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Lead Well Summer 2017

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A results-orientated programme; proven to help create personal success in life and the workplace. We are currently taking limited applications from individuals wishing to join a new cohort starting May 2017.

What is it?

A 12-week programme for leaders and aspiring leaders who want to be at the very top of their game by going beyond their current limits. As a participant, you will achieve this by focussing on your own wellbeing first, and then your tribe (or team). The programme helps you develop and "Lead Well" by being well yourself.


Ask yourself these questions;

  • Am I the best leader I can be?

  • Am I behaving like the best leader I can be?

  • Am I enabling myself to behave like be the best leader I can be?

If the answer is no to any of the above, this intensive programme will help improve your performance and lead to the success you deserve.

Leadership is rapidly moving away from a traditional “skills and competency” base to one based on high emotional intelligence, resilience, purpose and engagement. The modern leader invests in themself learns, grows and reflects. They know this will make them a better leader and enable them to best serve their team.

There is an overwhelming body of research to evidence the link between high levels of wellbeing and performance at work. Put quite simply, those who invest in themselves have more success, achieve their goals, get promoted and are better leaders than those that do not. Many of us already know this; we also know most of the strategies and tools to adopt to get there. We know eating right, exercise, sleep, managing our emotions and thoughts are all part of it, but yet, we consistently do not apply them. We do not enable ourselves to behave like be the best leader we can be.

Change or die? A study in 2005 amongst heart bypass patients showed that without support, after one year, a staggering 90% of them had reverted back to or not changed their lifestyle, despite the imminent effect it would have on their mortality, conversely, a supported group in another study, this time giving up smoking, had a success rate of 80%. So the success moved from 1 in 10 to 8 in 10, through the right support.

We offer that support in this programme, as opposed to most traditional training, which usually consists of “Here’s your two days. You’re fixed now, off you go.” We passionately believe and have the evidence to support that this approach works. (Our delegates of our Sep ’15 Programme had a 79% increase in their overall wellbeing 5 months after completing it, 9 months after starting. They were still looking for more improvements.)

Don’t take our word for it, here’s just a small extract from what Clare, a successful Entrepreneur said:

Participating in this Programme has enabled me to take control of my future, getting greater clarity of my personal purpose and vision. As part of the course content, I have developed a personal action plan that keeps me accountable and on-track. I am seeing great results. I am working smarter and I have more focus and purpose which means that I am back in control and taking ownership. Everything I do I do for a reason and it links back to my purpose.

I have finally acknowledged that my well-being is intrinsic to my future success so the work undertaken around important facets such as sleep, energy, time is giving me a solid platform upon which to develop a sustainable life for myself, my family and team.

The programme is ‘disruptive’ as it forces you to think about how you are living your life identifying the areas you might need to adjust or change as well as planning where to take things in the future. The synergy between the personal development dovetailing with business development has been a perfect blend for me. There is no doubt that this programme has given me the drive and tools to help me live a better life. That’s powerful!

See the full video here.

Who is it for?

This programme is for anyone who feels that he or she is not at his or her full potential. Whether they are already leaders or aspiring leaders, this programme will help rapidly accelerate their success. The 12-week intensity of this programme means delegates need to be fully committed to getting positive outcomes for themselves. In return, we guarantee they major improvements.

As a guide, the following types of leaders have attended previous programmes:

  • leaders who know they could be more effective

  • leaders who want to be more decisive in their thinking

  • leaders who realise being healthier will improve their performance and happiness

  • leaders who feel they are stuck in a rut

  • leaders who want to be up-to-date with the latest thinking

  • leaders who want to lead and serve their teams better

  • leaders who think they are close to burnout and need to change their game

How it Works

Pre-Programme - Free One to one Enabling Session – in this session our expert will meet with you to help identify your exact requirements and offer you some easy tips and tools to get you moving quickly


The main programme runs over an intensive 12-week period and consists of the following 3-4 hour sessions every two weeks:

Day 1 –Time - in this session, we help you understand how to be more effective with your time. We offer the very latest hacks on how to do this as well as some tried and tested ones. As well as making you more effective with everything else, this session will enable you to create the time in your diary to implement the other important outcomes that will flow from the rest of the programme, which is why it is the first module. This session will last until 12:30 as it will include a full overview of the rest of the programme.

