Is Maths a Piece of Pi?
£180 – £210
Is Maths a Piece of Pi?

Is Maths a Piece of Pi?

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Hilton Hotel, Northampton

100 Watering Lane


Northampton, United Kingdom

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Join us for an all day conference aimed at Head Teachers, Deputy Heads and ALL Maths Educators!

We have inspirational speakers and valuable workshops waiting to engage you. 

Will also include information about the DfEs new South Asia Maths Mastery project!

For more information, please contact us on 01933 400549 or email

Workshop Synopsis

What is the power of the picture book? 

Have you considered how a picture book can stimulate endless mathematical thinking?

Join me to look at how, from EYFS to KS2, a simple picture book can stimulate mathematical thinking for specific objectives and inspire independent lines of enquiry. We will also have the chance to look at how images of everyday things have mathematical potential within your classroom and beyond.

Helping you to develop pupil’s critical thinking and reasoning skills; you will leave the session with many practical ideas to use in your classroom.                                                                              EYFS/KS1/KS2

The CPA way: are you laying strong Maths foundations?

Have you considered why your pupils have gaps in their learning?  

The Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract (CPA) approach is a fundamental principle of the new mastery curriculum. One of the key beliefs behind the Singapore approach to Maths is the CPA approach. In this practical hands-on session delegates will explore how they can ensure the CPA approach is used effectively across the primary age range in order to develop pupils’ conceptual understanding and close the gaps in their learning and avoid future gaps appearing.                                                                                                              EYFS/KS1/KS2

Is it always, sometimes or never true that reasoning accelerates progress?

Do you want to see an improvement in your children’s confidence, perseverance and overall mathematical ability when tackling challenging tasks?

Join me in a hands-on session which explores how to develop children’s mathematical reasoning skills. Explore ways to embed problem solving and reasoning into different areas of maths within your classroom setting.

You will leave the session with ideas that can be easily embedded in your daily maths lessons.                                                                                                                       EYFS/KS1 or KS2

Fractions – are they a picnic, or just a pizza?      

How do we ensure that our children understand how fractions work, rather than just going through the processes whilst building the foundations for future fraction learning?

The New Curriculum is expecting our children to work with fractions at a much more demanding level from an early stage. This workshop offers practical ideas for the classroom to enable teachers to support their children's deeper understanding of fractions in a fun and stress-free environment!                                           KS1/KS2

Do you have an “App”-itite for Maths?

Want to make the most of the devices you have in school?

Ever wondered how maths is used in technology?

This is a workshop aimed at the whole primary phase looking at the apps that can develop the maths curriculum. All the equipment that you need will be provided in this hands on exploratory session. You will have the chance to explore the current applications available and discover new ways of teaching maths.

 The second half of the workshop will look at how mathematical skills can be applied to computer coding in particular ‘Scratch’. A great way of engaging students and developing cross curricular links.            KS1/KS2

It’s RAP time!

The children and of Croyland Primary School would like to invite you to come and have some fun with them and play the games that they have brought with them.  They describe it to visitors to their school as the time when they have fun in maths! Their Headteacher, on the other hand, Miss Deakin, would like to tell you about the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve.                                                                                                EYFS/KS1/KS2

Dirty Maths                                                             

Have you ever wondered how you could promote mathematical learning through your outside environment? If so then come along to this session where we will focus on:

  • Creating an outdoor learning environment that enhances opportunities for mathematical thinking.
  • How to link mathematical learning in the outdoors to key texts and imaginative role play/drama.
  • What does effective planning for mathematics in the outdoors look like?
  • Consideration will be given to the contribution which can be made through forest School principles.


A maths lesson without problem solving is like a pie without peas!       Mike Ollerton, DfE Consultant

In this workshop we shall work on ideas for use in a problem solving mathematics classroom. I guarantee you will take away things you could use 'tomorrow'.                                                                EYFS/KS1/KS2        

Teaching for Mastery, Teaching Concepts: The Concept of Pace Value       Debbie Morgan

Teaching for mastery requires a detailed conceptual journey through the mathematics in order to achieve deep and sustainable learning that can be built upon. This session will explore the concept of place value and draw your attention to details you may not have thought about before, enabling you to develop effective learning for all pupils.                                                                                                                             EYFS/KS1/KS2

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Date and Time

Hilton Hotel, Northampton

100 Watering Lane


Northampton, United Kingdom

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