Invest in Africa with Digital Assets - East Africa Spotlight

Invest in Africa with Digital Assets - East Africa Spotlight

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East Africa Spotlight will explore means to accelerate Africa's Economic Recovery through Digital Assets and Sustainable Sources of Finance.

About this event

INVEST IN AFRICA WITH DIGITAL ASSETS - East Africa Spotlight will explore means to accelerate Africa's Economic Recovery through Digital Assets and Sustainable Sources of Finance.

Committed to closing the Digital and Finance divide, Global Policy House launched in August 2020 a series of summits under the overarching umbrella of Invest in Africa with Digital Assets (IADA) Future Series launching the world’s first ‘CBDC Africa Week’ aiming to equip and connect Africa to the world through Digital Assets and Financial Innovations.

Following our online kick off on July 14th, the dates for our next edition East Africa spotlight will be:

Hybrid – In-Person | Kenya Blockchain Safari Retreat Programme | Sept 07 – 12th, 2022 | In-Person | Kenya

The summit follows our West Africa Edition in Nigeria in 2020, delivered at the height of Covid with over 40,000 social media engagements. This year we followed with the second edition- the first-ever Africa Central Bank Digital Currency week in February 2022.To date The Global Policy House working with Partners have delivered summits to audiences of 20,000 and more in Africa over the last two years and reached many more from our global audiences.

We draw your attention to the areas covered in the concept note where we also take a focus on impact investing and venture capital opportunities for Africa, especially to support African women and youth who we feel will make some of the best innovators in future if we invest in their education and digital up-skilling.

This edition also offers participants an opportunity to also join the exclusive Blockchain Safari Retreat Program to be held during the summit in person in Kenya.

The Blockchain Retreat Program offers world class masterclasses run by global experts in areas including Metaverse, NFTs and the role of Blockchain to support digital trade, sustainability and financial inclusion. In addition, a masterclass on CBDCs will be presented.

In addition, we welcome investors keen on exploring the African market to grow their exposure and contribute to social impact and a sustainable recovery that supports African continental growth. As the African continent navigates the challenges with Covid-19, vaccine inequality, food security challenges, infrastructure gaps and uneven health systems, we explore ways to tackle these challenges and help Recover, Rebuild, and enable Resilience for African economies.

The 4th industrial revolution driven by technology innovation is an opportunity that the African continent cannot afford to miss particularly following the devastation from the Covid-19 pressing many African economies. Digital Assets can play a role in rebuilding the continent and the world. We understand the value in the traditional investment market collaborating with the new digital asset market place can bring.

We hope you share our ambitions, passion and vision for our continent and the world. We would be honoured to have your support and engagement at the summit and in joining forces to deliver on the impactful projects outlined. It is only when we work in collaboration that we succeed.

Together we believe we will deliver the Africa We Want - one that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient. It must serve the needs of all, not the few.

The global community including business leaders, Fintechs, investors and high-level stakeholders will unite in person in September to bring together the traditional and new world of digital money, digital trade, digital banking, digital payments, and digital infrastructure to aid economic development and implementation of the AfCFTA. We also bring clarity and insight into the transformational role that Blockchain4Africa, Cryptocurrency4Africa, DecentralisedFinance4Africa and Metaverse4Africa can play in growing Africa and supporting the AfCFTA.

We look forward to welcoming you at Kenya in September!


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