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Lessons for our best health. A terminal cancer thriver's story.

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Warham Reading Room

The Street



NR23 1NH

United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

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"Wow, wow, wow! Those were the most inspirational two hours going! I felt like a child in a sweet shop just sponging up all this information like nectar! Thank you, thank you! Not only did it open my eyes even more to your incredible journey, but it also gave Louise a tremendous amount of positivity to cling to. You are utterly incredible." Fiona Steel, Oct 2017


Please read on for the following:

  1. About the event
  2. What you might learn by attending this event
  3. Who might find it beneficial to attend
  4. Ticket types
  5. Event administration
  6. About me
  7. FAQ's
  8. Disclaimer

1. About the event

This is a 2 hour interactive conversation on how we can reach our best health, no matter where we start from. One thing this event is not: a patronising preach from me.

After being prescribed palliative (end of life) care following a cancer diagnosis on Christmas Eve 2015 I embarked on the biggest project of my life: unfathomed levels of research, overhauling my lifestyle, debating with health experts and experimenting in uncharted waters. I will share with you all the lessons (both good and bad) to show you how you can go about managing for optimum health or correcting a challenging health diagnosis.

Be prepared for a no holds barred conversation.

The number of tickets will be limited so that attendees can benefit from the event being a more personal, relevant and conversational in style.

This event is being run on both

  1. the evening of 3rd May 2018, 5.45pm for a 6pm start
  2. the morning of 4th May 2018, 9.15am for a 9.30am start.

My aim is that you leave the event buzzing with new possibilities in life, no matter your state when you first came into the room.

2. What you might learn by attending this event

You will hear my perspective on the many questions that people have been asking me about how I have managed to turn my life around. Lifestyle medicine is the new buzzword. And I will challenge you to contemplate some of our biggest questions in life.

We will discuss the more popular topics such as

  1. Most diets are bunkum. What is our best approach to nutrition?
  2. What is the mindfulness thing all about?
  3. "I struggle with self-discipline: how should I get started on the journey of improving my health?"
  4. What should I be doing to support my children in lifestyle health?

You should also come to hear debate on the equally important questions of

  • the benefits of fasting
  • controlling the mind and managing stress
  • finding purpose in life
  • understanding the human condition
  • faith, religion & spirituality
  • the future of the NHS & other mass health systems
  • why studying our poo should be mainstream
  • how to understand death in the pursuit of understanding life
  • how to address toxic relationships
  • pharmaceutical medicine vs nutraceutical medicine vs functional medicine vs lifestyle medicine. Whats it all about?

"That was a brilliant morning. So proud of you Nick, truly inspiring, moving and I'm in awe of your incredible attitude and approach." Philomena Lufkin, Oct 2017.

3. Who would find it beneficial to attend this event

Anyone wishing to understand more about

  1. what mind, body & spirit actions are necessary for optimal health.
  2. Lifestyle medicine as a way of avoiding the doctor's surgery and chronic disease

Your life might have been touched by chronic disease or illness. Perhaps:

  1. A parent, partner, friend or a loved one is suffering, or has suffered, with cancer or other chronic disease or condition (such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, dementia, MS, Alzheimer’s, stroke ….)
  2. You have experienced a loved one pass away from such a condition
  3. You are suffering from such a condition yourself.

Or you are concerned about

  1. hereditary health conditions
  2. how to lead a full and happy life
  3. what help and example you can give your children

This event comes at a time when conventional healthcare is increasingly unable to cope with the increasing incidence in all diseases considered to be the result of poor lifestyle choices. You will want to learn how this need not concern you because the answers are out there: we just have to know where to look, make choices and to change our attitudes.

I am, of course, deeply humbled if you are suffering a condition that originates from outside your control. I will never be able to fully appreciate the depths of your hardship. However, this event is for you if you share my belief that everyone's health can be improved if 'only' through their mental approach to it.

To get the most out of the event you must

  1. be prepared to accept responsiblity for your health - it is too important to to give this to someone else.
  2. be parepared to have your preconceptions challenged
  3. want to understand that only you can decide the right health solutions for you. You strive to be a perpetual student in your heatlh.

Some of the conclusions we will reach in our discusions will be evidenced by rigourous science. Some will be evidenced by what has happened to me. Some conclusions will remain conjecture, which you will accept knowing that when you travel places that people have not been before, there is no evidence of the journey that lies ahead. Furthermore, you will appreciate that living life is both an art and a science. We will discuss that this is something that eastern philosophies readily understand but western societies find more diffcult to grasp.

"Your talk was very inspirational and mind blowing. The amount of research and detail you have gone into is amazing." Louise McLean, Oct 2017

4. Ticket types

I passionately believe that any journey of personal change is

  1. hugely difficult
  2. easier, if your journey, and the commitments that you make, are shared.

There is also significant research that shows that the greatest success for the individual is when the environment and support around the individual changes too.

