ME POWER Self Esteem Building Workshop Series (Early Bird)

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(Hall) SOUTHSIDE ESTATES 22220 Charing Cross Rd., Chatham, Ontario

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ME POWER, Self Esteem Building Workshop Series for Kids (ages 7-10 years).

FIVE Saturday sessions- September 16,23,30 and October 14 and 21.

Initial time - 10am - 11:30am. with limited spaces available.Registrations beyond the available seating for this time frame, will be notified of an alternate time frame for same workshop series on same dates.

Location of workshops:

The hall at


22220 Charing Cross Rd

Chatham, Ont.

Further details can be found at


or email: denimets@yahoo.co.uk

The ME POWER program will focus on developing soaring self-esteem ("I like Me") and powerful self-confidence ("I believe in Me"). Together, these two skills impacts how we feel about ourselves, how we relate to other people, how we handle obstacles, challenges and circumstances, and what we achieve in our lives. With positive self-esteem, children feel good about themselves and trust themselves. One of the key affirmations presented in this program is that "What We Think and Feel and Say About Ourselves Is More Important Than What Anyone Thinks, Feels, Or Says About Us."

The 5 skills included in this program:

1. I Like Me... How to develop soaring self-esteem... "Yucky Me vs Yahoo Me"...This skill is critical for children's (and our own) happiness and success in life. They will learn how to face the world with a belief system of "I am worthy." They will learn how to assess their own current level of self-esteem (brings conscious awareness) and we will provides various activities to support them in developing positive self-esteem.

2. I Honour Me! How to be yourself and honour your uniqueness... "The Sun, The Rain, and The Wind"...Showing them that they all have their own gifts and the world needs all types of people and all types of gifts to thrive. Their gifts are not "better than" or "less than" anyone else's. They are just right!

3. I Believe In Me! How to develop unstoppable Self-Confidence..." Can'ville and Cant'ville - A Tale of Two Towns"...With unstoppable self-confidence, children (and adults) face the world with a belief system of "I Can." With this skill, they are more willing to try new things and set and achieve goals. They are not stopped by obstacles and fear and are less susceptible to peer pressure.

4. Self- Talk - Mastering the secret behind self-esteem and self-confidence..."Choosing Our BFF"...One of my favourite skills within the series.... Choosing what we say to ourselves both in our minds and out loud programs our conscious and subconscious mind. With this skill, we learn what kind of self-talk we use and learn how to shift it to positive loving self-talk.

5. Self-Coaching- How to conquer Ups and Downs and create daily mastery..."Migration Frustration"...We learn the steps to "Check In" with ourselves to ensure that we are creating what we want to create in our lives- to make sure we are being the person we want to be and that we are living our vision and achieving our goals. We learn that with self-coaching we can make every day our masterpiece.

Throughout the workshop series I share the skills through...

-Powerful stories so kids don’t feel lectured. They easily relate to the characters and lessons the characters go through, as well as the practical skills they can practice to become the best version of themselves.

-We have discussions about the stories and how they can relate that to themselves.

-They receive a workbook and a 5 minute “homework” sheet to keep practicing at home. -This is essentially a take home sheet so that you (the Parent) can continue the conversation at home.

-We also do a different activity for each skill (could be a game, or a craft, and in some cases both).

*I provide all materials (workbook, visuals, and all materials for each activity we do...one for each skill.

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(Hall) SOUTHSIDE ESTATES 22220 Charing Cross Rd., Chatham, Ontario

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