Master your Body and Tap into your Superhuman Ability
£16.52 – £85.55
Master your Body and Tap into your Superhuman Ability

Master your Body and Tap into your Superhuman Ability

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Date and Time

The Gym group

725 - 731 lordship lane

Wood Green


M22 5JX

United Kingdom

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Master Your Body and Tap into your Superhuman Ability

In this talk you will get tools to

· Discover what’s holding you body back

· Unleash flexibility

· Reveal the true cause of chronicl fatigue

· Discover common pitfalls in the exercise world

· Supercharge your sleep

· Reveal secret steps to nutrition success

· Discover how to fall in love with the process of achieving your goals

· Reveal the 7 rules of goal setting

Don’t miss out get your ticket now.

Who does this help?

People who We have helped have suffered with some or even all of these problems below book now to find out how these tools helped them overcome their issues to become better versions of them self and tap in to their superhuman abilities.

- do you suffer with low energy?

- do you have Inability to handle work and home life well simultaneously?

- is your relationship with your other half more like one of a flat mate?

- are you struggling to keep up pace at work like they used too?

- are you struggling to keep up with your kids?

- has your health declined?

- are certain positions while sitting and standing become uncomfortable that used to be fine

- are you unable to organise your goals and prioritise action to move on? (this caused some business owners to fail at delegating power to staff and kept them as a slave to their own business)

Virgis Silinskas North London’s Top Body transformation Coach will be teaming up with Christian Thomson World champion 2011 & 5x British kickboxing champion to talk about controlling environmental stimulus, mastering mind set and much more that will not only create optimal health but super charge body composition and athletic performance.

Virgis Silinskas

"I remember fitness played big role in my life. I have always been active and it boosted my confidence, self-image and kept me out of trouble to some degree; I felt I can do anything.

As it goes you only start to appreciate something and develop meaning when you lose it all. When I was 16 years old, I suffered major injury, had fractured my spine and needed head surgery. This was true test. It challenged me to my limits. All my fitness and strength was gone and it took years to get where I am now.

I feel stronger than ever before and this experience changed me forever. Health and fitness saved my life and made me who I am today. I realize that the right positive mind set and hard work can get you where you want in life.

Now I’m in position to teach my perspective of fitness and health and how it can impact your life too. I set out to change the world one body at a time. I believe everyone has ability to transform and have better future in all aspects of their lives. As a coach I have proven this again and again with countless people over the years."

Christian Thomson

"Over the years I have had to travel a long hard road, there have been many struggles in my quest to better myself and many hard lessons of lose pain and regret. I achieved my goal to become a world champion kickboxer, then unfortunately had to retiring due to a reoccurring injury which spurred me on to dedicated my time to learning all I could to help others achieve their goals and find answers to the frustrations I experienced. It was a difficult journey and I took a few wrong turns along the way. I made some sacrifices, some needed and other that could have been avoided. I know what it takes to succeed and perform at a high level and what mistakes can be avoided along that road. I use the experience I’ve gained from working with some of the world's top minds in neurology, nutrition, psychology and physical movement to help make it an easier road for everyday people to follow. I truly believe that inside everyone there is a spark of greatness that’s waiting to become the champion they deserve to be."

14.00 Intro

14.10 Story

14.25 The problem

14.45 Client success

15.00 Break

15.10 Mind set

15.30 Goal setting

15.40 Break

15.50 Neurology


16.50 Break

17.00 Nutrition

17.20 Accountability

17.30 Closing thoughts

After working with us clients go on to hit the bars with increased confidence, they go sky diving, get married, climb mountains that start to achieve goals that they never thought possible. In this one day work shop you will learn key tools to start you on your journey to becoming a superhuman.

If the content wasn’t enough our sponsors will be giving out really cool stuff in the form of gift bags at the end of the day.

