Islamic Parenting Skills Course

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Fatima Community Centre

105 Brunswick Road


United Kingdom

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Islamic Parenting Skills Course

The Prophet pbuh said: “O ‘Ali, there are as many rights of children incumbent upon parents as there are rights of parents incumbent upon children.”

This course designed for Parents who wish to apply Islamic principles in the upbringing of their children in a Non-Muslim environment

Date: Saturday 1 April 2017 Time: 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Venue: Fatima Community Centre, 105 Brunswick Road, Sheffield. S3 9QL

The Prophet pbuh said: "Upon death, man's deeds will stop except for three deeds, namely: a continuous charitable fund, knowledge left for people to benefit from; and a pious righteous and God-fearing child who continuously prays to Allah, for the soul of his parents." (Muslim)

This one day course will enable you to help gain the knowledge and confidence in upbringing your child in an Islamic way

Who should attend?

Parents and Grandparents; Teachers; Newly married couples

Anyone who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills of upbringing their children based on the Prophets pbuh teachings

By the end of this unique course you will:

  • Have understood the Prophet pbuh 7:7:7 stages of child development
  • Learn to use positive rather than negative reinforcement techniques
  • Learnt about your own anger management
  • Learnt about the different methods applied to behaviour management
  • Share examples of good practice with others in the group

This course will be delivered by Br. Kaushar Tai - Director Aksaa

The course fee is only £5 and will include lunch, refreshments, administration, delivery and certificate.

Creche is available for £3 paid in advance. Please contact Jamila on 07403 333071. Must be booked before 25.3.17.

To book your place go: www.pc010417.eventbrite.co.uk

For further information contact: Jamila on 07403 333071 or email: umhamza2000@yahoo.com


Feedback from Previous Islamic Parenting Skills Courses


I am writing this email to let you know that how great your course was today about "parenting skills". I thoroughly enjoyed every bits of it! It's such an eye opener for me, my parenting behaviour will be totally changed from now on as I've learned many different things about managing a child. I'm single mother with no support this course has given me boost in handling my child's matters/needs. Mr Kaushar has very good approach towards all students, power of speaking and positive attitude.

I'm really thankful to you for providing us wide knowledge and sharing your beautiful ideas with us, the most important thing which I like the best was: "praise your child secretly while they can hear you, it'll boost them to a positive attitude”

JazakAllah kher!

Looking forward to come in your next course,


Sana Babar

Dear Kaushar

Many thanks indeed for your email and the attachments, very much appreciated.

I found the day to by very interesting, thought provocative and stimulating.

We live in an ever so much changing world and unless we become very focused and use our brain and mind-set as our greatest alley then our life will be driven by others. Throughout the course (day) I have learnt quite a few tips on how to become more focused, and broad minded at the same time.

I will certainly recommend the course to those who are seriously interested on how to consolidate their parental skills

Kind regards

Sadek Jallul

Salam Brother

I have to say that your course was brilliant and really had taught me a lot and I do wish that I would have known about it when my kids were smaller or as I was about to start a family.

Most of the things that you talk about children I probably have known as I am a paediatrician and therefore work with children most time but it was fascinating to know about it in Islamic perspective.

I would recommend it to my friends and I am quite happy to organise one if I get enough numbers.

The only comment I have would be that the advertisement wasn't long enough. I only got the email less than a week before course so giving time for parents as childcare can be a problem

I would also say that participants should pay in advance and fill in a form prior to the day of course and so it would be cost effective.



Asalamu alaikum

I found the parenting course refreshing and by the end I was glad I came. Sometimes there is a worry that by the end of certain courses you feel the day has been a waste of time. That was definitely not the case with Kaushar’s course.

I found the afternoon very valuable and took more away than the morning, mainly as i was fully awake by lunchtime and we had arranged child minding by that time.

The knowledge within was simple and if you think about it, you already know what he’s saying, but therein applies the hadeeth of this deen being naseeha !

Some good principles which i took home to try and live by in my home.

Waslamu alaikum



Baarak Allaahu Feeki, I have benefited immensely from the Parenting course and you are an excellent facilitator. All the answers are in the Quran and the Sunnah and this was incorporated and portrayed through the group activities and the PowerPoint presentation.

