Make your idea happen: Autumn 2017

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Learn from the Crowdfunder experts in this FREE online workshop series.

If you're considering crowdfunding but don't know where to start, this is an opportunity to learn how to make it work for you. Get the advice you need to start raising money for your idea.

This series of online workshops is broken down into three parts, one for each of the key topics. It's suitable for anyone who is thinking about crowdfunding, from charities to social enterprises, sports clubs and community groups. Our team of crowdfunding experts will share their insider knowledge and expertise.

Part 1 - Planning @ 12.00pm Thursday 26th October
Part 2 - Creating @ 12.00pm Thursday 2nd November
Part 3 - Running @ 12.00pm Thursday 9th November

What's involved?

Each of the three online workshop is broadcast LIVE via YouTube from Crowdfunder HQ, hosted by Bertie Herrtage. Simply click one of links detailed below to join the session. You do not need a YouTube account to do this.

If you miss one of the live sessions, don't worry - you'll be able to watch it back in your own time by clicking the same link. (We know that our Crowdfunders have busy schedules, so all of our online workshops are recorded!)

For the full lowdown we recommend joining all three sessions, but you can choose to watch just one or two of them if you'd prefer.

Downloadable guides

There is a short PDF guide related to each of the three key topics.

It's a good idea to download and read through each guide before joining the online workshop. Using the guides and advice in the webinars, you'll be confident in planning, creating and running your own Crowdfunder project.

Online workshops

Part 1 - Planning your project

LIVE on YouTube @ 12.00pm Thursday 26th October

In this introductory session, we'll focus on the fundamentals of rewards based crowdfunding. Our experts, Sami and Bertie, will show you how to start planning your Crowdfunder project and building a strong foundation for your campaign.

We will also be joined by a successful project owner, who'll share their experiences after raising money with Crowdfunder.

Join the live webinar session or watch it back later to get set for success.

Download Part 1

Part 2 - Creating your project

LIVE on YouTube @ 12.00pm Thursday 2nd November

Find out how to make the perfect Crowdfunder project with expert tips on making your page shine. Our crowdfunding coaches will reveal their favourite succesful campaigns and inspirational ideas. We'll focus telling your story and rewarding your supporters. Let's make your page stand out to the Crowd!

We will also be joined by another successful project, who'll share their advice on building the perfect page after raising funds with Crowdfunder.

Join the live webinar session or watch it back later for the inside scoop on making your page stand out.

Download Part 2

Part 3 - Running your project

LIVE on YouTube @ 12.00pm Thursday 9th November

In part three we'll be getting launch ready. Our crowdfunding pros will be introducing the fundamental and proven strategies for success, with practical advice on promoting your project. We'll then take a detailed look at two of the biggest drivers: email and social media.

We will also be joined by a third successul project, who'll share their top tips after smashing through their target on Crowdfunder Join the live webinar session or watch it back later for our top tips on connecting with your Crowd.

Download Part 3

Raising money for ideas

Thousands of people have used Crowdfunder to raise the funds they need to make things happen.

Ideas come in all shapes and sizes, raising anything from £200 to over £2.5million.

You might be working on your own. It might be something we’ve never seen before. You can raise money through donations or by offering rewards, or with community shares.

That's the beauty of crowdfunding.

Start crowdfunding

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