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Islamic Personal Development Course - Module 1 (Leicester 4.2.18)


Sunday, February 4, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (GMT)

Islamic Personal Development Course - Module 1...

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Ticket Type Sales End Price Fee Quantity
PDC Module 1 Early Bird Fee (Leicester 4.2.17)   more info Mar 19, 2018 £7.00 £0.00
PDC Module - Full Fee   more info Feb 4, 2018 £11.00 £0.00

Share Islamic Personal Development Course - Module 1 (Leicester 4.2.18)

Event Details

Personal Development Course based on Quran and Sunnah (Module 1)


Aksaa, Management and Training Consultants, would like to invite you to this unique powerfully impacting personal development workshop to help you come closer to Allah SWT by learning and applying the Prophet’s (pbuh) teaching on Moral Conduct and focusing on improving yourself and prepare yourself for the hereafter.

For Brothers and Sisters

Date:                Sunday 4 February 2018    

Venue:             As-Salaam Trust, The Peace Centre, Thurncourt Road, Leicester. LE5 2NG

Time:               9.30 am to 4.00 pm

By the end of the course you will learn:

  • How to manage STRESS based on Quran and Sunnah
  • Anger Management techniques from the teaching of the Prophet pbuh
  • How to be in a POSITIVE state of mind ALL THE TIME
  • Defining and practicing good Character to reach the highest level of piety to please Allah SWT
  • How best the Prophet phuh turned negatives into positives and how you can master this in your personal life
  • How to improve your Emotional Intelligence from an Islamic Perspective


To book your place please log on to:

The above course is very popular and is delivered by Brother Kaushar Tai who is a former member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and the International Stress Management Association

Over 5,000 people have now gone through the various Aksaa courses delivered by Kaushar in different towns and with very positive feedback

Early Bird Fee only £7 - After 19.1.18 the course fee will increase to £11

Lunch and refreshments included (Payment can also made to Ml Lockhat at the Peace Centre, secure your place - phone 07999 271536) -  0781 3811914


In the event of this course being cancelled for unforeseen reasons, then a full refund will be made.  The fee is very nominal and covers all the costs and therefore, no refund will be made should you cancel or not attend the course. However, you may send someone else in your place.

Aksaa delivers various course including: Islamic Parenting Skills; Dawah Training; Islamic Personal Development Module 1&2; Team Building for Masjid Committees; Islamic Leadership and Management; Maddressah Teacher Training; Islamic Business Ethics; The ideal Husband and the Ideal wife in Islam, etc. 


 Asalaamu Alaikum Br Kauthar,

 I just wanted to say thank you for today and coming all the way to London to deliver the course. I found the course very beneficial and would have loved for you to continue, had time permitted us. Nevertheless JazakAllahu Kheyr, I'm looking forward to the second part and hope to hear from you soon, confirming the details.

May Allah swt reward you for your efforts and make our intentions solely for His sake, Ameen.


Warm Regards,


Former Contact Manager, Islamic Relief



Having completed an Executive MBA and attended various leadership courses I was sceptical as to what I would learn in one day. This course was a real-eye opener in understanding and refreshing some of my knowledge on personal development and leadership. The facilitator has an excellent knowledge of the subject and presents complex concepts in a way, which is practical and useful in everyday scenarios. I would strongly recommend this course to both experienced and potential leaders working in challenging environments.

Iqbal Vaza – Head of Information Systems, London Borough of Tower Hamlets


Salaam Br Kauthar

Jazak Allah Khair for the slides it is really kind of you to share them with us.

I found the course to be extremely beneficial. It covered so many important skills which we need in all aspects of our lives, personal and professional. I found the course to be very practical. There were many points covered which I will implement in life. I left the course with an Iman boost and left feeling very motivated. I would encourage everyone to attend this valuable course and learn about themselves. I felt the course leader was very knowledgeable, engaging and funny! It was a brilliant day filled with fun, knowledge and self-discovery.


Humaira Aslam

HR Officer

The London Clinic




Asslamu Alaikum Brother,


Thank you for the course your energy, your work and your time.


Ma'sha'allah when you want to find some things out in life if you are sincere Allah swt will guide you to that.

The truth is brother I was wanting to know the Islamic perspective on certain self-development issues and mas'sha'allah I got that when I attended your course.

I believe that your course has the potential to be taught frequently to all the Muslims all over the UK etc.


Your course was fun, inspiring, knowledgeable and well needed and it personally filled that gap that I was looking for.

