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Joanna Martin Event

Tree of Life

Sunday, 31 March 2019 from 10:00 to 13:00 (BST)

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The Superwoman Myth

Unleashing your true feminine potential


Are You Making This Big Mistake?

Dear girlfriend,


Let's face it. We women are so incredibly capable. We are so damn capable that we can achieve extraordinary amounts and still worry that we’ll never achieve anything at the same time...


Kath is a classic example. She had a 5 month old baby with 5 month old sleeping habits, she was developing her own small boutique baking business, she was still recovering physically from what had to be the fastest first baby birth on record, she was busy saving the world through her work with local farmers, coaching a girlfriend on how to get her baby to sleep while serving customers with the other hand, and still finding time to support her husband in his fledgling architecture business… all the time concerned about whether she was really doing enough!


Does this sound familiar?


We women are gifted- we can multi task! But the underbelly of this is a curse. In fact, it is a curse so powerful that it can mean the difference between success and failure in your professional life.


And if I can be frank, the failures can occur not just in your business. Let's face it, if you have professional headaches they don't stay at work do they?


As women, our brains are not designed to compartmentalise as men’s are. So when work is not as easy as we would like, life in general becomes hard. And how do we respond?


We work harder! Because dammit... “I'm a woman, I’m capable and I can make anything happen if I try hard enough.”


But this is the problem.




The quest to be Superwoman is common to us all, but what we don’t realize is that it has negatively impacted most of us at some point in our lives. It can not only stress you out butI

  • It can cut you off from the inspiration and intuition which should come so naturally to you (you know when no matter how hard you work or forcefully you push, things still don’t happen on time, or how you want them?)
  • It can negatively impact your health (you know those days where you’ve had plenty of sleep but still wake up tired? Or even sick?)
  • It can stress your relationships with the men in your life (you know when you are snappy and bossy and it’s really not your fault?)
  • It can keep you from attracting the business and financial success you deserve (you know when everyone else seems to breezing along, but life for you seems like a hard slog?)


Most women are preventing themselves from creating the lifestyle they want because they are TOO CAPABLE.


Have you ever caught yourself saying something like "if you want something done right you better do it yourself"? or how about "by the time I show them how, it'll be quicker if I just do it."


If this sounds like you, be prepared for a very rude awakening. You are suffering from the single biggest Achilles heel of all women in business. But don’t worry. You’re not alone. And it isn’t your fault.


Yet despite this tendency to Superwoman Syndrome, some women succeed.


Dr Joanna Martin was one of these women. She started her working life as a medical doctor- stressed out working 80 hour weeks on the super-busy oncology ward. And after the death of one of her favourite patients, she realised that...


We Only Have a Limited Time on this Earth


...and while she was very good at her job, it didn’t light her up. Since then she has discovered that over 50% of the population have found themselves in jobs that they were good at, but did not particularly enjoy at some stage. But back at that time she felt foolish and alone, harbouring secret desires to become an actress while her colleagues found fulfilment in tending to the sick.


But the loss of her favourite little Irish patient made her wake up and realise she had so much more to give, so much more to experience. Like all of us...


At any given Time there is always more available to us, and so much more we can give


So, much to the surprise of her parents (both pharmacists), and the disappointment of her grandmother (a nurse herself- so proud to have a doctor in the family…) she left her safe and secure medical job to go to drama school… Hoping to become an actress.


One thing led to another, and that wasn’t the path in store for her. She went on to instead educate herself thoroughly in personal development, start a coaching business and eventually becoming an international speaker.


But what can you learn from this?


If Joanna’s story tells us anything it is that...


It doesn’t matter where you start- as long as you are LISTENING TO YOUR HEART and EDUCATING YOUR MIND, your dream lifestyle is only a matter of time away.


We’re not going to insult your intelligence here.


As much as you may wish it, there’s no such thing as Instant Success.


We’re not promising that everyone will double their income next month. We’re not promising you’ll find the perfect man tomorrow. Not many students will do that!


But you will notice a profound shift in your EFFICIENCY and EFFECTIVENESS that means you will be getting the same, but usually BETTER RESULTS with MUCH LESS EFFORT. This will in turn give you time for the other things you want to


For Joanna it took me lots of practice, and very hard work to figure this stuff out. In fact, in one 2 ½ year period she travelled to 3 different continents, working on the road, away from home for often more than 250 days a year.


During that time she consulted with businesses resulting in total revenue of over $47 million. She managed all this before her 30th birthday. But, while she generated a lot of income during that time, living a life that some people IMAGINED they would love, she also nearly burnt out.


