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Masters Hub No.4 - Life 2.0!

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Masters Hub Headquarters

Amsterdamsestraatweg 59A

1411AX Naarden


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Once again we open up a space of light-hearted super-fun transformation

… or will it be a fun super-hearted light-transformation? Or even a transformative super-light-heart fun?

No matter from what angle you personally may approach it, it will change you.

Dynamics of Creation in "Life 2.0!":
If you are aware that:

- life doesn’t just happen to you
- that all you feel, think and do sends out a request for life to answer you
- whatever happens in your life is directly connected to you

you are most probably already living "Life 2.0!"

Not being a victim to life’s circumstances anymore gives us both a lot of freedom AND a great responsibility to consciously create the life we are desiring to live.

Most conscious people know that passion and clarity play an enormous part in those dynamics.

But why do old limitations and patterns keep knocking on the door, even though the choice is so clear?
Even though we have worked our way through their transformations countless times?
Do we still need to go back and learn from them or is their presence a reminder that we are still stuck in that process?

No! Not really…
It’s all part of the dynamics of creation in "Life 2.0!"

The deep insight in those dynamics has been the most awe inspiring and groundbreaking experience for me recently.
After that realisation it was very clear to me that now is the right time to share my insights with masters that are ready to take full ownership of their creations.

We will dive deep into the dynamics of creator-ship using real life examples as well as applying it to tangible every day situations. In an intimate group and safe space we will share our status quo, where we get stuck and look into the challenges of conscious creation.
Together we will explore all facets and shine light on how each step is interwoven into a higher, bigger picture.
It will leave you with a deep knowingness and understanding of creation and life itself.

“Ultimately life is always in service to you.
The question is: Are you ready to dance with its infinite potentials?”

And dance we will. Neatly placed into our fun & play weekend, is a Masters Hub BBQ celebration on Saturday, September 23rd (extra event info here).

General admission fee & Early Birds include:

-4 day participation (Fri-Mon) incl. material

-Kick off breakfast and Wrap up coffee/cake/champagne celebration

-BBQ drinks and food

-Throughout the workshop water, coffee, tea & snacks

Lunch: for 5 Euro a day you can purchase a very nomnom all inclusive buffet

We have an extra mega super early bird offer available until our first Masters Hub Celebration BBQ weekend: 500 Euro! available until June 10th (one payment).
The standard early bird price of 600 Euro (in one payment) is available until August 13th.

General admission, 650 Euro, is bookable until the morning of the event.

(Hubbers that have attended at least one of our 3 Hubs receive a 30 Euro extra discount. Hubbers that have attended the online course Life 2.0! get a 40% discount on this live event)

Payment plan (no early birds) 4 x 162,50 Euro available:
Due dates: June 15th, July 15th, August 15th and September 15th

Please note:
This material is highly transformational.
Throughout this journey you stay 100% self responsible for your commitment and integration.
Should you take longterm medication or if you are unsure whether this is for you, contact Sandra (sandra@mastershub.nl) before signing up!


Friday, 22nd September

We will meet at the farm at 10 am for a kick off breakfast and start our fun & play workshop at 12:30.

End approx. 6 pm.

(the breakfast is included but optional, if you would like to participate, please let us know)

Saturday, 23rd September

meet at the Farm at 9:30 am for a wake up coffee

fun & play workshop from 10:30 am until 2 pm

BBQ from 3pm - open end

Sunday, 24th September

meet at the farm at 10:30 am for wake up coffee

fun & play workshop from 11:30 am - approx. 5 pm

Monday, 25th September

meet at the farm at 10 am for wake up coffee

fun & play workshop from 11 am - approx. 3 pm

3:30 pm wrap up celebration with coffee/cake/champagne (included but optional, please register here)

The Hub events' history has proven that once given an outline and focus, the group and individual dynamic of each participants’ presence, will reveal more details as we move towards the event.

Next to our loose agenda, we will dance with what is and what wants to be.

So beware of an overall masterly orchestrated Masters Hub No.4.

Your facilitator:
Sandra Roggermann, owner and founder of the Masters Hub and SelfSpace- essence coach & spaceholder

"Sandra modestly calls herself a spaceholder but she is so much more than that. Her biggest strength is tuning into the core essence of what a client really needs and not what the client thinks he or she wants. This demands a clarity and a gentle flexibility since every coaching might require different impulses. She is not only one of the best facilitators for deep personal transformation I have come across, but also an amazing coach to help you inspire, reflect and blossom that long hidden passion and creativity once you have gone through that transformation. Her down to earth and no nonsense approach together with her great sense of humor make her a coach that you can go very deep with and have a beer with afterwards."

Accommodation suggestions:

Vesting Hotel, Naarden

NH Hotel Jachthaven Naarden (approx. 10 minute walk to the farm)

AirBnB Naarden (a choice of BnBs in the area)

our neighbor farm has a B&B option for max. 6 people, please do inquire with us if you would like to book that option.

Should you choose to stay in Masterdam (aka Amsterdam) and need advice, let us know.

Amsterdam is roughly 18 km west from us, 30 minutes by car/ public transport/ taxi

Refund Policy:

50 % until 31.07.2017, after that, 25 % refund and 25 % towards a next gathering.

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Date and Time


Masters Hub Headquarters

Amsterdamsestraatweg 59A

1411AX Naarden


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