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Refund policy

Refund policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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Lakeland 3000s is a challenge completed over 24 hours. It takes in four of the highest mountains in England – All of them over 3000 feet!

About this event

The Joining Against Cancer in Kids, Lakeland 3000s is a challenge completed over 24 hours. It takes in four of the highest mountains in England – All of them over 3000 feet! Setting off from the picturesque town of Keswick in the Lake District, you’ll join an amazing team and support each other as you walk the route, taking in Skiddaw, Helvellyn, Scafell Pike and Scafell.

The event will be run over the weekend of 13th August – 16th August 2021. There is the option to book accommodation through us and for those wishing to, we’ll be arriving on the Friday night before joining the rest of the team and setting off early Saturday morning. The event is a continuous one and will run through to Sunday until the last person is in. From there your time is your own to freshen up and recover!

For those booking it through us, we have secured accommodation right in the heart of Keswick for you to stay the night before and from where we’ll base the event. You’ll also have hot showers and a warm reception on your successful return! And don’t forget the afterparty!!

For those staying elsewhere, do not worry, you’re still invited!!

For completing this challenge, you will receive a Joining Against Cancer in Kids, Lakeland 3000s T-shirt and medal along with the knowledge that you have played a part in raising awareness and funds to help in the fight against Neuroblastoma.

By entering the event you are committing to raising a minimum sponsorship amount of £300 of which all goes to the charity. If you are able to raise more then we love that!!!

This is a self-supported challenge, so you need to have a basic understanding of what is required to navigate this challenging terrain. We will also have a team of volunteers to assist in any way we can, including basic rations, water, and transport around the route.

What we really ask is that you get involved, bring bags of enthusiasm, raise lots of money and ENJOY YOURSELF!!!

Terms and conditions apply as below. Purchasing a ticket acts as your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

Joining Against Cancer in Kids, Lakeland 3000 Challenge – Terms and Conditions of Entry

Acceptance of the below Terms and Conditions of Entry serve as a contract. That contract is between;

• ‘the Organiser’; Joining Against Cancer in Kids ( www.J-A-C-K.org ), from hereon in referred to as ‘JACK’, ‘the charity’, ‘we’ or ‘ the organiser(s)’ which includes any committee, individual or associate acting on behalf and with the expressed permission of JACK for payment or otherwise and;

• ‘the entrant’ / ‘entrants’ (or representative thereof) being any person any person taking part will be referred to as ‘you / your’, ‘the / a participant’ (as named on ‘the Registration Form’ and having paid ‘the Registration Fee’).

• The Joining Against Cancer in Kids, Lakeland Challenge will from hereon in be referred to as ‘the event’, ‘the challenge’ or ‘the Lakeland 3000’

Entering the event;

(1) The event is designed and advertised as a physical challenge and will involve significant physical exertion. Entrants must be confident in their physical ability and consider themselves to have sufficient levels of fitness and be suitably prepared. If the entrant suffers from any medical conditions, injury or ailment which may preclude them from taking part or affect their ability to complete the challenge they you must consult a Doctor before completion of the the online registration. Any significant health conditions, allergies or other ailment must be declared to the organiser when requested and the organiser should be notified of any changes that relate to that or similar conditions that develop prior to the Event.

(2) By registering and making payment of the entry fee you are accepting and agreeing to these conditions and you confirm that you will not attend the event to take part if not of suitable physical health. Likewise, in the event of any communicable disease or infection known to be suffered by an entrant, they should not attend due to the potential risk posed to others.

(3) The organiser reserves the right to refuse entry to the event, or any venue forming part of the event if in the opinion of the organisers or medical professionals, a participant, or any other person, is not sufficiently well and healthy.

(4) Participation in the event is open to persons 18 years old or over, although younger participants may be accepted at the discretion of the organisers. Any person authorised to enter under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult whilst taking part. Any person accepting parent or guardianship responsibilities of said persons must be an active, paying participant.

(5) All entrants must register via the Eventbrite website and pay the required entry fee by selecting entry with or without accommodation. All fees are as set out on the Eventbrite website. On completion of the entry form and payment of the required fee, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

(6) By entering the event you agree to raising the minimum fundraising target. At the time of the event commencing, all entrants must be able to show that they have had pledged a minimum of £300 (further details below – See “Fundraising”).

(7) You agree to abide by the rules of the event as issued by the organiser and will adhere to all reasonable and lawful direction given, either verbally or in writing. Rules may be updated or modified periodically, and you will be notified accordingly by email or other appropriate method.

