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Learn The Secrets To Creating A Kick-Ass Digital Media Strategy

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We live in a connected and competitive online world and your place in the digital universe has a direct link to your company’s public influence and marketability. Pursuing digital marketing blindly (or worse, not pursuing it at all) will not only harm your brand, it will hurt your bottom line. To stand out in this saturated market, businesses need to offer their consumers savvy, strategic and interesting content presented effectively and on a consistent basis. It’s no longer just about posting, but posting properly with a focus on effective engagement. This starts with having a very strong understanding who you are, who your audience is, what you want, what they need, what your purpose is how that purpose will meet their needs.

Bottom Line: To make an impact in your industry and increase your ROI, you need consistent, quality content in the right voice. This is where BDC Digital Media can help. Whether establishing your brand or rebranding your business, your digital transformation starts here. Please take a look at what you can expect to gain from our consulting and learn from our hands-on bespoke training sessions.

Social Media Strategy + Community Management

Social media is more than a post, a link and a few hashtags, it’s the most powerful tool you have to boost your brand and build your business. We pride on creating carefully-curated social media marketing campaigns that engage audiences and boost the ROI. Grow an organic and loyal audience with masterful content that is engaging, visually stimulating and tailored specifically to your brand.

Training will include:

  • Platform breakdown. Learn what platform is used for what purpose.

  • The way to locate the best hashtags for your posts.

  • Optimum posting times and how to schedule.

  • How to write engaging, interesting and informative posts that get liked and shared.

  • How to find and target your ideal audience.

  • Visual display techniques.

Defining Your Online Brand

From creative concepting and logo/tagline development to naming your brand and understanding brand guidelines, we help businesses create a visual and verbal identity that sets them apart from their competitors and carves an individual space in their specific market. Through bespoke training sessions and classes, teams work together to identify a brand’s positioning and build an architecture that sets them up for success. Whether starting from scratch or rebranding, we are here to support your efforts.

Training will include:

  • A full-scale branding packet to help you truly define your brand (Value: £500.00)

  • How to define your brand online and carve out a space in your market.

  • Rebranding techniques to change your online persona.

Digital Strategy

A strong digital strategy is the foundation of a strong brand reputation is built, and creating one starts with understanding the psychology of your users. Using consumer research, User Experience research, data and quality editorial, we help build websites, marketing materials and platforms that each serve an individual purpose while working together to offer an unparalleled user experience.

Training will include:

  • User Experience tips to get the most out of your website.

  • The right way to research your industry to gain a competitive edge.

  • How to create impactful digital marketing campaigns.

  • Optimisation: Brand visibility is made easy through tailored strategies that are combined with the latest search optimisation tools.

Content Strategy

Learn how to engage your audience writing strategic, interesting and informative content which will be created specifically for your blog, marketing materials and social media platforms.

Training will include:

  • How to find visually stimulating images for your website, social media and blogs.

  • Assistance in creating a digital editorial calendar designed specifically for your company. Template included.

  • The most effective ways to write content that is shared and commented on.

  • How to pitch pieces for syndication.

  • The right way to use keywords and links.

  • How to gain partnerships through content.

Results Measurement

Analytic training in order to effectively optimise your content and brand.

Course Overview

This is a one-on-one training session that can be done in your office, home or another specified area. The course will last approximately 3 hours and all training comes with a 30-minute pre-course call to discuss your business and goals and a 30-minute follow-up skype call for questions.

Course Cost

One on One Digital Media Training

£195 (+ VAT) per person

£150(+ VAT) per person for groups of 3 (Max of 4). In this case, the course will be approximately 4 hours.


“I call Brenda my ‘digital media goddess’ because she is truly one of the smartest and hardest working people I have ever had on my team. Brenda is irreplaceable to me for so many reasons and I trust her 100%. She has done so much to build this brand online and off. She’s also one of the hardest working employees I have had.” Preston Bailey, Owner of Preston Bailey Designs

“When I wanted to start my brand, I had no idea what it meant to create an online presence. With Brenda’s incredible strategy, editorial and social media talents, I was able to find my “voice” and create a following that not only led to new clients but press mentions, integrated partnership opportunities and an increased Google ranking. Brenda is informed, inspired and inspiring and she gives her clients 100% while always paying close attention to the specifics of each brand. She’s not a “one-size-fits-all” strategist. She gets to know each client and curates content that is relevant and influential.” Johanna May, Owner of Johanna May Pilates.

“Without question, Brenda’s creativity, strong work ethic, talent and passion for social media, editorial and branding make her a unique asset to the Preston Bailey Team. An enthusiastic and strategic participant in branding meetings, Brenda brings quality, relevant ideas to the table while providing content that not only engages, entertains and informs readers and clients, but has significantly boosted branding and the ROI. As a colleague, Brenda is an enthusiastic team player who respects her colleagues and sees the firm as a team. She is able to stay in her own lane while not being pigeonholed by job specifications. If something is needed, she’s the first to step up, stay late and support her team members. She’s a true asset to the team and the editorial community.” Kelly Irwin Rutty, Vice President of Preston Bailey Designs

“Brenda is a triple-threat in that she is able to merge an understanding of technology (platform development, algorithms and User Experience) with a strong editorial background and then engage an audience through a strategic digital marketing campaign that boosts online growth and the ROI. Brenda is a curator to the core. She is constantly brainstorming new ways to boost brands and working with her often means that business owners will get more than they bargained for in the best possible ways. She will help a team understand their brand, find their voice, create and curate content that honours that voice and then strategizes ways to get the message out there. She is a teacher by nature and is constantly encouraging business owners and staff members to build their digital skills. Working with her on Gotham Bandit was a pleasure and I highly recommend her.” Bobby Kennedy, Business Development Professional & Founder of Gotham Bandit and Start A Spree

“Can I just say that I love Brenda’s sassy style and enthusiasm! A beautiful woman inside and out! I thought she did a fantastic job getting us to come out of our shells and spread our new wings. Through Brenda, I learned how to identify my brand! I can’t even express how much this has given me. My team loved our new brand statement! I would never have been able to define my brand without going through the exercises that we did in class. Thank you, Brenda!” Tammi L Barber, TLB Events,LLC

“Brenda is smart, personable, creative, and talented. She is an expert in developing successfully content brand strategies and social media campaigns. Her writing is interesting, informative, insightful and very engaging. An asset to any organization.” Gwen Waldron, Strategic Branding & Marketing Expert

“I feel like Brenda put me onto another level with social media.” Christine Pickerel, Westmount Florist

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