Managing your Mindset– The Science of Happiness

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Malmaison Manchester

1-3 Piccadilly


M1 3AQ

United Kingdom

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A fantastic day learning what self-doubt is all about.

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In this workshop, Psychologist Geraldine Shiels will share with you the three most important things you need to know about how to take control of your mindset and how your brain operates, so that you can find peace & happiness in your everyday life. 

The ideas she will present to you are drawn from the latest research from the fields of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and the Science of Happiness. 

She has done the hard work - so you don't have to! 

This course offers you a unique opportunity to make 2020 the beginning of something amazing and is a powerful combination of teaching, insights and practical tips you can use immediately.

Come and learn what goes on with your thinking, because changing your thinking will change your life.

The exciting news is that you have the Power to upgrade the quality of any area of your life you Choose; business, health and fitness, personal, relationships, anxiety, overthinking and so on.

The discovery that human beings can change their lives by changing their thoughts is the most outstanding revelation of our time. It allows you to understand your mindset. It is funny that people will never use their old, out of date phone, but they will use their old out of date thinking!

Everything begins with your thoughts.

It really is that simple.

* Do you understand your thoughts?

* Your habits of thinking?

* Your patterns of thinking?

* Can you identify your limiting beliefs which hold you back from seeing your true potential in relationships, work or your dream goals?

Until you do ... nothing else will change your life.

Do you happily update your phone software without question.

You just trust Apple (or whoever) to know how to get rid of bugs that disrupt your experience.

(Software Update - you just click accept : )

Is it time for your own software update?

It is puzzling to me as a Transformational Life coach how many people simply have the same patterns of thinking repeating for year after year and yet they still expect their lives to change.

Life is simply about Choices.

* Will you Choose to make the same New Years Resolutions.

*Will you Choose to rely on willpower to maintain those New Year dreams which ultimately fail

OR are you..

* Willing to Choose to kick start your 2020 Year with a brilliant Seminar/workshop about what is really going on in that head of yours.

*Are you ready to be inspired? to be uplifted? to have some new clarity?

* to mix with people who are evolving into their best life? To laugh a lot?

You may have noticed that those that understand the power of their thinking generally offer no apologies for their great lives to people who do not make any effort to understand their own thinking.

It is important to pay careful attention to your state of mind, because you will reap what you sow, whether you are aware of what seeds you are planting or not.

It is true that some people don’t want to even examine their old programming or their repetitive thoughts and limiting beliefs and they think their current reality is permanent ..... but you won’t meet any of those people at this workshop because they don’t attend. They are found to be usually spending their income on materialistic things, searching for fulfilment and happiness, which in the long run doesn’t make them happy.

Who could you be if you invest in you?

When did you last invest in updating your thinking style?

This seminar will be a brilliant investment and you have my guarantee and absolute promise that you will leave with new insights, new ways of looking at the world, inspired, and you will feel excited about the new life which you can Choose.

In 2021 who will you be if you make this Choice now?

Are you ready to begin a new wonderful transformation with Geraldine Shiels.

"In any moment a decision you make can change the course of your life forever. Choose now, Choose well." Anthony Robbins

Who is Geraldine Shiels

For the last 40 years I have been passionate about teaching people how to be the best version of themselves. I am a powerfully qualified Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Transformational Psychology Life Coach, Mentor, Teacher and Trainer (and soon to be published author) and parent.

As mentioned above, I notice that people will NEVER use their old out of date phone but they will use their old out of date thinking because they do not know where to update their brain. You can begin to update yours here.

University degrees:

* A Teaching Degree (BEd 2:1 hons) University of Manchester.

* Master of Science (MSc) awarded with Distinction in Psychology and Counselling (2006: MMU)

* Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Positive Psychology and Psychology Coaching (University of East London: 2017)

I am an expert in communication and have the highest qualification in Neuro Linguistic Programming which is the same communication technology used by Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, Anthony Robbins and Bill Gates use? (and hundreds of thousands of others).

* I am a fully qualified Practitioner, Master Practitioner and International Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP.

* I am also a Practitioner, Master Practitioner and International Trainer of Hypnotherapy.

* I am a Practitioner and Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®.

* I am a Certified Teacher of Mindfulness and Meditation. (2017)

* My background is in Education and I spent 20 years as a Teacher, Head of Department and Upper School Pastoral coordinator - focusing predominately on Pastoral care and emotional health, mixing with thousands of students, colleagues and parents, curiously observing humans. This led me to psychology.

* I have also run my own businesses for 15 years.

* I am a therapist, a counsellor, a psycholgy coach, a mentor and I run workshops and in-service trainings for Teachers and Therapists, I am a motivational speaker, a mother of 4 sons and I am physically fit and I positively walk my talk.

What are they saying about Geraldine Shiels?

"From the moment I met Geraldine she sparked something in me that has transformed my life. I'll be forever grateful" R.B Liverpool

"A breath-taking, life changing experience. What a women! absolutely inspiring" P.R Manchester

"A clear, knowledgeable presenter who is engaging and obviously walks her talk" E.T. Rochdale

"Such a breath of fresh air, Geraldine is confident, upbeat and she teaches like nothing I've encountered before. She has changed my life" D.B. Stockport

"Working with Geraldine has given me the insight and ability to change my behaviour in a way I never thought possible" B.Y. Macclesfield

"I noticed so many positive changes happen in my life, from getting a new job to just feeling generally happier. Other people noticed too" J.N Timperley

"Geraldine gave me a lot of insight into the issues in my life that were hindering me for so long. She enabled me to make considerable changes to my behaviour by changing my thoughts which has led to me feeling so much happier. Gratitude to you Geraldine" A-M L London

"Geraldine clearly puts a lot of thought into her sessions and when she says she can help, it's true. She can and does. My life has changed for the better in the most positive ways and I am equally hugely proud of myself (and I know she would approve of that!) RFJ Middleton

"I was nervous attending in case there was all those ice-breaker activities which I hate, but she was straight to the teaching and I loved it" K.F Manchester

"I would pay double for Geraldine's expertise and I continue to learn from her wisdom and knowledge" A. M. Didsbury

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Date and Time


Malmaison Manchester

1-3 Piccadilly


M1 3AQ

United Kingdom

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