Day 15 – Eat & Move - in this session, we unlock how much affect your physical health can unlock high performance. This is the cornerstone to success in all other areas. We focus on the two key areas of eating and moving.

Day 29 – Sleep – A continuation of the above, this week we focus on sleep and rest. We look at how vital it is to recharge our batteries.

Day 43 - Purpose - in this session, we help you understand and articulate your personal why statement and how this fits with your organisational why. We help you understand the importance of how why based leadership delivers exceptional results for you, your teams and the organisation and offer you a roadmap on how to get there.

Day 57 – Grit - in this session we help you understand how grit determination and resilience can be used to drive forward results by using a growth mindset without damaging your mental wellbeing. We look at how gritty you are and what to do about it and how to grow your mindset.

Day 71 – Headspace - in this session, we help you manage your mind for better results. We help you understand how to get the best from your emotions and thoughts and be able to make clear and concise decisions.

Day 85 – Tribe - in this session we show you how building strong relationship and bonds with your tribe by supporting them in achieving their goals can deliver exceptional results. This day is concluded with a celebration lunch and concludes at around 12:30.


Supporting you to make the right the changes and embedding them as lasting habits is fundamental to your success from the programme.

Peer to Peer Support – A vital part of embedding the change from the learning is the peer to peer support this is achieved through the following:

Fortnightly Accountability Breakfasts (FAB’s) – Immediately prior to each of the above sessions on the same day, delegates meet at our venue from a nutritious breakfast. Over breakfast, each shares their achievements since the last session and the challenges they are trying to overcome. These sessions will be facilitated by your expert course leader.

Virtual Fortnightly Accountability Breakfasts (vFAB’s) – in the alternative week between sessions, your expert course leader will host a virtual group session, which follows the same format, except you eat your own breakfast!

One to One Coaching Accountability Sessions – There are some things you will want to discuss in confidence, all delegates can take advantage 6, 50-minute virtual one to one session with your expert course leader/coach. These sessions are to hold you to account for your actions and to help you unblock any issues you may be having.

#Slack – We provide a dedicated #slack channel (online forum) where you can chat with your peers and share best practice as well as access our rich resources.

When & Where?

Our next programme starts on Tuesday _ May at Britannia Cafe in Norwich. All sessions will run from 8 am to 11:30 am (unless otherwise specified) every alternative Tuesday, including the Fortnightly Accountability Breakfast, the virtual breakfast will be on the following Tuesday at 8 am. One to One coaching sessions can be booked at your convenience.

Who will Deliver it?

This programme will be led by Ian Hacon, who has 10 years' experience in maximizing performance through wellbeing. He has also had 20+ years' experience at CEO or board level positions. He is ILM Qualified Business Coach and Mentor. He is also a Team GB Ironman Triathlete.

How much?

The fee for this comprehensive 12-week Programme, including 7 half days training, 7 group sessions, 7 one-to-ones and all course materials, is just £1,500 plus VAT per delegate.

Delegates can book the Pre-Programme Enabling session for Free to ascertain whether the programme is for them, before committing to the full programme.

Norfolk and Suffolk Delegates from SME’s could also be eligible for a 25% ETIP grant towards the programme. Note this grant needs to be applied for and approved, before purchasing the course, so please contact us on if you think you may be eligible.

Charities and Social Enterprises - We offer a 20% discount on all our products to charities, Social Enterprises and those who are on benefits / unemployed. Please contact us directly for this discount via for a discount code.

If you are interested in the programme and want to speak to us to find out more, please get in touch at or 07733 265953 or 01493 800032.

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