I am very passionate about this subject due to overcoming many hard trials and tribulations in my life that has made me realise that most times all you need is the right person at the right time just like when I went to your course you was the person that I needed for that perspective that I was looking for.

I'm even more happier now after attending your course. Thank You


May Allah swt bless you and your family in this world and the next.  Ameen

Lorna Strachan

Midday Support – Local Government School London


Salam Bro. Kauthar,


I hope you are well, I would like to thank you for arranging the program at NUI last Sunday, I attended the course and enjoyed it thoroughly.


The course has helped me understand issues pertaining to personal development and my general outlook on day to day scenarios; I also feel I have benefited greatly in my personal relationship with my spouse and other family members. Thanks to Allah I have been practising Islam for several years now, but always lacked that good character, my wife always had to ask me to smile (hence the reason I actually booked myself onto the course!)


I really feel as many people as possible should take a course like this, I'm so happy you arranged this; I pray that Allah keeps your family and you strong. I enjoyed the humour throughout the presentation and even try to follow your advice by smiling when I'm in/and leaving the mosque!


I look forward to future programs in London.


On a personal note, I have listened to many lectures by many admirable scholars, but learned so much from you; what's more most of that knowledge I already had but didn't realise. I also think every Imam should have a session with you.


Thanks once again, I have also sent a gift on my behalf to the address on your website for your attention, please remember my family and me in your Du'as.



Br. Imran Majid


Jazakallah for sending me the slides I had opened up my e-mail to ask you to do so but was pleased that as promised you had already sent them. Keeping promises, mashallah a Muslim trait.

I attended the course on Personnel Development and was really pleased with both the content and the days layout. There was a good mix of information as well as exercises which helped to demonstrate the theories further. I have previously been on Management courses and felt this was similar in style which I could relate to but with an Islamic Context which I liked. Several topics were covered with illustrations from the quran and hadith so was very informative. Having attended the course energised me in believing that I too can make small amendments to my everyday life, which will not only assist in me becoming a better muslim but I will also be gaining reward by following the sunnah. I am a qualified accountant and housewife and feel I can use the knowledge I learned in both areas of my life both personal and professional. I look forward to attending Day 2, jazakallah for your efforts in making the course enjoyable and beneficial.



Financial Accountant



Assalamo Allaikum Brother,

Three of us (Nasima, Hena and I) attended your course today, Alhamdullilah we found it really beneficial as it was within the context of Islamic perspective and something we agreed we will try and apply to our day to day life. May Allah bless you for the wonderful facilitation of this. Salam

Abeda Rahman

Team Manager, London Borough of Tower Hamlets



Assalamo Allaikum brother Kauther

Thank you so much for delivering the Islamic development course.  Mmashallah it was very informative and beneficial.  It teaches me to think twice to benefit others in sha allah and to forgive.  Forgiveness is a blessing from Allah swt and we should use it in abundance.  If we think about others before we think of ourselves just like our prophet Mohammed s.a.w, then the roots of Islamic knowledge will surely give its fruits of the Deen.

Inshallah may Allah swt reward you for your kind efforts.  Ameen

Arefa Molvi

The Lions Academy Trust




Assalamu-alaikum brother Kaushar


Thank you very much for sending the slides from the seminar on 30th September. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the company of my fellow brothers and sisters of the ummah. The seminar was delivered with very high inspiration and excellent enthusiasm; it has made a significant impact on me as a Muslim woman, mother, sister, daughter, wife and a manager of a very large section in the public sector.


This seminar Insha-Allah has provided me with tools to deal with some very difficult and complex issues of people management at work from an Islamic perspective. I was struggling with the issues of managing people from a diverse background for whom my new change in dress code (hijab and jilbab) has become a big issue. By attending the course I feel that Allah has given me guidance of how I can deal this issue, without taking the harsh approach but by reflecting on the practice examples of the prophet pbuh.


Once again thank you for delivering this message to me and others in the group.

Kind regards

Hena Ahmed

Team Manager

CLA North Team




I found the course inspiring, spiritually enlightening and engaging. Brother Kauthar made the topics simple to understand and related Islam to, day to day life. It was a fun and at the same time rewarding.


Thank you.

Ms Sudef Younas

Amanah Business Development Manager
HSBC Ilford


AA Kuashar,

I thought the course was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed it and came away with enthusiasm to better myself in many areas. The course is a great kick start to achieving personal goals. May Allah truly reward you for your work.

JazakAllah Khayr.