There were months at a time she wouldn’t see her closest friends and family. She didn’t know how to slow down, switch off. In short, her love for her work superseded every other love she had; and my relationships suffered.


Until she met an extraordinary man (now her husband, Greg) who invited her to slow the hell down for a minute!


They took nine months off, sampling retirement. In nine months of nothing you can do a lot of thinking, a lot of processing (and have a lot of fun!) And it was during this period of time that she started operating from what she now refers to as “Soft Power”


It was during this time that she experimented on herself, and her friends and close clients, and came up with processes and systems that would help women make decisions- the right decisions for their personality and their innermost, deepest desires.


After 9 months of testing, she decided to try out her assumptions and systems in her own new business and we created “Shift Speaker Training”.


And the results speak for themselves:

  • The business went from ZERO to half a million dollars in 3 short months.
  • She achieved this with only 3 staff: Greg, Joanna and 1 part time staff member.
  • After those first 3 months, they slowed down, consolidated, moved country (re-locating to London) and still went on to make over $1 million in their first 12 months.
  • They travelled extensively, usually coming home with more money than they made.


If this demonstrates anything it is that with conscious effort, you can CREATE YOUR LIFESTYLE … exactly how you want it.


You might look at all that travel and think EUCH- not me. But you don’t have to travel. Maybe you want to make your DREAM LIFESTYLE so you spend more time at home, more time with your kids or family. Maybe you harbour dreams to return to night school and study film-making… who knows. But don’t miss the point here…

You Can Create Your Life How You Want It.


It’s OK to feel cynical. So did Joanna.


She says:


“Believe me, if you had told me 6 years ago that I would have a lifestyle and an income like this I would not have believed you. I might have hoped for it, I might have been optimistic. After all, like you I was intelligent and pretty open-minded. But lying in bed at night, when I was faced with the harsh reality of what was going on in my life I dismissed it all as a pipe dream.

“But for some reason, there was a persistent little optimist in me that kept saying “keep trying… I know you can do it” … and I ask you to find that optimist inside you…

“All I had back then was hope, and a desire to find out more- which is all I ask from you… give me just one morning of your time and I’ll introduce you to how it all works…”



Thank you a thousand times.

Today you released me from my fears. You have been an answer to prayer. Look out world here I come. I love your wisdom and knowledge. At 55 years of age I am now finally equipped to fullfill my purpose.

Blessings, Sharon Galbraith Australia


Please be certain…this is not just another “DO WHAT YOUR LOVE AND THE MONEY WILL FOLLOW PROGRAM”


Don’t get me wrong. This a powerful message, but it’s only half the story.


I’ve been involved in some kind of personal development now for 14 years. I have loved it, hated it, experienced MAGICAL miracles and MASSIVE failures because of it. And one thing I know to be true is that half-baked positive thinking is not only not enough, sometimes it can be ACTIVELY DETRIMENTAL to our success. For three reasons:

-       Most of the personal development systems widely available come from the masculine paradigm, often forcing change upon ourselves.

-       Many people spend too much time on personal development, and not enough time on straight between the eyes common sense

-       Many women try to create success from the masculine, thereby burning themselves out (as I indicated I did earlier)




“My journey with this work has been about letting go of old beliefs. I decided to stop giving spiritual seminars after 7 years because they were not fulfilling and inspiring for me anymore. When I sold out of my stock, I made so much money (unexpectedly) that I can live from it for six months.

In the program I also saw that my favourite place to live is near the sea. I manifested that in the course. A few weeks later I was offered........ exactly the apartment I had visualised in the course! This will be the perfect place for me to write my book and develop my mindblowing new special techniques on personal development.”

- Tetsiea Blijham: Retail Store Owner, Netherlands


I've transformed my relationships with men

jenny Bourne

“I have worked in male-dominated industries for a decade. This work has helped me be far more confident as a woman. What I’ve learned transformed my relationships with men. Thank you for an amazing experience!”

—Jenny Bourne, Director, Plus Health Training,

Brisbane, Australia


And are you conducting your life in a way that supports your femininity, and capitalises on your gifts? Or are you pushing hard to get things done forcefully, and in doing so masculinising yourself?


Imagine if you could find your feminine flow in life?


The most critical factor in your success is flow.


Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi, a Hungarian born psychologist specialising in happiness tells us that in all his research of religions, philosophies and the pursuit of happiness, that the single commonality to those experiencing happiness and fulfillment is FLOW. He defines it as “the state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience itself is so enjoyable that people will do it for the sheer sake of doing it.” (Csikzentmihalyi, 1991)


As a woman, you must operate from this place if you want to succeed. It's not just a "nice to have". If you are not connected and in flow you will never achieve the business success that you so richly deserve.


