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840 08 Naxos


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Dear family of light!

LIGHT BODY WILD NATURE is an awakening into the 5th dimension of consciousness - ‘the Eternal Origins’ -, a state of peace, bliss, love and joy; a quest for potential (ad infinitum) that inspires self-discovery and encourages self-development through individual and collective experience (also beyond physical).

The call to focus on individual potential and methods that master personal effort, it is very strong this year. Due to telepathic communication, I have decided to open a new doorway for direct Light Body experience and activation in nature, completely outdoors.

It is thought to be a Self-Mastery (3 Levels) Light Body Wild Nature retreat with the intention to awaken the so called subtle body, also to discover the tools that are necessary to keep it balanced (mind, body spirit) and deepen its awareness. who you are (= be member of your divine self), you step out of the instrumentality, into the ‘One state of Being’ and unlock the most psychedelic (in Greek: revealing the soul) doorways of the soul that is oneness with ‘Life=Soul’ experience; a new crystalline state of consciousness that expands beyond time and space into the ‘Zero Point’ of the photonic, primordial Womb = ‘eYe Am UNI-VERSE’

The first retreat, LIGHT BODY WILD NATURE (Level 1) takes place in the island of Amorgos, in Greeece. It is said to be an island related to the goddess Aphrodite and is known for the turquise and deep blue magnetic energy of the water.

Last year, I have hosted a 3 days retreat in Katapola, the mean port of Amorgos, and I have received this year the call to visit the island again, for its brilliant light and inter-galactic connection.

There are two camping facilities on the island, but I suggest you the local camping, where my friend Kostas will prepare daily healthy vegeterian or vegan meal (individual request) with biological and organic products, as there are two organic growers on the island and one of them is next door. Surrounded by beautiful flowers, the camping offers hot water (!) and big trees for our gatherings in the shadow, that will be needed for yoga, relaxation or energy work.

The Participation

My retreats are mostly unpredictable, which means of course, that there is a preselection of techniques, from those I have learned during my spiritual training and initiations, but I have the freedom to add spontaneously methods of practice anytime, if there will necessary for the participants.

There are no special requires, regarding the participation, except of an open heart and mind for new direct and indivudual experience, faith and silence. And of course, the most important of all: No expectations all.

Due to the high voltage of light fequencies that flow daily on this energetical island, it is very meaningful to keep the mind, heart and body as calm as possible and concentrated to the present moment, following correctly the istructions that will be given daily (during the retreat), as transformation of the sublte bodies will take place during the paractice; thus, the mind, heart and body need to be in silence (even by breaks), listening to the voice from within and observing the changes that will happen, so that the Light Body, by the end of the retreat, can really manifest its glow, in any form of beauty, confidence, happiness and inner peace.

A short biographical essay is required by the participants (by booking), which informs with very simple words about the individual path and the reasons of participation. If someone feels like to have a pre-preparation with vegetarian or (raw) vegan food (a week or month) before, that would be absolute wonderful!

During the 3 days retreat, it is allowed only a light diet, like raw vegan fruits and water; and only vegeterian or vegan meal as dinner, not later as 8PM. Night clubs visits and drinks are not allowed during the retreat (more details will be given by booking).

The Light Body

I am very aware, that I can not activate, the ‚light body‘, the luminous egg of the subtle body (aura) from one day to an other. Surely, it is scientifically proven, that with good will, the human metabolism of the body can create in 3 days a new molecular cell structure, by reprogramming completely the DNA.

And this is what is all about in my retreat. I am focusing on quantum healing and activation of the sublte energy bodies, which you will learn to do by your own, to be able to continue to cleanse and shine from inside out, every breath you take, even after the reatreat.

Theory will be included (if the participants won't be related to this subject at all), but I am not interested to feed you with information, that will be difficult to digest. My intention is to make you aware of your own potential and personal power - mental, emotional, even physical - through the activation of the vital energy (prana). The daily practice will soften the mind soften and will bring the intention in the heart, where all experience is saved, and will assist you as a valuable tool for individual development. True motivation comes with good will, and I will be present assisting and guiding you to feel deep, in the most magnificent essence of your being. The more you let go, the more you recieve.

Detailed schedule will be given by checking of your participation and booking. Information for any other kind of accommodation will be posted soon.

If you have any further questions, or you need more insights, please write me to or visit my website: Hyperphysis and facebook: Hyperphysis.

Costs: 390,- Euro / Students: 290,- Euro

Payments can be online or cash, before the retreat, or even one day before the retreat, if there a specific reason. Please contact me personaly.

Cancelations won't be acepted, only in case of heavy health, accident etc.

If someone would love to participate, but at the moment there are financial reasons, that won't make it possible, please contact me personally. There are always ways to make it happen.

Thank you for reading me.

I will be very glad to meet you, guide you and become an impulse for self-dicovery, personal effort and mastery of your individual path.

In love and light,


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840 08 Naxos


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