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Bridgend College Pencoed Campus


CF35 5LG

United Kingdom

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Malpeet K9 Biathlon

Saturday 24 June

Bridgend College, Pencoed Campus, CF35 5LG, Wales



Please read the information below carefully


 The Registration Desk will be open between 9.00-9.30am to sign in and collect your runners bib. The number on your bib will indicate your place in the race

 You will be given an estimated starting time. Ensure you are at the course start at least 15 minutes before your allocated start time

 Be aware of your immediate environment and be careful to look where you are walking/running at all times

 Participants and spectators are advised not to approach, touch or pet any dogs at any time as they may be excited and may bite

 There are water obstacles, it may be raining, and there may be soft muddy, slippery and uneven surfaces in places, so please ensure you bring and wear suitable clothing and footwear

 It will be advisable to have a change of clothing for after the race

 You are advised not to bring valuables, e.g. mobile phones, on to the course

 The organisers will not accept responsibility for any loss and/or damage to personal belongings

 Showers will be available for owner and washing facilities for dogs

 Food and drink will be available to purchase for owners and spectators

 Water troughs are available for dogs at various points of the course

 Prizes and trophies will be presented on completion of the event by all participants

 There will be plenty of free time for spectators to visit the stalls and exhibitors


The course is comprised with over 25 obstacles, covering 3.5 miles for both owner and dog. This will be a timed event with penalties. The course will be challenging to both you and your canine partner. If you and your dog aren’t in running shape, you need to start getting your feet and paws on the pavement. Start out in half-mile increments and try to work your way up to 3 miles within four weeks. Your dog should be comfortable jumping, climbing, crawling over/under objects and obstacles.

The day of the race - if you normally feed your dog in the morning, your dog should not have eaten less than two hours before the event, preferably four hours.

Race Rules

 Follow Steward directions to designated areas, parking, registration etc

 Registration will start at 9.00am

 A pre race brief will start at 9.30am

 The race will begin at 10.00

 Participant start times will be staggered by 2 minutes

 Each obstacle is set up for both the handler and dog

 If while in the course you approach a slower runner, call out ‘runner approaching on the left or right’, the slower runner must yield to faster runner

 Whilst running the course pay attention to Steward instruction/directions

 The handler and dog must complete each obstacle to receive zero penalties (the dog may be carried with no penalty)

 The handler will run the course with their dog wearing either a harness or a flat collar attached to a leash

 Slip leads, check chains, half chains, pinch or electric collars are not permitted

 If at any time a Steward feels a contestant, dog or pair is out of control, behaving inappropriately, or presents a safety risk, they may be disqualified

 A handler may ask a judge for directions at any point along the course, but keep in mind the clock will run continuously until you have both crossed the finish line. Time will not be stopped unless for an emergency

 If you or your dog becomes injured at any point, you are responsible for notifying the nearest Steward and informing them you cannot continue. You will be directed to First Aid for either you or your dog

 Should either you or your dog require further medical attention, you will be directed to the nearest hospital or vet. In the case of an emergency an ambulance or vet will be called to the site

 There are water obstacles in this course. They are a maximum of 3 ft deep. If you or your dog cannot swim or have any issues with water, please notify the Steward so extra attention can be allocated at the water obstacle

 The end of the course will require some basic obedience, sit, down, stay down for two minutes

 Please be mindful of your dog’s temperament around other dogs. They must be wearing either a harness or a flat collar attached to a leash at all times. No slip leads, check chains, half chains, pinch or electric collars


 There are 25+ over, under, through and water obstacles which have been risk assessed

 Prior to the commencement of the event they will be further subject of scrutiny for any damage which has the potential to cause injury, and further checked by the Stewards during the event, in which case any such obstacle will be removed from the race


 Minor – A pair has up to 3 opportunities to complete an obstacle. If after 3 attempts the pair is unsuccessful, then the pair will move onto the next obstacle with a penalty of 3:00 minutes

 Major – If a pair has failed to complete an obstacle after 3 attempts but wishes to try again, they MUST give way to any pair waiting to take their turn. Failure to move aside and blocking another pair will result in a penalty of an extra 5:00 minutes in addition to the original 3:00 minute penalty for not completing the obstacle

 Major – If a pair cannot or chooses not to attempt an obstacle for any reason, they will be allowed to bypass that obstacle with a penalty of 5:00 minutes

 Major – if a pair is hesitating whether to attempt an obstacle, they MUST move aside for any waiting pair. Failure to move aside and blocking another pair will result in a penalty of an extra 5:00 minutes in addition to the original 5:00 minute penalty if the obstacle is eventually refused

 Major – if a pair are seen by a Steward cutting corners and not following the route directed, a penalty of 5:00 minutes will be incurred

 Major – if your dog takes a toilet break during the race, you must inform the nearest Steward for it to be removed. Failure to inform a Steward will result in a penalty of 5:00 minutes

 Disqualification – A pair can be disqualified and removed from the course for any serious safety violation a Steward deems inappropriate during the completion of the course

Obedience Test

On completion of the run section, pairs will go straight into the main arena for the obedience test as follows:

The examiner will instruct the handler to command the dog to. This is under the command of the handler only. No physical assistance can be used but treats can be given.

 Sit – non compliance = 1:00 min penalty

 Down – non compliance = 1:00 min penalty

 Stay for 2 mins – non compliance = 1:00 min penalty

Award Categories

 Overall Champion Top Dog

 2nd & 3rd place runner up

 Happiest dog

 All participants will receive a rosette

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Date and Time


Bridgend College Pencoed Campus


CF35 5LG

United Kingdom

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