I've learnt to balance my personal and professional lives


“The simple tools I received allow me to manage the fine balance between my personal and professional lives – how to live at 100% and give out as much as I would like without running exhausted – which is priceless to me”


—Leanne Watson, Financial Planner and Master Coach,

Melbourne, Australia.





When you join us at “The Superwoman Myth” you'll discover:


-       exactly how we women are programmed to fall into the Capability Trap, and the step by step path to identify it and change it in or own life.

-       You will have a profound experience of connection to your “Soul Self” and find it easier to step back into your feminine flow.

-       So you can come in exhausted, strung out, and achieving moderate levels of success. Walk out with an entirely new Paradigm for how you behave.


At the Vancouver Peace Conference in 2009, the Dalai Lama said "the world will be saved by the Western Woman"




Well he had his reasons, but what we understand is this:


The Dalai Lama believes it is "The Western Woman who Will Save the World"

We have stripped the earth of its resources, we have dug deep, we have pushed through, we have mined her depths.


If we are to continue as a species we need a new paradigm. A paradigm of empathy, compassion, and effectiveness.


All feminine qualities.


We believe it's time we harness our feminine sources of power for the good of all humankind.


To this end I have created This Morning Workshop that is specific to the new Feminine Paradigm that is emerging.

At This Remarkably Powerful Seminar You will discover 3 Essential Ingredients to Success in the New Feminine Paradigm.


First: You will free yourself from the drive to be Superwoman. Something that has been present in our life due to your unconscious and cultural programming from when you were young.


Second: You will reconnect in a profound and unique way with your femininity and understand the impact soft power can have in your life.


Third: You will gain insight into how as women it is vital that we approach the fundamentals of success a little differently if we want it to be easy.


Not full of hype and Unsustainable Euphoria


Doing this work has completely shifted my way of thinking in regards to goal planning, priorities, time management. I clearly see what to focus on and what to let pass by. I now start the day with clarity, focus and at peace.

Joanna has such a joyful, fun way of delivering her message that you can't help by being inspired. Best of all it's easy to maintain because it isn't full of any hype or unsustainable euphoria.

- Karen Haller, Karen Haller Interiors,

London, UK

Who should attend this profoundly life and business-enhancing event?


Let me start by saying, sorry gentleman- this seminar is not for you. This is a women only event.


Ladies, something remarkable occurs when a group of women come together without any of our men to worry about. Don’t get me wrong - we love men. Men are fantastic.


What we know to be true though, is women are hardwired genetically to be constantly aware of how our men are doing. And I am committed in this seminar to create a little break from that energetic habit so that you can focus on yourself: your desires, your needs and the direction YOU want to take your life & business.


So who should attend this seminar?


Any and all professional women who just want it to be easier, and want to accelerate the rate at which they are achieving their lifestyle dreams

Married women who struggle to balance the demands of their professional life with their desire to be a good and supportive wife.

Single women who know that the energy they are pouring into their work is preventing them from finding Mr Right.

Any woman who woke up recently thinking “I’m capable of so much more in my life… its time for a change”



Specifically here’s Some Reasons You Should Join Us


-       You will discover the real reason most women don’t achieve their goals. This is not what you might think, and flies in the face of what most personal development experts will tell you (have you noticed they’re mostly men by the way?!)


-       You’ll discover what you must never do if you desire true soft power and effectiveness as Joanna reveals the 4 frantic habits that keep you stuck as Superwoman.


-       You’ll learn why women are 60% more likely to suffer from job stress than men, and the hormonal drivers behind this.


-       You will meet the most powerful feminine archetype for success and how to set yourself up to operate from her strengths, and leverage her resources.



-       You’ll enjoy the opportunity to meet wonderful, likeminded, intelligent women like yourself, and to make amazing business and personal friendships.


-       The entire workshop is conducted in a very safe space where you can feel free to express your hopes and challenges in business freely and without concern. For many the feeling of “not being alone” will be worth the entire morning.


-       Plus so much more that I hope we will be able to cover in the morning we have together.




I invested in this powerful program because I wanted to change the masculine habits I had adopted while working as an Executive Manager. My participation helped me understand why certain behaviours were draining me, how I could cultivate more enriching habits by embracing my femininity and provided me with the on-going support needed to anchor these new behaviours in my life.

I am truly grateful that I invested in this powerful program. The lessons learned and insights gained have served me, my marriage and my growing business immeasurably!

