Making (some) sense

Making (some) sense

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    Online event

    Join us to make (some) sense together on the questions and quandaries that we are butting up against at work

    About this event

    Join us to explore the fun, rewarding and often confusing and frustrating reality of work. We tend to make sense of this by ourselves, but doing this with others can shift perspective, deepen connection and build awareness and yet for many reasons, it is all too easy to avoid.

    We thought we'd start by exploring what stops us from talking about the daily frustrations and possibly stuck patterns in our working lives... Busy-ness? Fatigue? Anxiety? Fear? Power? Apathy? There are so many reasons! Is it useful to be aware of these dynamics, and with awareness, think about what might we do to make our experience of work better.

    We hope this initial conversation will start to identify what gets in the way, and then we can explore some of these themes more explicitly in our future conversations.

    Who is this for?

    Simply, this is for anyone who is curious to explore their experiences of work and life with others.

    We often work with leaders in organisations, but our understanding of leadership is fairly broad, and we believe everyone experiences these challenges in some way shape or form.

    Who is hosting the call?

    Jo Wood and Megan Taylor. We have worked together at RISE for 6 years and both have a keen interest in looking at how we do our type of work differently. We work with these types of themes in our work with clients and within our community of practice. We hope to host a conversation that is interesting and engaging, rather than presenting ourselves as experts with all the answers (spoiler alert... we don't have them, and they probably don't exist!)

    Who the heck are RISE?

    We are a community of independent consultants, curious about working with people and organisations differently. We're critical, progressive thinkers, constantly exploring and developing new approaches together. You can peruse our website here, or find us on LinkedIn here.

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