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Meditation Teacher Training (100hr) with Mick Timpson & beanddo

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Meditation….its the bliss that comes with experiencing not mere happiness but complete satisfaction with the way things are. These are our moments of supreme quiet, total acceptance, and non-judgment. – the wondrous intervals when we know we are in the right place doing precisely what we’re supposed to be doing’.

Essential Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita. Ancient truths for our Modern World. Jack Hawley. 2006

We are in a time of change.

Some would say we are witnessing turbulent times. Some are thriving, others less so… For many the experience is stress, anxiety, a world out of balance.

Science, business, education, health providers and governments are beginning to understand that old ways of working and living are no longer sustainable.

In response many are rediscovering old techniques and solutions in the form of a new wave of modern meditation based wellbeing. It has taken hold everywhere. This ancient science on human happiness and wholeness is being validated by emerging neuroscience research. Far from being an esoteric, irrelevant practice, meditation is fast becoming the newest method for positive, creative change in organisations, communities and individuals.

Be part of the change.

This course is a powerful journey of change that provides you with the tools to help yourself and others, live a more skillful, creative and happier life – to make happy work!

In this Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited course you will explore, step-by-step the art and science of meditation, its origins, application and impact. You will learn how to empower others by teaching to deliver this profound practice.

The purpose of this unique beanddo meditation teacher-training course is to shape, direct and combine this powerful ancient science of being into the modern world of doing.

Learn how to teach beanddo meditation in your work place and community

This course is a powerful journey of change that provides you with the tools to help yourself and others live a more skillful, creative and happier life – to make happy work!

You will explore, step-by-step the art and science of meditation, its origins, application and impact, and learn to deliver this practice. The purpose of this unique beanddo vocational meditation teacher-training course is to shape, direct and combine this powerful ancient science of being into the modern world of doing.

Starting: 11th September 2017


Registration fee: £100.00

Tuition Fee: (60 hours) £1050.00

Additional fee for people new to yoga practice: (40 hours)

Why train to teach beanddo vocational meditation?

The UK Government All Party Report, ‘Mindful Nation 2015’ concluded that there is currently a growing need for meditation teachers with the expertise to deliver high quality programmes in education, business, health care and the judiciary. In fact anywhere where people are tackling the demands of modern life at home and in work.

We are experiencing a pandemic of stress, anxiety and depression related illness. There is far too much concentration on doing as against being.

This imbalance is not sustainable.

In the long term the result is not increased productivity, more output, more creativity, innovation or profit. When the needs of being are ignored the actual output is reduced wellbeing, increased stress and anxiety, fear and burnout.

The facts are alarming.

Findings from the Health Survey for England[1] reveal that 25% of all adults have been diagnosed with a mental health problem – most commonly depression. This impacts on both being and doing:

Impacts on being

  • 18 per cent of adults said they had suffered from mental health illness, but have never been diagnosed.
  • Those between the age of 55 and 65 were the most likely to have been diagnosed at some stage in their life - with women far more likely than men to have received a diagnosis.
  • 41 per cent of females aged between 55 and 65 had received a diagnosis, and a further 17 per cent said they had suffered from mental illness without diagnosis.
  • One quarter of men in this age group had been diagnosed with mental health problems, along with 19 per cent who had “suffered in silence” – a combined total of 44 per cent, the figures show.
  • In 2014, a total of 56 million prescriptions for anti-depressants were issued, official figures show.

Impacts on doing

  • The UK Health and Safety Executive work force survey[2] for 2015 discovered nearly 10 million days were lost to mental illness with an average of 23 working days per individual.
  • In 2014/15 stress accounted for 35% of all work related ill health cases and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health.
  • By occupation, jobs that are common across public service industries (such as health; teaching; business, media and public service professionals) show higher levels of stress as compared to all jobs.
  • The main work factors cited by respondents as causing work related stress, depression or anxiety (LFS, 2009/10-2011/12) were workload pressures, including tight deadlines and too much responsibility and a lack of managerial support.
  • Work-related mental ill health costs the UK economy up to £30 billion every year through lost working days, staff turnover and lower productivity.

