LifeClubs 6-part video workshop series: Prepare for the summer

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On-demand video workshop series to help you live more, laugh more, play more and earn more

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Six webinars worth £100 full of hints, tips and six recipes from best-selling chef Jane Lovett

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With the onset of good weather, many of us are focused on getting into physical shape. But what about our mental health? How able are we really to enjoy the sunshine and make the most of the summer?

To help you extract all the fun and joy you can from the next few months, LifeClubs has picked six easy-to-use webinars that can be completed at home in as little as an hour. They will de-clutter and focus the mind in order to make way for all the potential happiness summer has to offer.

Each webinar is the equivalent to a one-to-one session with Nina Grunfeld, founder of LifeClubs, and is a fast and effective way to boost your mental and emotional well-being.

Each webinar will come with a hint or tip from Nina to make your summer even better (on topics like diet, exercise, self-esteem, motivation, organisation, balance) plus a healthy and delicious summer recipe from renowned cookery writer, Jane Lovett.

Get Going!

Fear, doubt and laziness can block our motivation and prevent us from staying on track to reach our goals. We all have a unique inner drive that keeps us motivated and this webinar will help you find it again. It will arm you with a motivational toolkit to get you going and start achieving what you want.

Energise Your Body

Most of us are so busy we forget how to listen to our bodies – until it’s too late and we fall ill. This webinar will help get your body motivated so you start to work in harmony with it and no longer feel sluggish or unfocussed. Develop an inspiring action plan to energise your body then watch it come to life and see your energy and productivity levels soar.

Is This What You Really Want?

So many of us act according to our habits but often we don’t realise they are diminishing our energy and productivity while sabotaging our self-worth and even our careers. This webinar will help you become conscious of your habitual behaviour and the patterns that are preventing you from reaching your goals and achieving a happier more successful life. Find out what you really want and break bad habits today.

Expand Your Mind

Without knowing it we tend to be limited by our assumptions and negative beliefs that seriously hold us back and prevent us from grabbing the opportunities that come our way. This webinar will make you aware of your subconscious assumptions and help you challenge them in order to inspire a shift in your thinking and a realisation that anything is possible.

Create a Winning Self-Image

Everyone knows that self-confidence and an assured style lead to success but how do we achieve them? This webinar will help you feel comfortable in your own skin and work from the outside in by demolishing body anxiety and dressing for success. It will inspire you and teach you how to present a more confident and positive front that will change the way you interact with the world.

Solve Your Problems Logically

We’d all love to wipe out our problems and be left with both time and energy and this webinar will help you do just that. Through thought-provoking questions it will help you identify solutions and take you through the key steps that will help you work through your problems, arming you with a methodology you can use again and again.

Buy now and the series of six webinars + extra hints and tips will be yours - once purchased you will be emailed a dropbox link within 3 working days to access the course. If you have any trouble accessing the course please contact hr@lifeclubs.co.uk.

This course is being sold for individuals only. If you're interested in using it in your organisation, please get in touch with ariene@lifeclubs.co.uk.

Do you have questions about Prepare for the summer video workshops? Contact LifeClubs

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Online Event

Refund Policy

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