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Kids Brand Insight - Toy Consumer Research Bootcamp

Does your product selection process involve chucking a load of ideas against a wall and seeing what sticks?

Do you find yourself wondering why you have to develop SOOOOO much new product each and every year?

There is another way...

...consumer research cuts through all the politics and subjective preferences (both internally and from buyers) to reach the end consumer who has to a). want your products enough to buy them and b). needs to get enough value/fun from them to build word of mouth for you.

Because between 50-75% of all toy SKUs on shelf are new each and every year, it's easy to get into the habit of expecting to replace most of your line each year...BUT research can vastly increases your chances of getting year 2 sales, and even perennial products from your development investment.

To develop, tool, manufacture and launch a new hero toy line in the UK can cost hundreds of thousands, or in some cases millions depending on forecast. When you also consider the opportunity cost/risk to your business of failed product launches i.e. how many £millions of sales could you lose, it seems even more important to take some steps to reduce the risk of failing!


Commissioning research studies can be expensive, and it's possible to spend your money and get fluffy research that's difficult to do anything with.

The 'Kids Brand Insight Toy Consumer Research Bootcamp' offers an introduction to consumer research, how and when to use it, how to do it 'on the cheap', how and when to use formal research studies, managing research agencies and more.

Attendees to this half day interactive course will go away fully equipped to know how to use research to aid product development, marketing communications and senior management decision making.


  • Introduction to consumer research.
  • Different types of consumer reseach, and when/why to use them.
  • Problems/issues which can be resolved via research - including examples of typical research topics, and how to robustly test for solutions.
  • Toy specific research factors inc. researching with children, mums and testing flimsy prototypes.
  • Content specific research factors inc. TV animation, Apps, online, books/comics/magazines.
  • Doing it on the cheap - how to do your own 'rough and ready' research to achieve maximum benefit at least cost.
  • Commissioning research studies & what to look for in an agency.
  • How to manage consumer research agencies.
  • Practical coaching on qualitative moderating/how to run playtesting sessions.
  • How product designers can consumer test products without 'it's my baby' bias in the findings!
  • Reporting research findings - how to deliver realistic, actionable findings from research.


This is a structured, but informal session. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask specific questions/review particular areas of interest.


The course will be moderated by Steve Reece, who originally joined the toy industry as Hasbro's in-house market researcher, before moving into brand and commercial roles. Steve founded Kids Brand Insight to deliver meaningful, actionable consumer research to toy, gaming and kids entertainment brands with no fluff - just hard hitting consumer research.


Kids Brand Insight is a specialist research consultancy working solely in the toy, gaming and kids entertainment sectors, researching with children, parents and youth respondents. For more information please visit


Early bird tickets are priced at £197 (+VAT). After the early bird booking period, the price will go upto £297 (+VAT).

There is limited availability for tickets due to space restrictions at the venue, so please book early to avoid disappointment.