currencies.

Get experience of Darin Oliver

Darin Oliver has worked for some of the biggest investment banks in the world, in senior positions around the globe. He has owned his own securities company and was involved in the early blockchain boom. He understands how digital money have evolved and how they will likely evolve further. He has worked with the major players including Bitmex and Binance. He has spoken at events all over the world to professional investors and regulators.

Find out more about Darin Oliver experience at his FB page and YouTube channel.

Learn how to gain from blockchain money!

People pay Darin Oliver thousands for his insights, but you can get an intimate 3hrs with him learning why this is the most important investment you can make today. Moreover, he will save you thousands of dollars helping you avoid scams, frauds and buying useless equipment that newcomers often fall prey to in their early days. But much more important, he will discuss the fundamentals reasons why the boom is just beginning, and which kind of blockchain money have the best potential for return on investment.

Whether your objective is just to understand blockchain or to begin investing, Darin will guide you through the maze that makes this a difficult investment for many people to master. First he will make the case for why this is a generational opportunity to invest, then he will teach you what to buy, how to buy and how to spot changes in the market as they develop in the future.

You will learn about wash trading, price manipulation, frauds, dark web activity using Bitcoin, mining opportunities, trading opportunities, how to avoid investment scams, how to transfer money and so much more. You will save thousands of dollars by sitting in one lecture and learning how to avoid being tricked into a poor investment.

All of the hard questions will get asked and answered.

This is a one-off tour, a one-time event, and you will not get a second chance to have this opportunity to speak and meet someone with first-hand knowledge of the industry. You will save and earn much more money than you spend on the lecture.

Why you should attend now!

The World Financial System is at risk!

The world has never had some much financial risk! Trump’s trade war, a possible Chinese hard landing, a hard Brexit, the slowing global economy all present serious risks right now.

But if that were not enough long-term interest rates are already outpacing economic growth due to the massive amounts needed to fund the US public and Chinese private and public debts.

Isn’t it odd that we are now seeing negative interest rate mortgages in Denmark – does this make any sense to you? Imagine having your debt decrease every month without paying any interest! It’s crazy! They are even 20-year loans at zero percent! How does a bank make money? Only if it can borrow at even lower rates? But is that sustainable for 10, let alone 20 years. What do you think happens to the value of the loan if interest rates spike to 3%! The bank loses massive amounts of money, that’s what happens!

If you believe that negative interest rates make economic sense, there are people who will offer to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge! Banks all over the western world are already quietly tightening up retail credit card lending, because they can see people are falling behind on their debts. Problems are right behind the veil.

Blockchain boom

Now the question is what are the best investments to protect your wealth and still give you an opportunity to benefit from the blockchain boom?

Although Gold is reacting to these threats and rising, Gold is a $7 trillion market, most of which is traded in speculative derivatives. What this means is that during a crisis, Gold will initially fall in value! Why is that? Because during a market disruption everyone runs to cash and Gold is fueled by leveraged investments in derivatives which makes up a large amount of the upward movement (not real physical Gold).

Blockchain money is very different. First of all, only a small amount of Bitcoin is traded in such a leveraged fashion. Second the entire market cap of all coins and tokens is around $200B right now (compare that to Gold's $7 trillion). Finally, blockchain money is already being used in countries to move money across borders without detection, moistly to avoid currency controls. What this means is that it’s a perfect safe haven during a financial crisis, very little leverage in the system and an existing demand to use it for ways to store money outside of traditional cash.

And that is not all. Institutional investors are just starting to take notice. Trillions of retirement money is sitting on the sidelines, if only some of that moves into this new asset class prices will soar.

The absolute potential for appreciation is massive!

Facebook Understands the value of Blockchain

Facebook has launched its Libra initiative. They obviously understand and see that blockchain money is already being used to transfer funds seamlessly across borders ignoring currency controls. The top coins, if you know how to buy them, are already better alternatives to Western Union and bank transfers (in some cases). A stable and trusted digital money pegged against a variety of currencies holding a variety of assets could be one of the biggest innovations in finance since the ticker tape in the early 1900s!

Already people can transfer it back to bank accounts without KYC in many parts of the world.

Politicians and Bankers Hate it

Do you believe politicians? Do you trust bankers? Why do they hate Bitcoin so much? Is it just that it is used for illegal transitions or could it be that they are concerned widespread adoption could remove one of the most important sources of funding for banks, deposits! Digital money is not a full banking alternative; they don’t offer fractional reserves (that’s how banks use deposits to finance their loans). Bitcoin is more a pure store of value, and unlike gold, its highly fungible, easily transferred and stored! The only thing working against it is stability.

Banks have done a great job limiting Bitcoin expansion, successfully lobbying governments (paying them off through political contributions) to require massive amounts of KYC procedures to purchase Bitcoin in the West. And many banks just outright ban the purchase of Bitcoin on debit cards! And it has worked! But it is only temporary, as a US congressman recently stated during the Facebook Libra hearings:

“The world that Satoshi Nakamoto, author of the Bitcoin white paper, envisioned is an unstoppable force. We should not attempt to deter this innovation. And those that have tried have already failed,” congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC).

But some famous investors are already calling Bitcoin the first viable alternative to gold!

And even more unusual “the Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, has challenged the dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency, arguing that it could be replaced by a global digital alternative to end a savings glut that resulted in 10 years of low inflation and ultra-low interest rates.” Is it any wonder given the state of interest rates around the world?

Bitcoin going to $1M!

Maybe, but that’s only 100X return from here, but what about other digital assets that are possible replacements for Bitcoin? Are you even aware of the risks to investing in Bicton and how it could easily be dethroned and replaced by another digital asset? Everyone focuses on Bitcoin, but you need to learn about Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. These coins could go up 100x without blinking an eye! And they don’t require Bitcoin to get anywhere near $1M.

It’s time to learn about Bitcoin investing!

It doesn't matter if you are an institutional investor looking to learn, a taxi driver or a housewife, everyone interested in Blockchain will get something valuable from this lecture. Because not only has Darin lived in the US, Asia, Eastern Europe and the UK, but he has worked and met with some of the biggest blockchain players in the industry (in all these countries) - Darin will lift the veil and reveal to you things that you need to know before investing in this new asset class.

Attend one of our lectures in London, do not miss this opportunity! Now is the time, don’t wait, every day you miss an opportunity to invest in the greatest paradigm shift in the investment world of our lifetimes.

When you come out from this lecture you will finally be prepared to start investing in this lucrative new alternative assets.

But that's not all!

When you sign up for our lecture series you will get many other benefits!

  • Access to our private forum (coming soon)

  • Hours of private videos (coming soon)

  • Guest speakers throughout the industry (coming soon)

  • Highlights from lectures in other cities (coming soon)

  • An opportunity to network with industry experts (coming soon)

Don't miss your chance to participate in this boom.

Any questions, inquiries, offers please feel free to contact by email, PM to Facebook or feel free to submit the form at our site


Darin Oliver does not provide financial advice, please consult your personal financial advisor

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Date and Time


Canada Water Theatre

21 Surrey Quays Road


SE16 7AR

United Kingdom

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