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Lean-Agile Strategy Days, London

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A unique 2-day workshop for Lean-Agile practitioners, managers, and sponsors led by two pioneers of Lean-Agile and Kanban:

  • Karl Scotland on Lean-Agile Strategy Deployment and the X-Matrix

  • Mike Burrows on Lean-Agile Transformation with Agendashift

We'll be looking at strategy – how to engage people in its development, how to develop and test the thinking, and how to build habits of follow-through. You'll be learning through practice, and at the same time participating in an exciting collaboration. Together, let’s discover how these important topics interact and amplify each other.


You should consider attending if you are:

  • An executive, manager, team member, coach, or consultant engaged in a Lean-Agile transformation

  • Willing (if not yet yet fully equipped) to encourage meaningful engagement on organisational goals, ways of working, the impact of change, and its introduction

  • Wanting better understanding and transparency into the health of your organisation and its most promising opportunities for change

Day 1: Strategy Deployment and the X-Matrix


On Day 1 we will explore how Strategy Deployment is a style of organisational improvement that engages the entire workforce in figuring out how a business can survive and thrive. The workshop will introduce Strategy Deployment using a framework called the X-Matrix – an A3 format which concisely visualises the alignment of aspirations, strategy, tactics and evidence on a single sheet of paper. With this approach a transformation can be viewed as a form of Catchball, a Lean practice with which ideas are passed around an organisation as teams collaborate to experiment and discover solutions. As a result, solutions emerge from the people closest to the problem, rather than being defined and dictated by management.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the day, you will be able to:

  • Describe an agile transformation in terms of Strategy Deployment

  • Prepare an X-Matrix to visualise an agile transformation

  • Get started using Strategy Deployment with an agile transformation


The following topics will be covered.

  • Summarising the need for Strategy Deployment

  • Distinguishing Strategy Deployment from traditional styles of organisational improvement

  • Explaining how and why Strategy Deployment works

  • Relating Strategy Deployment to an Agile transformation

  • Defining the anticipated results of the transformation

  • Relating the transformation to organisational strategies

  • Appraising the progress of the transformation with leading indicators

  • Establishing concrete initiatives as transformational tactics

Day 2: Lean-Agile transformation with Agendashift

Imagine… everyone able to work consistently at their best:

  • Individuals, teams, between teams, across the organisation
  • Right conversations, right people, right time
  • Needs met at just the right time

That’s the vision; how do you begin to bring it to life? This workshop has some answers, a chance to get first-hand experience of some integrated facilitation and coaching tools and a great opportunity to explore new ways to scope, launch, or re-energise your Lean-Agile transformation.

You'll be learning new coaching and facilitation tools as you build a transformation plan based on a shared understanding of opportunities for development and outcomes essential to your success. Working on things that really matter to your organisation, you'll practice some powerful techniques from Clean Language, Cynefin, Agile, Lean Startup, A3, and Kanban.

Learning Objectives

  • Practicing Clean Language for exploring goals, obstacles, and outcomes

  • Ways to recognise when the major change management styles (eg explore, plan/execute, or “just do it”) are appropriate

  • How to organise a transformation backlog

  • Hypothesis-driven change – how to frame changes as hypotheses (Lean Startup style) and develop them (A3 style)


  • Discovery: Identifying the major themes and motivations for your transformation

  • Exploration: Debriefing your Agendashift values-based delivery assessment (set as prework), agreeing scope and approach

  • Mapping: Building your transformation plan

  • Elaboration: Generating, framing, and developing actions

  • Operation: Organising for continuous transformation

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United Kingdom

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