Kelly Glynn


1 X-treme Clean Ltd

Assalamu-alaikum Br Kauthar,

Alhumdulillah on the whole I loved your persona, u were a very positive & friendly facilitator.  I'm glad you made a mention about punctuality as I was 1 of the few that made sure I was there ready to start for 9 am, you were more polite about it than I would have been as I personally don't think there is any justification for this behaviour (genuine cases aside).  Due to the late start I felt the end was rushed a bit plus when you did ask whether we should break for 5 mins at times I felt we did need it (where the majority voted to carry on) as it was a bit too much information overload for me. The nature of your course appeared to be 1 that required some interaction and as Asians we do have more inhibitions when compared to our non-asian counterparts I feel so I was a bit more reserved than I would have been had it just been all sisters say.

This is not a reflection on your delivery but the venue at Noor Ul Islam was a bit cold.

This is all I can think of to say for now, I hope it has been of some use inshAllah,

Jzk Khayr again for coming down & for delivering it practically for free! May Allah reward you immensely for your intentions


Sr Shereen

Library Assistant



Thanks for sending us the slides. Please see the following review.


Dear All,


I would recommend anyone wishing to take owner ship of their daily life problems according to the light of Sunnah and Quran, to attend this workshop.


I was very much pleased with the contents of the workshop along with the simple techniques to apply in one’s life. I really learned a lot that day.


Kaushar delivered in a great style and made it more enjoyable by allowing participants to take active part at various stages. I took complete control of my 'Negative Thoughts' after applying the techniques taught that day. Now I can sleep well at nights :).


Many Thanks

Mukhtiar Khan

IT Manager






I attended day 1 and found it a very interesting course and will be attending day 2 (inshallah)


One of the most interesting subjects (for me) was the communication style of the Prophet Muhammed (SWS).


I have been mostly taught western behavioural techniques at uni & at work! Br Kaushar reminded us simply as Muslim’s we already have the best example available our beloved Prophet SWS.! He had an exemplary communication style and won the hearts and minds of everyone. Very simple and effective so who needs any western technique! There were a lot of other areas covered such as anger management, turn negatives into positives. Handling conflict etc. All of these were backed by hadith and Quranic verses.

I recommend the course it is very beneficial


Don’t just take my word for it view the testimonials in the email below . Please mention to others also



Shakil Ahmed MBCS

Fugitive & Offender Management London


Assalamu Alaikum brother Kaushar.

Alhamdulillah, this course was very good and very beneficial for me. It was fun and interactive.
It really touched my life and changed my views about how to handle situations in a better way. I felt like I came out of the course with so much positive energy and Rahma.
I thank Allah for giving you the ability for passing your knowledge onto us so May Allah reward you generously with all His blessing.
I hope you can continue to do this even more because our brother's and sister's really need this and they won't realize how much they needed it until they attend the personal development course.

Jazakallahu khair.

Wasalaam your sister in Islam.


Salam brother Kaushar tai,


Jazakallahukhyr for last months invaluable course and for sending through these slides.


As an assistant research psychologist and someone who is aware of psychological techniques for personal development, I was very keen to learn about the islamic teaching on this. Having completed day 1, I was not left disappointed. I was very impressed on how relevant information from the Quran and Hadith were collated and and presented. Learning a set of personal development techniques is useful, but as a Muslim and an aspiring psychologist, the teaching of the the Prophet's (SAWS) was much more valuable to me. I was also pleased that you highlighted the importance of emotional intelligence; Having conducted research in this area, I too believe these traits to be essential for understanding the self and others. I believe that I have learned a lot from this course and have since made an effort to practice what was taught.


I very much hope I can make the course on the 14th inshallah. I have forwarded/ recommended this course to people on my email list.


Jazakallahukhayr again,


Sister Asma

Assistant research psychologist



Asalaamu alakum Brother Tai,

Hope you are in the best of health and emaan inshallah, I attended part one of this course and alhumdulillah it is one of the best courses I have ever attended, I learnt so much valuable knowledge on a subject that I desperately needed assistance with alhumdulillah. I actually left the second  day of another course which I had already prebooked (But didn't realise dates clashed) just so I can attend your course and I'm so glad I did!!

May Allah reward you with success in the duniya and success in the akhirah inshallah
I hope to attend many if not all of your courses in
the future so please keep me informed

sister Munawar Ahmed

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When & Where

As-Salaam Trust
The Peace Centre
Thurncourt Road
LE5 2NG Leicester
United Kingdom

Sunday, February 4, 2018 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM (GMT)

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Islamic Personal Development Course - Module 1 (Leicester 4.2.18)
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