(8) The organiser(s) have the absolute right to remove you or preclude you from the event, prior to during or after (if residential), if they believe that your participation might; endanger other participants, organisers, members of the public or any other third party. The right to remove you also exists if organisers reasonably believe that your presence or behaviour may bring the event or charity’s reputation into disrepute, or could amount to an illegal activity.

(9) In the event of any government sanctioned direction that restricts movement or gathering of people, including but not limited to social distancing, the wearing of PPE or limitations to the size of gathering / groups, you agree to abide by those guidelines and any direction that the organiser may implement.

(10) By the provision of your personal details, including phone number, address, email address, you agree to the organiser contacting you by those or any other appropriate platform to ask questions, confirm details or provide updates on the event or issues associated with the event and you will supply the organiser with information as may be reasonably requested from time to time in respect of your participation in the event. It is your responsibility to read and act on the information supplied and updated from time to time.

(11) The organiser(s) will hold limited and relevant data within your registration details for the purpose of enabling your participation in the event, event timing, event safety, and event control purposes. You also agree to your timing data in respect of the event, including your name, being posted on the event website and / or social media unless you e-mail the organiser at least 14 days prior to the event requesting that this does not happen (in which case your name would not be visible). Your details will only be held for a time that is reasonable and proportionate or where there is a lawful requirement to keep it.

(12) By entry into the event, you agree to the use of your image, voice, likeness to be displayed by photo, audio or moving image for advertising, promotion, website, and social media purposes and surrender any claim to that image. The organiser is indemnified indefinitely against any and all financial claims (or other) for its use received from the participant, their dependants, family, executors, representatives or associates.

(13) You accept that you will act responsibly, honestly, and always comply with the law in respect of your participation in the event and during the time leading up to it. You accept that you will take no part in actions, events or activities which may bring the event, the organiser, the charity or other associate person or organisation into disrepute.

(14) You accept that your participation in the event is entirely at your own risk, and you accept that participation in such endurance events holds an inherent risk of injury, accident, exhaustion, dehydration, exposure to inclement weather conditions, and potential for getting lost. In the event of such occurrence the organiser is indemnified against any and all financial (or other) claims arising from the participant, their dependants, family, executors, representatives, or associates.


(15) By entering the challenge, you are making a commitment to the charity to raise a minimum fundraising target of £300. Where you are unable to meet this target or it is reasonably foreseen that there is no prospect of you meeting the minimum, you are required to notify the organiser(s) as soon as possible. The organiser reserves the right to preclude you from the Event without refunding your registration fee. The fee may be used at the discretion of the organiser to cover reasonable expenses associated with the event or donated to JACK to make up the shortfall in sponsorship through your removal or withdrawal.

(16) All monies raised should be paid via the method specified by the organisers, or as specified by the Charity no later than 12th August 2021.

(17) In the event that you are not be able to take part in the event, or chose not to for whatever reason, the registration fee will be subject to the cancellation policy as detailed on the event page hosted by www.eventbrite.com. You should be aware that whilst fundraising monies collected in person as cash or cheques may be returned to those making the donation in the event of your non-participation, donations via online platforms or directly to the charity may not be recoverable and will not be returned. It is your responsibility to inform donors of this fact.


(18) The itinerary, associated services, and other relevant details for the event will be posted by the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to make any reasonable changes at any time in order to ensure the event is run safely and responsibly. In the event of any significant change prior to the commencement of the event (excluding “force majeure” - or act of God - type circumstance) then the organiser will inform you as soon as is practicable.

“Force majeure”;

(19) In the event of an incident or circumstances presented of this type, the organiser shall not be liable for the cancellation, adaptation, or postponement of the event. These events include but are not limited to; an act of God, flooding, extreme weather, terrorism, civil unrest, military activity, epidemic, quarantine, accident, failure of power supply, transport disruption, strike, lockout, trade dispute, unwarranted withdrawal of any licence or permit by any competent authority, and any other events including emergencies and non-emergencies that could not have been reasonably foreseen by the organiser. In the event of such circumstances, the organiser is not obliged to refund any fee if you choose not to take up your place or are unable to do so. The organiser is indemnified against any and all financial (or other) claims arising from the participant, their dependants, family, executors, representatives, or associates.

