Is Inclusion Over?

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CAN Mezzanine

Great Dover Street

London, United Kingdom

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In April NotDeadFish published a blog Is Inclusion Over? This blog spoke to the growing concern that a group of young people who lack social capital or privilege are being excluded both from education and also from society.

From across school leaders, teachers, parents, third sector and young people there was a clear message that this was an issue worth exploring. While the response had its roots in the SEND community it soon became clear that the concerns were much wider and covered other areas of disadvantage/lack of privilege.

This free conference aims to build on this passionate response.

With a short series of talks from contributors including Jarleth O'Brien, Anita Kerwin-Nye and Stephen Carrick-Davis the event aims to both stimilate debate but also create practical next steps.

We will be using the event to:

• Gather information on the scale of the potential issue - beyond anecdote into evidence
• Identify the schools and organisations that exemplify good practice. This is an important principle for all of NotDeadFish’s work. There are many things that need to improve but – sometimes despite the context rather than supported by it – there are teachers, schools, families and organisations that model inclusion as we have defined it. Celebrating this but also learning from it to inform the practice others is essential
• Start to create a positive campaign – with a working title of #drawnin – that rewards success as a ‘kitemark’ but also acts as a statement of intent for schools and organisations who are committed to inclusion.

Part of the challenge with this debate to date has been that there is neither a shared language nor well articulated common cause between the different groups with interest and expertise in preventing ‘exclusion’.

We are therefore taking a working definition of inclusion to be:
• The individual’s entitlement to an education fit for purpose,
• The school’s responsibility to ensure that decisions on education are made with the entitlement of the child at the core,
• The importance of schools – as key pillars of society –  in ensuring that difference is celebrated, is visible and that their approach ensures that those without privilege and social capital are not further disadvantaged by the education system.

NotDeadFish are making the development of common cause a key component of our Is Inclusion Over work over 2016/17.

Anyone with an interest in Inclusion as we have defined it is welcome to attend and tickets are on a first come basis rather than reserved for role or status! Recognising that not everyone can attend day time events we are looking to repeat with evening and weekend slots over the year ahead.

For more information do contact

NDF are covering the organising and event costs for this and future events but - if interest develops - we will be launching a small fundraising appeal to support this work going forward.

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Date and Time

CAN Mezzanine

Great Dover Street

London, United Kingdom

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