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Never before have members of the public been given such access to experience a snapshot of the toughest military course in the world - SAS Selection. Forget the TV shows you may have seen which have been heavily edited for viewer pleasure, TSFE will take you to the heart of UKSF Selection as they lift the lid on what it takes to pass such a gruelling course by sharing with you the fundamental aspects that make up the Selection course and produces soldiers considered to be the best in the world.

TSFE will take you on an exciting journey closer than ever before and putting you in the driving seat giving you the opportunity to experience the building blocks that make up the Continuation phase of UKSF Selection.

After your Para training you will parachute into an undisclosed location where you will be met by the awaiting Directing Staff (DS).

Over the five-day event you will take on a variety of elements that will test your agility, endurance and stamina whilst learning new skills and experiencing life lessons taught by those who were there.

Loadstone Continuation gives you a snapshot of the Continuation phase of UKSF Selection. Testing you to your limits and placing you in the thick of the action.

Loadstone Continuation - BLACK BAG

Within this edition each student will find themselves in a close knit 4-man team in their given sections. Each patrol member will be given roles which they will fine tune and operate together as one unit. You will learn a host of life skills and forge close friendships as you will have to go to the depths of your limitations both physically and mentally to overcome tasks, putting your trust in one another in a high-octane environment not experienced by civilians until now. The week will end in an all out Black Back Ops exercise which you will be part of a covert black ops team with high level tasking.

As part of the program you can expect the following.

  • Para training and Jump
  • Dems
  • Method of Entry (MOE)
  • Weapon handling CT weapons (Sig, MP5, Shotgun, flash bangs, smoke)
  • Ranges (Various long & short weapons)
  • Dems
  • Close Target Recce (CTR)
  • Immediate Action Drills (IA)
  • Caches
  • Covert Opations Ex
  • SERE

Those who have completed the Loadstone Aptitude series to a tiered medal level will receive the coveted Loadstone Selection Wings upon completion. All others who take on Loadstone Continuation as an independent event will receive a standalone award to commemorate their experience and celebrate the completion of what is set to be a tough and character-building event.


You can elect to complete the full event, or you can complete it without the Para training & jump. There's also an option to complete the Escape, Evasion & Tactical Questioning module (SERE) as a standalone two-day event.

Please note that there are only 24 places for the full ticket. They will be sold on a first come first serve basis. A non-refundable deposit will hold your place. There are also options for paying in instalments (1 x deposit then 6 x instalments) however the full ticket amount must be paid 4 weeks before the start of the event.

Please note that a non-refundable deposit can be made to secure your place

See ticket options for all ticket types and costs.

There are no refunds or transfers available on this event or any part of the payments made.

Parachute Jump Restrictions

You will find the self-declaration for the parachute element at the link below. Please be sure to read this prior to booking your ticket with us. You will need to sign this declaration at the event in order to take part in the Para element of the event. The BPA's regulations are very strict therefore please ensure you have read this document in full and are satisfied that you will be fit to jump. Please pay attention to the age and weight / height restrictions in place for which there are no exceptions.
The age limit is 18 - 55.
The minimum weight is 8 stone and the maximum is contained within the declaration and is dependent on your height.

Please click on the link below to view the declaration form.


If you have any doubt as to your ability to satisfy the requirements of this declaration or you feel you may have to refer to your GP or have any queries on any aspect of this, please contact us asap and we will forward the necessary information to you.

Please be aware that failure to disclose accurate information that could breach this declaration could result in your withdrawal from the Para element of the event and no refund would be given in these circumstances.

TSFE Loadstone Continuation

Only for those who dare...

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United Kingdom

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