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Crowne Plaza London - Battersea

Bridges Wharf


SW11 3BE

United Kingdom

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Ignored by the media?

Is your brand or company not getting the exposure it deserves? Are you not reaching your ideal clients?
Make your brand a success story with our monthly networking events where you can pitch your ideas to our panellists. Learn what approach best suits your PR needs. How to get publicity for yourself or your business and how to get media attention. Whether that is online, TV or print!
Connect with Brand Journalists and learn how to be featured in the media and get the coverage your brand deserves! Become the dynamic entrepreneur that journalists crave to meet and increase your exposure and visibility!

Our panellists offer a wealth of knowledge and specialise in Branding, business structuring, advertising, digital marketing and strategic thinking. They will provide pragmatic and easy to follow advice on how to raise your media profile straight away.


With every event comes a different set of panelists, each with their own field of expertise and knowledge. Browse over their bio’s below for more information on each one. We recommend that you have your questions ready for them on the day of the event. Doing so will ensure you get relevant feedback which you can put into practice straight away.

Philip Chan

Philip Chan has been a successful teacher for over forty years and he has extensive experience in teaching at all levels of expertise. This ranges from Primary School level through to High Schools, plus College Students, as well as Adult Education. Philip has conducted hundreds of mathematics workshops working with children and their parents together. Over a number of years using his vast skills mentoring trainee teachers to empower them in the classroom and workshops using his fun and unique techniques, to create excitement and confidence in an instant.

Many of his students have successfully gone on to some of the leading universities such as Oxford and Cambridge to gain their Ph D and First Class Honours Degrees, as well as a number of his student becoming top leaders and appointed to senior positions in both business and education.

Philip is a qualified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner working with groups and individuals on personal development. Philip is a former Elite Sports Performance Coach and has helped many athletes progress to competing at National, International and Olympic standards.

He has been successfully working and mentoring some of the top Executives from UK Blue Chip companies and helped several Global Billion Dollar companies with their expansion plans and development over a number of years.

For more than forty years, Philip has been involved in fund raising for a number of charities, including UNICEF, Shelter, Oxfam, YMCA and many others by giving informative talks on subjects like : Stress Management; Prevention and Recovery from serious illnesses, such as cancer, without the use of drugs. Other talks include Relaxation Techniques and Memory Training in preparation for academic examinations. All donations go directly to the charities concerned.

Philip is also a motivational speaker and has enriched the lives of countless people in achieving their goals and dreams. Currently he is working with a number of the world’s top business coaches from the UK, Canada, USA, South Africa and Australia plus other countries to develop businesses for mutual benefit.

He is a Double Amazing Best Selling author, one of the few authors in the world to have two books going to Number One in two consecutive months in UK and Australia simultaneously.

He is an International Winning Award Radio Hosts in over 35 countries in the world.

His goal and dream is to inspire the next generations to develop a positive attitude for learning in all subjects and empower them in the joy of learning, discovery and raising their self-beliefs for greater achievement.

Mariana Nani

Founder of Radio W.O.R.K.S. World- Broadcasting and Red Carpet Experiences, Make the News- Gala Events Worldwide, The Quantum of Light- Magazine for Authors and Author-to-be and Sovereign- Magazine for Heart Centered Entrepreneurs, Marina Nani is seen by others as an accomplished writer, but she sees herself as the GOOD NEWS CHANNEL.

WHY NOT! person, Marina Nani focus on delivering your unique content to a wide, receptive audience, to make the world a better place.

When she retired in 2012, she was fifty one years old and went away from home on a 1000 days book tour that turned to be a journey into serendipity. When Marina returned to London, she created an exceptional platform for story tellers, and in no time, the global family of Genius Farmers who gather together at Radio W.O.R.K.S. World to plant the seeds of Inner Greatness, is now the beginning of a new wave of Emotional Intelligence, The STARDUST Movement.

From where Marina Nani stands, the only story that matters is the story you tell yourself when nobody is listening. Her team of world class authors and speakers help you embrace your truth and endorse your own Vision, share your un- told story, discover your true worth, becoming your own spokesperson.

Being seen on the cover of magazines, being heard on radio and TV shows, being present on the red carpet, are just small hinges to swing big doors, the kind of doors that once open, they never close again: the doors to your own heart.

Is this for me?

If you are the entrepreneur looking to build a loyal customer base with no budget for advertising but a huge desire to succeed, then yes! If you want to learn how to pitch your story to media outlets globally and be taken seriously, then yes! If you want excellent advice at a fraction of the price you should pay, then yes!

Speak On Stage!

As with all Make The News events, all attendees will have the opportunity to share their story on stagefor up to 2 minutes. Please note we do not want a sales pitch, we want your story!

Professional Portraits

All attendees will have the opportunity to have professional portraits done on the red carpet so make sure you are dressed for it!

Diamond VIP

VIP Ticket holders will have the opportunity to speak on stage for a longer period!

All speeches will be recorded and made available to view online after the event as will all photos and portraits, use them to help your personal brand excel!

Dress Code

All our events are red carpet experiences so please attend in Black Tie attire.

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Date and Time


Crowne Plaza London - Battersea

Bridges Wharf


SW11 3BE

United Kingdom

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