The New Work Place.

So stress is now rising to pandemic levels. In tandem there are also other pressures emerging. We are entering into a world where productive ideas, creativity and innovation are fast becoming vital work place requirements.

However, stress and creativity are not compatible as stress kills creativity.

So while the beanddo programmes help reduce stress they also help to unfold the full potential of the individual, promoting creativity and energy, increasing performance, and improving wellbeing and happiness. Healthy, creative, individuals are the basis of a healthy, happy, creative workplace

The solution:

The beanddo model is to bring being and doing together. To narrow the distance between those two unique aspects of what we are and what we can do, fostering balance, creativity, resilience, focus and joy. To teach beanddo meditaion is to help others make profound inner changes in order to unfold their full potentiol. At the same time stress and anxiety reduces, cretativty, intution and energy is increses resulting in an improved inate wellbeing and happiness.

This balance and how to know it and use it has been known for thousands of years in the form of meditation and yoga practice. Modern science is now confirming the effectiveness of this ancient wisdom and science. They have been tried and tested across the world for generations. They work!

This is the science of making happy work!

Who is it for?

The beanddo meditation vocational teacher-training course is aimed at inspired people; working in a professional capacity that would like to incorporate meditation practice and its benefits into their profession and place of work.

The ancient science and art of regular meditation practice is fast becoming the new art of science for the promotion of improved well being, creativity and stress management. Meditation is happening everywhere in schools, colleges and universities, large and small business, government, health care, social services and so on…

The beanddo meditation teacher training course for example is aimed at Health and Care Workers, Teachers, Corporate Business leaders and mangers, HR professionals, designers, charity workers, social entrepreneurs etc… who would all be able to offer beanddo meditation in their respective work places to help foster creativity and concentration, boost productivity wellbeing and stress reduction.

The beanddo meditation teacher-training course is also of high value to registered yoga teachers who want to add additional skills to their teaching.

Meditation for the Modern World

beanddo meditation is designed for everyone. There are no mantras to learn or ackward postures to master. Over the teacher-training course you will learn how to share principles and tools to help others develop their own meditation practice.

You will learn how to gently guide your students towards knowing how to stop and relax purposefully, guide attention, manage thoughts and senses and know a deeper conscious awareness. Combining current research with ancient wisdom, you will be able to show others how to develop the insight gained in meditation into something that’s built into daily life.

What you will learn…

  • The art, science and application of meditation.

  • The role of the meditation teacher.

  • How to Effectively and confidently guide meditation practice

  • Planning and delivering a practical and effective meditation course

  • The content and delivery of the beanddo meditation four, six or eight weeek programme

  • Contemporary research into meditation and its widening application

  • How meditation works

  • The physiological impact of meditation practice.

  • The science of flow, creativity and autotelic experience

  • Meditation and the reduction of stress and anxiety

  • An introduction to the ancient core wisdom and teachings of meditation.

  • Science of consciousness, awareness and stillness

  • Concentration, breathing and focusing techniques

  • The nature of the body/mind complex and how the mind works

  • Obstacles to meditation practice

Entry requirements for the course

Some knowledge and experience of meditation is preferable but not vital. Generally as a precursor to attending the beanddo meditation teacher training you must have:

  1. Regularly attend a physical yoga class led by an accredited teacher (min 40 hours) either before or during the Meditation Teacher Training. You can subscribe to the YogaLife Project and regularly attend either Level One or Two classes with Mick Timpson (min 40 hours)

Nice to have:

  1. Attend a special YogaLife Project – Yoga in Action workshop.

  2. Attend a special YogaLife Project retreat.

  3. Have a personal regular meditation practice

  4. Have some working knowledge on the art and science of yoga

  5. Attended the Be Here Now Meditation Course

When do I qualify as a beanddo meditation teacher?