For the standard ticket you gain

- Access to the event

- 1 month free membership to The Hero’s Journey Membership

- 1 month free membership to Unleash Your Superhuman Membership

- Free day pass to the gym group

- 20% Discount to the float works (Float works are London’s premium floatation tank centre)

- Ethos members discount card (Get a discount at Ethos food a great High end meat free restaurant in oxford circus)

- Eat like a Superhuman Cook Book

-20% dicount with sundried fitness clothing 

VIP ticket holder gain

- All of the above

- 1-2-1 Accountability with Virgis once a week for a month WORTH £320

- Neurological assessment with Christian WORTH £150

- x1 Exercise assessment session with Virgis WORTH £90

Event tickets are bound to sell out soon with only 15 tickets available so book your space now

If you’re still not convinced to book your seat Here is what others said about their experience

Virgis is the best coach I have ever had. Thanks to his help I achieved what I thought would be impossible. Virgis has a fantastic knowledge of the human body and is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and all the other components that play a vital role in changing your nutrition and lifestyle. Now I know that losing weight and gaining muscle mass is not impossible, it just requires lots of commitment. After training with Virgis I learned that he trains people out of genuine passion for exercise and desire for his clients to succeed in life.

Prasanth Nutheti

IT Programmer

Patrick Rea talks about his experience at Christians previous event Unleash Your Superhuman and Mater Your Life

“Christian Thomson is a faith healer. Bring him your tired, aching body and trust him to transform it.

He can do nothing unless you are willing to be as rigorous and disciplined as he is with your technique and are willing to work yourself to your limits. He is utterly focussed and unrelenting. It takes time. It hurts. I have seen results I scarcely believe, and continue to be transformed.

”Take a leap of faith.

Shaun Alpine Crabtree co-owner of the table cafe

There are many investments in life that you take and end up wondering if it's all worth it. After working with Virgis for almost 5 months I can honestly say that having him as my coach has been one of my best investments ever. When you train with Virgis his entire focus is on you and only you. His workouts are both challenging and exhausting but at the end of the session you are glad you did it. Virgis’ training has definitely changed my life for the better and given me great confidence. He has an extremely positive personality, is very dedicated to his profession and extremely passionate about helping people get fit, which I find very inspiring. Thanks to Virgis, my body is stronger, more toned and healthier. Best of all, I've quit smoking after 25 years. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Virgis will help you every step of the way. If you follow his advice you will see incredible changes in your body. I look forward to continuing working with him in the months and years ahead. I would recommend Virgis to anyone who wants a knowledgeable coach who cares about his client’s physical shape. Virgis is the best choice you can make.

Elena Malina

Kasia Walusiak talks about his experience at Christians previous event Unleash Your Superhuman and Mater Your Life

"I’ve learnt more about teaching and managing people from Christian than anyone else in my career as both media sales manager and youth mentor”

“Christian is an excellent teacher. He is patient, clear and supportive but more than this he helps you to challenge yourself whilst still enjoying the experience. He’s also the most accurate, demanding kickboxing instructor I have come across in 10 years of training.

Lucy Ferguson owner of Mediorite

This is my first time ever both Virgis and Christian will share a stage to present this information outside of their private training and their schedules are booked for the next 4 months, get your ticket and don't miss out

Virgis Silinskas


· Diploma in personal training

· Sports massage therapist

· Strength and conditioning level 2

· Body transformation academy certification

· “Be activated” practitioner (muscle activation techniques)

· Sports nutrition

· First aid instructor

· Body core Mentor

· Over 6-year experience in the industry

Christian Thomson


• Black belt in Mugendo

• Premier diploma in personal training

• Sports massage

• PDTR (applied neurology)

• Sports nutrition

• First aid instructor

• Body Transformation Academy


• Junior European bronze medal

• Junior European kickboxing champion

• Bronze medal at a world championship 2009

• Cimac grand champion for 2 weight classes

• British kickboxing champion from 2007-2011

• World kickboxing champion 2011

• Mentor for other fitness professionals

• Assistant tutor in functional Neurology (PDTR)



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Date and Time

The Gym group

725 - 731 lordship lane

Wood Green


M22 5JX

United Kingdom

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