Therefore, in addition to tickets for single admissions, I would like to make it easier for you to come in a group of two or more by offering tickets at a 25% discount.

5. Event administration

A healthy drink will be provided.

Please be on time. We will start on time. I would not want you to miss anything.

Tickets will be limited so that I can make the event as relevant to you as possble. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Refunds are available, subject to deadlines. See FAQs below.

Ticket are transferrable to other attendees, but not to other dates. See FAQs below.

6. About me

On Christmas Eve 2015, aged 51, I received the news that everyone dreads: a cancer diagnosis. My dose was of a particularly nasty, aggressive and advanced kind. Having started in my prostate it had spread (metastasised) all over my skeleton. There were too many sites of cancer for the doctors to be able to quantify the number, so they didn't try.

With no cure possible, I was put on a palliative care (end of life) programme. I did not ask for statistics: I am not a statistic and I had enough gut feel for the odds. I reasoned that if I worked hard at it, harder than I have ever worked at a project in my life, then why couldn't I put claim to one of the 5 places in the 5% of people who survive (whatever that means) a death sentence. I just had to work harder than 95% of other people.

On 23rd June 2016, just 7 months after diagnosis, my medical team informed me that there was no evidence of disease (NED in the medical parlace) remaining in my body. Of course, I was delighted with the news, but I know how tricky cancer is to constrain. There is no room for complacency or slippage: every day I am working on maintaining the positive belief and total lifestyle overhaul that I believe will keep my disease under control.

I have left no stone unturned in a 27 month journey, keeping some less pallatable treatment options in reserve until the time necessitates. I have had to endure rounds of chemotherapy and hormone therapy. I am told I am chemically castrated. I have experimented with both the latest and most ancient thinking in holistic therapies for the mind, body and soul. I spend as much time measuring results as I spend on treatments & therapies. In an area requiring a bio-individualised approach, I have amassed my own evidence of which appoaches are effective in the control of my disease.

I still work and have become a more complete and content human than I ever was. Every day I live is better than the last. I was once apologetic about the angst that I subjected my family to, but now we all appreciate the life lessons that my condition has taught us.

My life purpose is now redefined: I am lucky enough to be able to view this self-imposed health challenge as a wonderful opportunity to reach out to others. I feel I have a duty to shake people out of their stupor. For most of us our state of health is largely our choice. And most of us have forgotten what it takes to make daily decisions and sacrifices to live a full and healthy life. It is simply too important to give the responsibility of our healthcare to others, yet most of us do. It is time to stop.

On 14th November 2017 I had my 23 month scan results. The good news continued with my oncologist informing me that there is still no evidence of disease (NED) in my bones or organs. These scans show a further improvement on my previous scans of 15 months ago.

On Christmas Eve 2017 I joined a tiny handful of people living in the UK. I became one of just 17,000 people, or 0.7% of the 2,500,000 individuals who are living with cancer, who pass their 2nd anniversary and enter their 3rd year living with stage 4 of the disease.

My new approach has transformed my total health. I have reached other significant health successes, including removing the need for high blood pressure medication. This is for the first time in 12 years.

Every day brings something new. By the time of our conversation together I am quite sure that there will be a new chapter to tell.

7. FAQs

What is the parking availability?

There is sufficient parking available on site.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

Please contact nick@thecancerjourneyman.co.uk

What's the refund policy?

The cost of your ticket(s) can be refunded up to 7 days in advance of the event. I am sorry that we are not able to refund after this date due to our need to incur costs on your behalf.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Please bring your ticket to the event as this with help should any error occur. Alternatively please have it available for viewing on your smartphone. We are not able to accept payment at the door unless by prior arrangement.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Please enter details, including email addresses of all attendees into the website at the time of booking. This is so that we can send reminders and other instructions before the day.

If you can not make it to the event your ticket can be transferred to another person, if

  • you give your persmission. Please ensure that your guest brings the printed ticket with them if possible. Alternatively have it available for viewing on their smartphone.
  • they give your name at the admissions door, as someone who has paid for a ticket in advance.

Your ticket is not transferrable to another date.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

Yes on condition that the above is fulfilled.

7. Disclaimer

I, Nick Parker, am not qualified to give medical advice. None of what I say or write should be considered as medical advice or a cure for a health condition. My opinions are my beliefs, sometimes backed with evidence of personal effect, sometimes with research conducted by third parties. Sometimes my opinion is hypothesis that I form as a means to move forward.

The nature of holistic health management is both an art and a science. In the pursuit of advancing the health conversation and the understanding of the human condition, this event will address the full continuum of belief, hope and evidence. The reader and event attendee accepts the limitations of science, systemic bias and evidence that this might entail.

It is the responsibility of the reader and event attendee, at all times, to decide what advice, information or opinion they wish to believe and then possibly put into action.

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Date and Time


Warham Reading Room

The Street



NR23 1NH

United Kingdom

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Refunds up to 7 days before event

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