I encourage you to put effort into coming to these courses as you will benefit at home and work, it’s the good deeds that will help a person in the grave and on the day of judgement and reviewing and acquiring the religious knowledge holds a very big reward, the one who thinks about his grave often will work hard in this life to prepare for it.

The structure of the course is interactive and Kauser put the group at ease with icebreakers and boundaries. Found the peer assessment valuable as it helped identify and learn from their skills as parents and to evaluate the best route to parenting. Also the self-assessment was beneficial activity as we are very critical of others and rarely evaluate ourselves. The video was really a shocking eye opener as to how much children copy their parent’s characteristics.

I will definitely be implementing what I have learnt, working as a team and negotiating with my son and becoming his best friend. It was fabulous how you formed a parent support group that can contact, especially when the going gets tough.

Kind regards

Shahda Mahmood

Salam Brother Kaushar

I would like to thank you for the very useful Parenting course which I attended at the British Muslim Heritage Centre in Manchester on Sunday.

I particularly liked 7:7:7 rule which I wasn't aware of. I am hoping to implement this as well as the anger management process you have recommended. I only wish that my husband could have attended. Also by having a workshop format where we get to brainstorm with other delegates, everyone had a chance to have an input of how or what they understood a particular topic was.

I'm so glad you mentioned about timekeeping and simple acknowledgement of non-attendance in the course. Why is it that if a non-Muslim event is on that many of our brothers and sisters can turn up on time but if it's a Muslim event their manners go down the drain. I think this is just plain rude.

I look forward to attending your next courses. So I shall definitely be visiting your website for more information.

Kind regards

Michelle Zaman

Accountant- Manchester

Assalamu alaikum,

Alhamdulillah, after attending your course I came out not only a better parent but a better person. I have a 7 year old son with learning disability. Going through your one day course finally put my mind into accepting that our child is such a SPECIAL blessing from Allah SWT.

From that Sunday onwards any time I look at him and feel sad, I would always remember that he would not be questioned or held accountable for what he has done. I have resolved to be more patient with him and alhamdulillah my two children have been getting more hugs and kisses.

Looking forward to attending your course on the ideal husband and the ideal wife.

Jazakhallah khayr

Jamila Makarfi


Asalaam alaikum,

I enjoyed the parenting course. I found it very informative and it provided me with a better set of tools for parenting.

The use of hadith and stories were really good at illustrating real life examples.

jazakallah khair

Yasmin Atif


The course was very well presented by. Brother Kaushar. It was well structured and covered all the aspects of Islamic parenting. All the parenting techniques were taken from the teachings of our beloved prophet muhammmed pbuh.

We had interactive sessions as well as group discussions which were very useful. I also got to make many new friends and the biryani (lunch) was delicious! I really benefited from attending this course and would definitely recommend it to all Muslim parents!

Jazakallah khair for organising this course

I look forward to receiving husband/ wife slides n wld be interested in attending a course on this
Sent from my iPhone

Almas Memon

Assalaamu alaikum.

Jazakallah for putting together a very useful course. This was not a course from which we walked away having acquired just knowledge but one that has helped put the upbringing of our children in perspective and highlighted changes that we need to make as parents if we want our children to change for the better.

Alhamdulillah my husband and I have changed our approach towards the kids. Since Saturday we have treated them with respect and tried harder to have patience with them and the results are already showing in them.

May Allah Swt reward you for all your efforts.

Najma butt

Salaam brother,

Many thanks for holding this course on Sunday. For myself it came at the perfect time as I have just got to the point at which I can leave both my children with their dad for the period of the whole day.

Alhamdulillah I did find this course beneficial as reminders are a powerful thing for those who sometimes don't even have the time to think. I most of all found the references to the sunnah of the prophet Mohammed (saw) helpful as both an inspiration and a goal.

But in the regard of constructive feedback I hope u don't mind me saying that I felt as thought perhaps the aim was to cover too much in one day resulting in an overview effect rather than the depth of information that I was hoping for. Perhaps a remedy for this could be to reduce the number of group sessions/workshops during the day.

The two points that I most felt like I did not get enough direction for were the following: "This course is designed for people who wish to apply Islamic principles in the upbringing of their children in a non Muslim environment" and "Learnt about different methods applied to behaviour management". With regards to the first point I felt like we were given some of the information but perhaps not the how to apply to everyday situations part.

