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LONDON SHINE Meditation Workshop in Old Street, EC1

Lisa Bardell Coaching • Author of SHINE Brighter • Creator of The SHINE Program • Executive Coach • Clinical Hypnotherapist

Saturday, 16 January 2016 from 10:30 to 16:30 (GMT)

LONDON SHINE Meditation Workshop in Old Street, EC1

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Welcome the SHINE Meditation Workshop in Old Street, London. 

SHINE is a 'Daily Meditation, Relaxation & Self Coaching Programme' - a structured blend of applied Psychology and Mind-Body Science. I developed this approach after training as an Integrative Coach & Therapist and gaining accreditation as a Meditation Coach and successfully teaching over 1000 clients to meditate via sell out UK Group Workshops, my Meditation Retreats in Ibiza and Bordeaux and in my One to One Executive & Life Coaching private practices in London and Cheshire.

I have since created SHINE Meditation, developed organically based on my experience, my research, and from clients' responses to what worked for them and what helped them the most. I purposely designed SHINE Meditation to be taught easily over a couple of hours, to meet with client demands and feedback.

SHINE Meditation teaches you to access, and to nurture an optimal Brain - Heart - Body state called Psychophysiological Coherence, which you might also think of as a 'High Performance' or 'Flow' state. Whilst resting fully into the state of Psychophysiological Coherence, the body produces less of the stress hormone Cortisol, and more of the sister hormone DHEA, which by contrast is known as the 'Anti-aging and Vitality Hormone'

SHINE Meditation is currently being tested through a  'Statistical Evaluation and Validation 6 Week Programme' with over 100 people - results will be published at the end of February 2016.


Do you…

* Wish you had a remote control to turn your mind chatter off?

* Struggle to sleep due to your busy mind and anxious thoughts?

* Suffer with stress and find it difficult to juggle life’s challenges and demands?

* Find it difficult to take in and remember facts, figures and conversations?

* Constantly strive to fix or change your life, work or relationships in order to be happy?

* Feel like there’s got to be ‘more to life’, but just don’t know what it is?

* React to people or situations, in ways which you later regret?


Have you….

* Tried to meditate before but found it too boring or frustrating?

* Been under the impression you have to ‘control’ your thoughts in order to meditate?

* Become intrigued at all the new scientific evidence, which proves how Meditation and Mindfulness actually change the brain to REDUCE STRESS, improve EMOTIONAL WELLBEING, enhance COGNITIVE FUNCTION and accellerate HEALING?

* Been wondering where you can learn Meditation without having to take up yoga, sit in the lotus position, or adopt some new spiritual beliefs?

Then welcome to the SHINE  Meditation Technique,  it may well be just what you have been looking for! 

SHINE Meditation is a simple, easy to learn and fun way to enjoy improved Health, Happiness and Personal Success in daily life. It provides a practical technique that allows you to feel the benefits of:


* Letting go of constant mind chatter

* Worrying less

* De-stressing

* Restorative Sleep

* Energy & Vitality

* Improved Relationships

* Living more fully in the Present moment

* Ongoing Calm

* Inner Contentment

* Boosted Confidence

* Flourishing Creatively

* Enhanced Memory

* Productivity & Concentration

* Personal Performance to your Full Potential

* Shining Career Performance

The modern science which explains HOW the ancient practice of Meditation produces so many physical, emotional and cognitive changes is compelling. 

The documentary 'The Connection' is essential viewing ( ) for anyone who wants to understand Mind-Body Science more fully. This 1 hour documentary features leading Medical Directors, Professors of Medicine and Research Scientists explaining how Meditation produces the 'Relaxation Response' which is the physiological antidote to the 'Stress Response', and which allows healing, reverses disease, inhibits the expression of 'disease' genes and even reverses the ageing process of DNA.


The Shine Technique – Will include:


* A 2 minute ‘Morning Alignment Ritual’ to help set your intentions and stay on track for the day

* A 10 minute ‘Shine Morning Meditation’

* A 10 second ‘Bounce Back Technique’ to help during difficult moments

* A 2 minute ‘Evening Remedy Ritual’ to help you release the build up of the day

* A 10 minute ‘Remedy Energy Evening Meditation’


The Results – My one to one clients have reported:


* Feeling calmer throughout the day

* Getting in flow when performing or creating 

* Finding it easier to make decisions and commit to actions 

* Staying on track with their plans

* Concentrating for longer

* Getting less distracted by their thoughts and being more able to bring themselves back quicker if they do drift off

* Being more understanding in their personal relationships

* Getting less triggered by things which used to annoy them

* Letting go of stresses or arguments quicker 

* Sleeping better and for longer

* Feeling more vibrant and on the ball


For full client testimonials of my accredited Meditation Training & Coaching in other techniques go here:


Lisa Bardell is a fully accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, Executive Coach and Mind CALM Meditation Coach, trained personally by Sandy Newbigging and Phil Parker. Lisa runs private Therapy and Coaching practices in Cheshire and London, and Personal Development Workshops across the UK. Following a 16 year business career in fashion, with 6 years as a Senior Director, Lisa understands the personal, political and creative challenges of a fast paced, results driven environment. In re-designing her own life, she now helps others to develop and thrive in their chosen field and to reach their full potential as individuals and within their relationships -



“I started SHINE on the 1st January, and I am already noticing how much calmer and more grounded I feel in the rest of my life. I have a 4 and a 2 year old so you can imagine what chaos my house can be, but instead of getting exasperated or stressed I have been able to cope with most situations easily. Also I have noticed that my sleep is of a much better quality, so I am much less tired! Really enjoying SHINE and reading everyone else's comments! May our shining be a light in the darkness for others… I am fast becoming very passionate about the value of what you are doing here, and am over the moon to be part of it.”

Andrea – SHINE Statistical Trial Group

“Before the Christmas break I had been extremely stressed, mostly with work and felt like my head was going to explode. I was living in and through my thoughts and knew that if something didn't change there would be consequences. 
Yesterday was my first day back in work since I started SHINE, although I'd been working from home since Monday. I felt mildly anxious, but I did my ritual and meditation and almost felt as if I was floating on a cloud of serenity internally for the day. I was still me, but different. SHINE is a life saver and I feel it was serendipitous that I found you when I did. Thanks Lisa. Shining love and appreciation today.”

Carole – SHINE Statistical Trial Group

“I got off to a great start with my first day of SHINE Meditation. Your explanations were really clear, and I LOVE that you included steps 4 and 5, which explain that it's inevitable our attention will drift back up to our minds. The analogy of reverse Gravity is really helpful!
This is by far the best explanation I've heard, and has removed the frustration I used to have with myself when I become conscious that I have drifted off.
I'm so glad you offered this, and that I stepped up! Thank you and Happy 2016 to you.”

Mags – SHINE Statistical Trial Group

“I have suffered periodic anxiety attacks and tried many forms of relaxation and meditation to help with my problem.
I had really struggled to meditate on my own with other techniques. I found it difficult to understand some of the conceptual ideas, and they distracted me when practicing. 
After learning the SHINE technique with Lisa, I'm not having this problem at all. It is really simple yet powerful, and I'm really enjoying being able to meditate on my own without the need for guidance to settle in to it. 
I am wholeheartedly recommending Lisa's instruction and the SHINE Meditation Programme.”

Chris – Company Director, Cheshire

“Since learning the SHINE Meditation Technique with Lisa, the way I look at my life has altered. This simple daily technique has enabled me to find clarity, strength and confidence.
It has also allowed me to be much more aware of myself and my environment and to make more positive changes to benefit my inner and outer health. 
The way Lisa teaches this method makes it feel really simple, and straight away I knew what I was supposed to be doing, and was actually enjoying it. Working with Lisa has been such a life changing experience. The best part is I will have this technique for ever!”

Emma – Marketing Assistant, London

“Thanks for a fabulous SHINE coaching session. It exceeded all my expectations and was the perfect mix of mind-body science and practical application. 
Now I know how I'm gaining mastery over my brain activity and decreasing the impact of stress and anxiety on my body, it is a wonderful motivator.
Your style of teaching is warm and charming, and your sense of humour a perfect addition. I learn so much more effectively when I'm relaxed and having fun, and that is exactly what happened. I absorbed so much is a short space of time, both practical skills and knowledge, that I know will change my life for the better. 
I'm highly recommending SHINE to my friends and colleagues.”

Helen – Coach & Therapist, London


“SHINE Meditation with Lisa has transformed my life. Not only do I feel more calm and emotionally resilient, following an emotional wobble this summer, but I also have an increased sense of daily wellbeing, and I feel more centred and grounded in myself. 
Lisa is a fantastic and really thorough teacher. I can't praise her and her work more highly. 
The SHINE Programme has made a huge difference, and I'm happy to recommend it to anyone who is ready for a daily practice, and wants to boost their forward momentum and focus in life.”

Zara – Therapist, London

“I cannot begin to express how using this technique has enabled me to not only find peace, but find real joy.
I was at such a low point after a shocking diagnosis that I was struggling to pick myself up.
After using the SHINE Technique, the difference I noticed in myself was unbelievable!
I've learned how to stand away from my thoughts, and not to be dominated by them and by my emotions. The transformation is incredible, and I can't thank Lisa enough for helping me to discover a way of bringing light in to my life that I can tap in to on a daily basis. 
SHINE Meditation is simple but incredibly effective.”

Marion – Artist, Cheshire

“Learning SHINE Meditation was a transformative experience. It is clear that Lisa walks her talk, and lives wholeheartedly from what she is teaching, she radiates peace and presence. 
The techniques I learned helped me to see meditation in a different light, not as difficult or challenging, but something genuinely simple and life changing. 
I would highly recommend Lisa as a meditation teacher and coach.”