Once you have attended each of the modules and day intensives, and successfully completed all the assignments and assessments. Prior to graduation you must also have undertaken 40 hours of yoga practice in a class lead by an appropriately accredited yoga teacher. You can undertake the 40 hours of yoga practice with our allied Social Entrerprise, The YogaLife Project.

To practice you will then need the relevant insurance and YA Professionals accreditation. Not included in the tuition fee.


Each module and Intensive will be combined with a written study and research assignment. You are also required to maintain and develop your own regular practice, together with a personal log book and journal. The intensives will also include teacher-training practice where you will learn to leads other in practice. During the final intensive you will need to prepare and deliver a short presentation on any aspect of meditation practice that inspires you.


The beanddo meditation course is accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals. It is designed and led by CEO and Founder of beanddo Mick Timpson, architect, artist and Approved Yoga Alliance Professionals Training provider and Registered Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT)

Course Structure and Dates

The course is designed so that you can incorporate your training and practice into your day-to-day working life and your own meditation practice.

The course comprises:

  • Part One. Four one-day immersive practice/sharing sessions (min 20 hours). Every Monday 10.00am from 11 September 2017

  • Part Two.Three one-day workshop intensive/exploring sessions. (7 hours/day. min 21 hours). Every Monday 9.30am 9 October 2017

  • A copy of Make Happy Work! Teacher Training Provider Handbook

  • beanddo modern meditation teaching scripts to support the weekly programmes

  • beanddo moderm meditation audio downloads

You will need to undertake:

  • Regular personal practice and a recording journal

  • A series of written assignments and reading (min 33 hours)

  • Individual presentation

The above is divided into two main parts:

PART ONE: Imersive exepeincing days (20 hours) - will be an 8-week group meditation course coupled with discussion, analysis and an opportunity to explore and share experiences, techniques and practices. Each session will gradually introduce different aspects of practice designed to help you go deeper and strengthen your own technique, insight and experience. Each studio session is designed to be direct, practical and experiential, based on Swami Sivananda’s notion that, ‘an ounce of practice is worth a ton of theory’.

The eight immersive sessions are designed to be expand the teaching and practice content, experience and structure of a regular beanddo, four, six or eight week course. Each week a particular theme will be explored. For example.

  • Notticing- Intention setting, relaxation and body awareness
  • Looking- Directing attention inwards towards the mind/body field
  • Thinking - Maintaining attention and sustaining inner awareness
  • Seeing - Working with experience and sense objects
  • Feeling - Working with thought objects
  • Knowing- attentive sustained present awareness
  • Being- natural cultivating of intuitive moment-by-moment spontaneous flow
  • Doing- Applying insight gained from practice into daily activit

PART 2: Intensive exploring days (21 hours) - the studio work described above are then expanded into three 7-hour day intensives supported by the Make Happy Work! Teacher Training Provider Handbook. This is a chance to recap the studio sessions and explore further into the origins, science (ancient and modern) core texts and meaning. The objective is to help expand your knowledge, develop teaching techniques, find your own voice and approach to help you develop and lead your own class. During the final intensive you will need to prepare and deliver a short presentation on any aspect of meditation practice that inspires you.

3. Self practice and study (min 33 hours) - This aspect of your training will develop as you progress. You will be expected to continually shape and refine your own practice, keep a diary and record your experiences and findings. There will be required reading, written assignments and a presentation.

IMPORTANT: Additional training:

If you are new to yoga you must undertake an additional 40 hours asana (yoga on the mat practice) in order to complete your training. You can subscribe to the YogaLife Project and regularly attend a Level One course with Mick Timpson (min 40 hours) at additional fee.


Registration fee: £100.00

Tuition Fee: £1050.00

Yoga Class Fee (40 hours): £

For further information contact:


07808 501765

[1] Health Survey for England. 2014/15. UK Government. ONS

[2] HSE Work related Stress, Anxiety and

Depression Statistics in Great Britain 2015

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Date and Time



8 Chandos Road



M21 0ST

United Kingdom

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