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Freedom Works UK

LifeWorks Be Free Be A Leader, a 4-hour Coaching Session to explore and look at how to create a breakthrough for ourselves and each other in business/career/life so that our lives/businesses/careers work, we are free and we are leaders of our lives, careers and businesses, all at once, all in different and unique ways.

LifeWorks is Freedom Works UK's premier coaching and mentoring programme to help people realise their dreams in reality.

It is a 7-month journey into learning, developing, training, attempting, failing and achieving. It is an epic adventure into realising your dreams in reality, whatever they are.

We take a small group of committed people (3-10 participants) to help them to make their dreams come true in 7 months over 3 parts. Or deal with the prevailing conditions, ie issues and circumstances which prevents people from really doing what they want to do.

It starts with this 4-hour standalone coaching session.

In this session we will;

  • Get you to identify your passion and possible dream result/s or outcomes which would be a testament of that passion and dream being fulfilled
  • Identify issues and circumstances that limit you from making your dreams happen
  • Create a really useful and effective structure (foundation) to make it happen
  • Create a long-term plan
  • Give you some initial coaching into starting the journey with the best foot forward
  • We'll show you all the pitfalls and problems you will encounter should you wish to take on this journey
  • Work out and agree all the logistics’ of how we will make this happen with you
  • Then give you a choice of either taking it on fully with us as a committed group/team or leaving it for another day

Please work out what your long-term goal or what is the issue/circumstance that is stopping you from realising what you really want to happen in life, work or your business. What is your gold medal outcome for example if you are an Olympic athlete, what would be your gold medal outcome out of this process? What do you dream of?

It could be a specific result such as starting a new job or dealing with an issue which has been stopping you from fully living your life, permanently.

Please bring a notebook, a 2-ring folder and a pen. (For international attendees, you will get all the material emailed in advance of the session with instructions on exactly what to do).

Please bring your best game to the session.

This 4-hour coaching session is a stand-alone session on its own as well as the gateway to our long-term 7-month coaching programme. At the end of the session, you can make an informed choice if this course is for you or not.

We will ask you to make the decision then and there, not go away and think about it, and that way it is clean and very powerful for the people who take on the journey.

You will find that in taking on any challenge and winning, the only thing that matters is "Commitment". Without it, you will fail for sure. "Thinking about it" is a way of procrastinating, and procrastination never delivers anything other than fooling you into a false sense of security until your bubble burst. In our coaching programme, we only take on those who aim to win. Without committing you can’t win.

Once you make that decision, you will be fully supported to realise your aims and objectives fully, so you're not going it alone.

Dates: Saturday 28th April 13:00-17:00

Tuition Fee: £50

Address: Claremont Project, 24-27 White Lion Street, Angel, N1 9PD

For the full details of LifeWorks Be Free Be A Leader programme 7month's programme please visit:


For testimonials from clients and case studies: http://www.freedomworks.org.uk/testimonials/

Or Please read below:

LIfeWorks Be Free Be A Leader Programme Details:

This is a 7-month coaching programme in 3 parts;

Part 1 - Be Free - 10 sessions of 3-3.5 hour series of workshops to give you some fantastic tools to help you to deal effectively with all obstacles and make your life work and start to achieve results one step at a time.

Session #1 Date: Saturday 21st April 1.00pm-5.00pm

Session #2 - #10 Dates: To be confirmed by people committing to the course.

Part 2 - A Special Event About Freedom - 1-day workshop to get you to experience freedom from all issues and that is it actually possible for you to realise your dreams in reality.

Date: TBC 10.30am - 8.30pm (UK time)

Part 3 - Be A Leader programme - 4 sessions (day long) on a Saturday or a Sunday, each spread over 4 - 5 weeks apart, in all 4 months. To train you to provide leadership to yourself and others and realise a dream result.

Dates: Will be agreed with participants by the end of Be Free series. Times: 11.00am - 8.00pm

You will complete the programme by leading a graduate coaching session, in small groups, to an invited paying audience, where you will coach them from your experience of the programme and your results. When you can give away what you got, you will be able to keep it for yourself for the rest of your life.

From session 1 to the end we will have weekly group telephone calls to steady you and support you through any issue or circumstance that may get in your way and we will also have many one to one sessions.

If you have any question, please contact Ken Hettiarachi on 07736 392100 for an appointment to get any questions answered.

“Over the past 18- months the tools and techniques I have taken away from Freedom Works UK have given me a whole new outlook on life. The knowledge that I can reach my dreams has opened a new chapter in my life and career. Chris and Ken have afforded to that. One-to-one support sessions have proved inspiring in that they are quite simple subtle reinforcements of the Freedom Works themes. Recent upheavals have been handled so that I am able to manage these obstacles head-on. I have been inspired both personally and professionally. Chris and Ken have been supportive coaches, confidantes, listeners and challengers throughout the coaching process. I cannot imagine a relationship like this with any friend, relative or stranger.” Bayo

“Very experienced coaches and practical coaching. I had the pleasure of attending and accomplished their Freedom Workshops. Thanks to that I have gained lots of practical knowledge. Now as a workshop leader myself I am able to help more effectively people coming to my workshops. I would certainly recommend Freedom Works UK to anyone who wants to be a professional coach for other people.” Kris

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United Kingdom

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