I hope u do not mind me giving this feedback as I do think that the course was beneficial and I acknowledge that it is a very difficult topic to cover as every parents worries and concerns can be worlds apart.

Jazkhallah for your time brother I will inshallah try to instill all the positive points I learnt from the course in my everyday life and for that inshallah you will get the reward too.

Ma salaama

Sadia morad

I am a mother of 3 children and a teacher by profession. The course was a great learning experience for me that I intend to use what I have learnt to further enhance my relationship with my children and inshaAllah my grandchildren soon.
Bilkisu Hassan

Salam brother,

"I found the course exceptionally useful. It is a course that every muslim person should attend so that they can learn to relate to any child according to the quran & sunnah".


Dr Saima Tufail

Brother Kaushar

Please accept my apologies for the late reply. Allhumdulillah I really enjoyed the Islamic Parenting Skills course very much, It was very informative in general way but also from a Islamic point of view. I learnt how to deal with children in a more effective way Inshallah, understood the 7,7,7, rule and how I could apply it. Although my children are in the 14-21 age range I still benefited from this course a lot. I am looking forward to the Islamic Personal Development Course and am hoping to bring my children along to the course too Inshallah.

May Allah SWT accept your good work and may He give you more tawfeek to continue this work and benifit other people.

Jazakallah Khair
Sister Razia.

Dear brother Kausher,

I was one of the many people who attended your Parenting skills course on the 7th of October at the Muslim Heritage centre. I would like to thank you very much for coming and presenting this excellent course. I found it to be very informative and thoroughly enjoyed it. My children have now grown up and I wish that I had had access to something like this when they were younger. However, I am hoping to implement the skills I learnt on my 5 grandchildren inshAllah.

I am looking forward to attending the Personal development course that you are going to run in November. Please do send me the details. JazakAllah Khair!

Ghazala Aziz.

Dear Kaushar Assalmualikum

Apologies for the delay in responding (you can pick on the doctors again!!). May Allah reward you for your efforts and hard work in the noble work you are doing.

I found the course very useful. Not only was I struck by the examples of the prophet in parenting but also by our own ignorance of the best example we have in our prophet. The key lesson and message from the course for me was to listen, understand and reflect and adapt the prophet’s way of dealing when faced with parenting problems.

Dr Eliyaz

Salaam Brother,

'Kaushar delivered an exceptional course which really opened my eyes to how parenting should REALLY be done. I learnt a ton of useful and practical ways to deal with my children and they seem to be working - especially the younger one! An excellent course which comes highly recommended.'

Arfa Saira Iqbal, Manchester

Feedback from Islamic Parenting Skills Course held on: Sunday 24.3.13 Nadi Park Royal, London


I found the course very beneficial. Before coming to the course, I was having problems with my son. Now I have hope of resolving things, by applying what I have learnt. The 7/7/7 stages of development I have not heard before. May Allah SWT reward the trainer.

Ayan Siad - Mother

I learnt the power of positive reinforcement and how withdrawing it can be used as an alternative to negative reinforcement. I found the course extremely positive and beneficial Mash Allah.

Umm Ibrahim

Very good course, needs to be longer. I will start introducing the Sunnah’s learnt on the course and reduce shouting.

I didn’t want the session to end.

Reem El-Amir - Housewife

I found lots of useful information relevant to parenting. I liked the sharing of experiences with other parents. I will be more paetient, be more friendlier and less sterner with my children.

Kauthar was an excellent speaker and knowledgeable about parenting. He used experienes, hadith and theory.

Sitara Kabir – work for charity

Alhamdullilah the course was very enlightening. I found it most useful about how to apply the teachings of Prophet (saw) and use Islamic teachings when dealing with any problems with children.

MashaAllah brother Kauthar is a good teacher, really enjoyed the session. Very humorous.

Shahelen Begaum – Admin/Receptionist

I enjoyed the course and beneficial points shared by Kauthar and other brothers and sisters. I found it most useful and the answers to certain questions i.e. How to deal with a child who seek too much attention.

From now on I will not promise things to my children but rather surprise them. Good presentation style. Speaks clearly, well presented.

Abdulkareem Al-Kishany – student

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Fatima Community Centre

105 Brunswick Road


United Kingdom

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