Massage Therapist for Staff @ Frederick Street Health Village

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Aberdeen Community Health and Care Village

50 Frederick Street

Inerview Room Green Zone, Carers Point Interview Room

Aberdeen, Scotland AB24 5HY

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Lucy a massage therapist who was part of the Health Village health fair will now be available on a weekly basis at Frederick Sreet Health Village. Sessions are broken down to 15 minute sessions to fit in with your working day. Just 15 minutes of deep relaxation is enough to energise your mind, body and soul. It significantly reduces stress levels and can ease aches and pains. You can double or triple up your session by booking block sessions.

Any problems booking please email

PLEASE NOTE WHERE YOUR TREATMENT ROOM IS and turn up sharp for appointments. Pay therapist before treatment commences.


Wednesday 7th June, Wednesday 21st June, Wednesday 19th July, Wednesday 26th July


Friday 16th June, Monday 26th June, Monday 3rd July, Monday 31st July


Its very easy to cancel your appointment. Just sign in to eventbrite, click on your ticket and click cancel. Please give as much notice as possible to allow someone else to take your place


INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE This is perfect for a 15minute treatment as you keep your clothes on yet it covers your upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp and finishes off with accupressure on the face. It truly is the best way to relax your mind, body and soul. Indian Head Massage helps increase mobility and flexibility in the neck and shoulders. It improves blood circulation, lymphatic flow and aids elimination of toxins and is particularly good for reducing the effects of stress and tension. Fantastic treatment

SWEDISH MASSAGE/AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE helps to loosen tight muscles, can help loosen stiff joints and ease pain. It increases blood flow so helps improve circulation and also helps with respiration. Increasing oxygen levels in the body. Aromatherapy uses essential oils specially blended for deeper healing benefits whether it be mood enhancers, to relieve aches and pains, energise you or calm you down there is an essential oil for everything. Both of these massages can be applied to specific areas. Just the upper back, neck and shoulders, lower back, legs or hands. You can decide where ever you feel tension and pain.

LYMPHATIC FACIAL MASSAGE helps relieve blocked sinus's and reduces puffiness around face and eyes.

PREGNANCY MASSAGE helps reduce uncomfortable symptoms that are caused by the pregnancy. Lymphatic drainage is incorporated into treatment as mums to be hold onto to extra fluid and the circulation may not be so good. It boosts the circulation which helps deliver more oxygen to the baby. It's relaxing and helps with anxiety/depression. This goes very well with reiki.

REIKI EXPLAINED MY WAY. Often when you read about it the words 'love and light and energy' are used. That's great if your into reiki. Not so good if you want help in feeling better and have no understanding of Reiki

It is impossible to describe Reiki. Even once you've received reiki treatments you can't describe it. This is why a lot of people are unsure if it works or not if they've never tried it. It doesn't help that no one can find the words to describe it. Sometimes when it works or you get results people think it's by coincidence that things change, whether pain has eased or you feel a weight off your mind. I'm happy with coincidences. They happen a lot these days.

So the first thing you want to know is....


Relaxed is the most obvious feeling with reiki. Within 3-5 minutes your breathing becomes deep like your sleeping but you still hear everything around you. I believe you fall into a state of meditation that you can't nessesarily achieve on your own. This helps to clear your mind and relax certain muscle aches and in turn relieve pain.

The second thing you feel with reiki is heat. Especially on the problem area. This is energy. the warmth keeps everything relaxed but also starts to work on problems. You don't feel anything moving or changing. There is no miracle to be felt. Just the warmth from my hands (that are usually pretty cold) and the relaxed feeling where your almost asleep.


All I do is place my hands on your body. I start from your head and slowly work down towards your feet. I cover your chakras and I work on the problem areas.

(A little something on a familiar chakra or 2.....when your sad you get a sore throat. That's a chakra. When your nervous you get butterflies in your tummy. That's another chakra. It's that simple.) I will do more info on chakras another time

I just place my hands on your head or other areas and hold them there for 2-5 minutes. I also go into a relaxed state of meditation with you and I'm very content in that frame of mind.

One client had a lot going on. She was stressed and also had a lot of sore ailments. Now I didn't cure her in anyway and I will never cure her but I do give her much needed relief from time to time. It's just that she explained how she felt afterwards so perfectly.

Her words were....' It's like someone has separated my body from my mind, sorted them out and put them back together again. It's like nothing matters and I feel nothing.

Those are probably the best words ever to describe Reiki. There are no thrills. There are no miracles. You don't have to believe or be religious. Reiki is honest kind energy that we are surrounded by every second of our lives.

Everyone has the ability to heal and be healed.

Reiki and massage really compliment each other well. I use different combinations for certain problems.

A quick note. Reiki is suitable for everyone. From babies to adults. However the youngest age I do reiki on is 5 and the parent must be present. Babies are best to have reiki from their mums.

I will be teaching reiki 1 later this year. It's very simple to learn and the benefits are fantastic.

I hope I've helped a little bit in understanding Reiki. If it was easy to understand we would all be using reiki. It's our lack of understanding that's holding us back.

The sessions are bookable in 15 minute slots. If you wish to book for 30minutes , then please book 2 x 15 minute sessions and so on.

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Date and Time


Aberdeen Community Health and Care Village

50 Frederick Street

Inerview Room Green Zone, Carers Point Interview Room

Aberdeen, Scotland AB24 5HY

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