Cancellation by the organiser;

(20) The organiser reserves the right to cancel the event for any reason and at any time. Where this occurs, an appropriate refund of the entry fee you paid will be made within 6 weeks of the cancellation notice. In the event that the event is able to be re-scheduled, you will have the opportunity to transfer your entry fee to participate in the re-scheduled event and no refund shall be made. In all instances the organiser reserves the right to charge an appropriate ‘administration fee’ equivalent to but not exceeding the entry fee to cover costs associated with any merchandise, goods, or services that you may have received. In “force majeure” type circumstances, as laid out in section (19), which results in the cancellation, alteration or postponement of the event, the organiser is not obliged to refund the full entry fee. The organiser will make every effort to alter the itinerary, route, services, equipment, and accommodation (if applicable) to allow the event to commence (including an alternative start time/location) but agrees that it will make an appropriate refund or offer a transfer to later events taking into account any non-recoverable costs already incurred, or due, and are related to your place on the event. In all instances the organiser reserves the right to charge an ‘administration fee’ equivalent to, but no more than the entry fee. In the event of loss due to cancellation of travel, accommodation, equipment, or any other cost incurred as a result of cancellation, the organiser is indemnified against any and all financial (or other) claims arising from the participant, their dependants, family, executors, representatives, or associates.

(21) Terms regarding payment, return or retention of monies received from sponsorship or donation apply as per the terms laid out in section (17)

Provisions by the organiser;

(22) The event is a self supported event (See sections 29-33), however the organiser will provide a basic level of support to you to enable your participation in the event. This includes a safety briefing, basic medical support and access emergency services including mountain rescue who shall be made aware of the event.

(23) The Organiser will provide water and some basic rations for the event.

(24) Participants are expected to make their own way to the start point although where able, the organisers may be able to facilitate “ferrying” of participants where vehicles and time allow.

(24) There will be points along the route with support vehicles available to assist in transport of those unable to complete the route or requiring assistance. These will be stocked with water and basic medical equipment. The organiser will manage the extraction of participants who are unable to complete the Event, having started it, in an appropriate fashion and so as not to hinder the continuance of the event. This may mean that a “return to base” is not immediate and you may be taken to the next “rest stop”, medical facility or other location as appropriate.

(25) Where emergency medical treatment is required consideration will be given to the need to “scoop and run” or remain in situ and await emergency services. There is no obligation on the organiser to arrange onward transport at the conclusion of medical treatment or in the event of non-participation prior to the start of the event.

(26) The organiser accepts liability for negligent acts and/or omissions by any person acting on behalf of or with the express permission of the organiser and whilst acting within the scope of, or in the course of their prescribed role and in the provision of any part of the event that we are contractually obliged to provide. The organiser is indemnified against all other liability to the extent permitted under law and damages are not payable where any failure to perform the contract is due neither to any fault on the part of the organiser or a supplier of any part of your arrangements associated with the event, or is attributable to you or unforeseen or unavoidable actions of a third party unconnected with the provision of services associated with the event, or a force majeure circumstances beyond the Organiser’s control.

(27) Accommodation is provided on a first come, first serve basis. The accommodation is dormitory style and whilst every effort is made to house you with requested individuals, members of a specific group or persons of the same sex, this cannot be guaranteed and participants may be required to share accommodation with strangers.

(28) Accommodation is provided by Keswick Ministries (www.keswickministries.org) and their terms and conditions specific to that premises are available on their website and will be applicable to all participants of this event utilising their facilities.

Provisions by Participants;

(29) In addition to the basic health and fitness requirements as laid out in section (1) and (2), it is reasonably expected that all participants have experience of walking and climbing and have carried out such research that would allow for an informed decision on entry to the event.

(30) You must be in possession of your own personal medical kit and follow any equipment and clothing advice as issued. There will be an assumption that you have sufficient first aid equipment in your kit bag on your person and that you have the ability and knowledge to use it properly.

(31) A basic level of map reading ability, use of a compass and / or electronic navigation equipment is expected and assumed. It is advised that all participants are in possession of such equipment and the participants do not rely on other participants for this knowledge and equipment. It is your responsibility not to get lost and you must carry a fully charged mobile phone whilst on the Event.

(32) Whilst basic rations will be provided it is your responsibility to remain fed and hydrated, and you should follow any nutritional advice as issued. You must ensure before setting off that you have enough rations to last the duration of the event and if you do not consider yourself appropriately stocked, you must delay the start or withdraw from the event. It is your responsibility to ration your food and water effectively to prevent shortfalls as the event continues.

(33) It is advisable that you have an appropriate level of insurance in place to cover personal accident and / or injury. Personal liability and Personal Accident Insurance is NOT included in the cost of the Event.

These conditions of entry shall be governed by and construed in all respects in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Any dispute which may arise between the parties concerning these terms and conditions shall be determined by the English Courts.

The organiser reserves the right to add to, or amend these terms and conditions as appropriate at any point up to the day of the event and where this occurs, you will be notified.

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Refund policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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