Alex – Hypnotherapist, London




"Lisa I'm not exaggerating when I say I have never experienced such a tangible, profound and focused inner experience as that achieved through your workshop. I was rendered serene, speechless and awed, not only by the experience, but by it's simplicity. You are undoubtably an excellent coach and have inspired me"
George - Stoke

"Thank you for an utterly mind blowing workshop Lisa. Everything resonated with me, and you explained it all so well. It was like a light bulb moment"
Martina - Stockport
"I really enjoyed the workshop and it totally exceeded my expectations. I loved it! Lisa was inspiring throughout, completely compelling and easy to listen to"
Tracy - Cheshire
"I felt eased in to meditation, Lisa answered all our questions in a way we could understand, and made meditation achievable, as it should be. I came away feeling so positive and excited. This is life changing. Thank you Lisa"
Jackie - Cheshire
"This has helped me experience a calmness I had never felt before. I didn't even know this kind of calm existed. Best of all I know I can tap in to it any time I want. I highly recommend Lisa as a coach and trainer"
Alan - Cheshire
"I struggled with stress for most of my life. Mind Calm brought a calm restfulness. I'm more assertive, and I highly recommend Mind Calm coaching with Lisa. It is life changing"
Lorraine - London
"I am less anxious. I no longer feel stress. I sleep well. Friends and family have noticed a difference"
Jan - Cheshire
"The workshop totally exceeded my expectations. The whole day was engaging. You made everything so clear. I really get it. Mind Calm is the way forward"
Sue - London
"This is the first type of meditation I really love doing. I felt the benefits immediately and know I will use this amazing tool for life"
Zoe - London
"Thank you for an amazing workshop and for introducing me to a simple yet effective life changing technique. The day was fun and inspiring"
Luanne - London
"If you're looking for a simple and effective meditation technique, taught in a down to earth, easy to understand way, then choose a workshop with Lisa Bardell. I have noticed I'm behaving more resourcefully in challenging situations, and thinking more creatively, all without trying. Highly recommended"
Michelle - London
"What a great workshop! I was engaged the whole time. Lisa is a great speaker and makes everyone feel comfortable, I can't wait til the next one"
Tiffany - London
"Mind Calm has given me the energy I need. I feel healthy again, I'm sleeping at night and have inner strength. The profoud techniques used in Lisa's coaching have given me practical, effective tools I can use to support myself"
Anne - Cheshire
"The technique we learnt on the day was so simple yet so effective. I feel more grounded in the here and now, more accepting. I'm more organised because I can think more clearly, I worry less and sleep better"
Sue - Stoke
"Lisa the workshop was great, your passion shines through and inspires confidence and trust"
Bev - London
"Lisa explained everything in such a way, it's the first time I've been truly in the zone"
Alex  - London
"I feel so different in myself, and can only recommend this. I feel calm and collected and this has given me so much more than anything I've ever tried before. I have learnt a technique which will allow me to reach my full potential"
Dean - Stoke 

"This was an extremely relaxed and friendly workshop, Lisa put everyone at ease"

Heidi - Cheshire


"Mind Calm is a technique for immediate calm, it worked straight away for everyone in the group"

Rose - Newcastle


"This makes meditation so much easier, I've struggled before. This was so enjoyable I will definitely be able to stick with this"

Dean - Stoke

"I've learnt I can feel peaceful even with my life being chaotic like it is at the moment"

Sarah - Birmingham


"Brilliant workshop, I really enjoyed it. I understand how this will be of value to me, I admit I was sceptical before"

Rob - London


"What a professional and engaging workshop. The material provides an extremely useful way of thinking and approaching life"

Susan - Cheshire


"Very professional, yet informal and good fun. Inspiring delivery and very clear"

Barbara - Stoke


"A fantastic workshop. It was really clear, great structure, well presented and very interesting too. I'm excited to apply the techniques in my daily life"

Lisa - Manchester

When & Where

90 Central Street

EC1V 8AJ London
United Kingdom

Saturday, 16 January 2016 from 10:30 to 16:30 (GMT)

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Lisa Bardell Coaching • Author of SHINE Brighter • Creator of The SHINE Program • Executive Coach • Clinical Hypnotherapist

Lisa Bardell is an accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, Executive Coach, Life Coach and creator of The SHINE Meditation & Coaching Program - she is also the Damsels in Success director for the Manchester group coaching community.

Lisa's book Shine Brighter, The 10 Essential Mindset Shifts for Less Stress and More Success will be avaialble on Amazon in summer 2017

Lisa offers...


  • Integrative Therapy & Coaching sessions from private practices in London & Cheshire
  • Regular SHINE Meditation & Personal Development Workshops all over the UK
  • The SHINE Program in an online training
  • Retreats & VIP Coaching days in the UK
  • Executive Coaching
  • Meditation Retreats in beautiful settings in Bordeaux & Ibiza
  • Group Coaching for Soulful Women through the Damsels in Success Membership Program


Information & Enquiries:

E-mail -

Telephone - 44 (0) 7977 121260

Website -


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