- Wendy Phelps, More is Available Coaching & Consulting,

Los Angeles, CA



This event will be anything but boring. In fact, within the first 30 minutes you’ll be laughing so hard you’ll wonder how this could really help you … but you’ll never forget the importance of the lessons you’ll take away. It will change you mentally, spiritually, emotionally and financially for the rest of your life.


You’ll walk away richer from the experience


"Hands-down Dr. Joanna Martin (Joey) is one of the most effectual trainers I have ever experienced! She has 100% command over her material and imparts it to her audience in a way that truly transforms their ideas, behaviours and results. I know because my business and personal life have expanded and improved considerably as a direct result of Joey's training and I know many others who have said the same.

She's dynamic, passionate, compassionate and entertaining! From ham to Hamlet to she'll have you roaring with laughter one minute and crying in the palm of her hand, the next. I couldn't recommend her more highly! If you have an opportunity to be in her audience, grab it. I promise you'll walk away richer from the experience!"

- Tracy Monteforte, Co Founder,, USA

The Peace of Mind and Insights I Gained Are Priceless


I attended several workshops with Joanna Martin. Firstly, I've gotten tremendous value from the teachings and research she has done over the years. They make life-changing differences (and even that's an understatement).

I definitely felt her message first hand and quickly. As a woman and a business owner, I can appreciate the impact immediately both in interactions but even more profoundly, internally. The peace of mind and the insights I gained from the content are a true priceless gift. I had done a lot of personal development already by the time I got to Joanna's class -- it was in her class that I was able to let go of one of my biggest crutches and it has freed me up in both my personal and professional lives.

- Pina De Rosa, Gratitude International, USA


When You Register Now I’d Like to Give You A Gift to Get Started Immediately


Bonus Training #1. “Love, Sex and Business” valued at $39. This is an interview with Joanna and her husband Greg on how they make it work being in business together without ripping each other’s heads off!


They reveal how they:

-       made the shift from employees to entrepreneurs

-       how they balance romantic time together as opposed to talking about business every time they see each other

-       the two things that keep them strong and connected in their relationship

-       the five steps to take your business from frantic to freedom (this will be great preparation for your attendance at this event)


How You Can Share This Gift With Your Girlfriends, Colleagues & Family


Who do you need to share this event with?


You’ve heard the old adage: your net worth is the average of the 6 individuals with whom you spend the majority of your time. So we highly recommend that you bring to this morning other women in your life who are serious about living their destiny and making their difference through business. Let’s all increase our education at the same time, and thereby elevate those around us.



The Superwoman Myth Workshop is much more than more information for you to digest. It is an opportunity for you to enter your life and work from a completely different angle. It is a short cut to even more grace, passion and ease. It is a punctuation point on your journey as a woman that you will remember for the rest of your life.


Joanna’s mission is to support the Dalai Lama’s proclamation that it is the Western woman who will save the world. To that end, her mission is to empower 1 million “Soft Power Leaders” in the Western World to mobilise resources for the empowerment of our sisters in the developing world. In this way their contribution to the humanitarian shift occurring on the planet will be marked and sustainable.

It is for this reason that I’m inviting you to attend this morning event for cost price only of £17 Early Bird (£27 thereafter)


We know it seems like a paltry amount… but we’re really just looking for enough to cover the costs of the morning. This allows us to provide a lovely venue, some refreshments for networking and a space where we can truly come together and create Our Soft Power Paradigm.


Of course we hope some of you will choose to become impassioned advocates of what you learn at this event- but I’m just asking you to start with one morning, and to sample the journey of a lifetime.


Seating at the venue will be limited. We fully expect that this will sell out very quickly. Get yourself registered immediately.


Is Your Being Here Just a Coincidence…?


I truly believe there is no such thing as coincidence. There is a reason you are here on this site right now. A chain of events led you here and the universe is conspiring for this to be a profound moment in your life.


This moment right now is the beginning of transformation.

It’s decision time right now. And if you’re anything like most women, it's hard to give yourself the gift of time.


But let me say that even the pure action of registering for this event will send out a message to the universe that says “My time is now”. Claim your moment, and claim the business you’ve always dreamed about.


Please take a moment and register now.


Priority Reservation Form

We have a very limited number of seats available so register quickly.


Birmingham, Saturday 24th October, 10:00am - 1:00pm


Register NOW:


Full Price £27 Early Bird Only £17


I am so looking forward to welcoming you to this Profoundly Life Changing Event. Please be sure to tell your friends.


Venue: Birmingham Buddhist Centre, 11 Park Rd, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8AB



Book online below or call 0121 449 4086

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