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Toy, game or kids entertainment brands routinely invest anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of £/€/$ in new product lines, TV production or other forms of new contentoften with no testing, validation or steps to reduce the risk of product/content failure!

Over time we have emphatically proven that our consumer testing methodologies save our clients hugely in terms of increasing chances of success, reducing unnecessary risk, making the brand/product selling story more compelling and persuasive and by way of supplying detailed tweaks to deliver better experience to end consumers, thus vastly increasing the word of mouth factor.

We recently introduced a new methodology to offer all the benefits of our services, at less cost for clients:

KIDSPLAYTEST™ is our proprietary methodology offered for research testing with children in the UK.

Effectively the methodology works as a qualitative omnibus. We take the methodology into a UK primary school once per half term (approx. once every 2 months), taking with us 3-4 products, content presentations or other project materials to test with children ranging from 5-11 years of age.

We regularly conduct focused bespoke projects for clients where we research their brands in depth – the challenge for some clients is the cost of conducting a dedicated survey. The difference with KIDSPLAYTEST™ is that by testing multiple products during the same session, we can offer a budget entry point for brands. The reality of course is that you get what you pay for – there is a limit to the depth we can go to via this methodology, and so some topics/brands/products/objectives are not suited to this method, but we do find overall that our clients rate the insight we deliver very highly.


Q: Can I attend the research?

A: It depends – if your company has booked all the slots in a session, then yes, with prior notification we can arrange for you to attend, if we are testing products/brands from several different companies, then no – in order to preserve confidentiality all round we would not allow attendance. If attending research is critical, we allow that as standard on bespoke, dedicated projects, please get in touch for more details.

Q: How many children do you test with?

A: To a degree that depends on what we’re testing and how we’re going to test it. Most often we conduct 4 discussion groups with children, with 6-8 children in each group.

Q: How robust is the methodology?

A: A larger scale dedicated bespoke project with multiple locations would frankly be more robust in terms of sampling theory etc., however, we test/have tested many similar products/brands to yours, so if we feel a particular group/session is not giving a fair representation of consumer feedback we will account for that.

Q: What do I need to provide for the research?

A: Firstly we need your research objectives – what do you need to find out? What questions do you want answered? We will construct questions/discussion guides around the questions/objectives you supply. In terms of the research itself, kids do not respond well to hypothetical/if we did this type of questions – giving them something visual or physical to react to delivers the most fruitful results – whether it be prototypes (be aware, we can’t guarantee your prototype will make it back in once piece – that’s kids for you!), sizzlers/trailers, competitive product etc.

Q: How do you report findings?

A: We deliver a written report in as much detail as is needed to effectively represent a). what the research told us b). broader implications of that based on our extensive experience of working with kids brands on the brand/commercial side. A debrief telephone call is also included at no additional cost. Face to face presentation of findings is possible, but at an additional cost.

Q: How much does each research slot cost?

A: Bespoke, dedicated research projects conducted in the UK cost from £4,000-£20,000+, dependent on objectives, complexity of product, consumer segmentation or other factors. The KIDSPLAYTEST™ methodology makes cutting edge research combined with incisive brand/commercial interpretation available to you at a far lower cost – just £1,497(+VAT) per slot.

Q: When should I book in my products/brands for research testing?

A: We operate an open booking system – we have 3-4 slots available each half term (roughly once every 6-8 weeks), slots are allocated strictly on a 1st come, 1st served basis - once they are sold, that's it until the next half term slot. We can always recruit for bespoke dedicated projects in a hurry if you have tight deadlines, but for this methodology we have fixed dates per half term.

Q: How do I book my products/brands in for a KIDSPLAYTEST™ session?

A: Book in & purchase your ticket on this site.

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