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Metaphysical Herbal Medicine Series

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115 New Cavendish St

115 New Cavendish Street



United Kingdom

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Hand-reading for herbalists - an introduction to Cheiromancy, With Dylan Warren-Davis
Friday, May 24th, 9:30-18:00 Room 4.106 Cavendish campus. , 115 new-Cavendish st.

The palmar lines are flow patterns of vital force on the palm. They provide an instant visual image of the quality of the patient’s consciousness that you are dealing with. This one-off introductory seminar specially crafted for herbalists, explains the techniques to make quick, simple, yet profound clinical observations from the palmar lines. Learn why Paracelsus said, “No physician was properly trained unless they could diagnose from the lines of the palm or from the physiognomy of the body.”

Seminar Outline:

An historical perspective of hand reading
An outline of the Hermetic Cosmology of the three worlds and how it relates to the hand
Elemental hand shapes
A demonstration of how to make hand prints
Exploring elemental temperaments and skin textures
Concepts of balance, harmony and manifestation
An explanation of the formation of lines on the palm, seen as flows of vital force
Consciousness as reflected in the lines of the palm
Individual lines: meanings, origins and endings, length, curvature.

Art of Physic - Alchamy of Herbs
with Dylan Warren Davis
Saturday, May 25th, 11:00-18:00 Room 4.106 Cavendish campus. , 115 new-Cavendish st.

This Workshop will include:

· An historical perspective of alchemy

· The alchemical perspective of herbs

· How the four elements, earth, water, fire and air relate to herbs

· How planetary symbolism has been used to understand diseases, humours and parts of the body

· Planetary signatures within the herbal kingdom - how they are used to understand the uses or virtues of herbs

· Solar herbs: including mistletoe, rosemary and marigold

· Lunar herbs: including willow, chaste tree and wild lettuce

· Mercurial herbs: including fennel, Valerian and lavender

· Martian herbs: including basil, nettle and ginger

· Venusian herbs: including meadow-sweet, yarrow and elder

· Jovial herbs: including dandelion, lime flowers and hyssop

· Saturnine herbs: including comfrey, heartsease and horsetail

· The harvesting of herbs to optimise their virtues

· The importance of this knowledge to contemporary herbal medicine.

Quantum Biology, Healing & Imaging of the Vital Force
with Dylan warren Davis

Friday, June 7th, 17:00-19:00 Room 4.106 Cavendish campus. , 115 new-Cavendish st.

This talk/demonstration will include:

What is Quantum Biology & how it dovetails into the metaphysical knowledge that underlies the Western herbal tradition?
We will look at how the VF has been alluded to in Art and then explain Kirlian photography and show how it gives further fascinating insights into the subtle realm.
It will draw from Dr Robert Moon's insights into the structure of the atom, with the arrangement of protons in the nucleus being structured in accordance with Plato's geometric solids, which in turn confers each atom's chemical properties
Explore how these shapes form a bridge between consciousness and the physical world.
The talk will conclude with a demonstration of the NES (Nutri Energetic System), showing the information that can be gleaned from the electromagnetic field that surrounds the physical body.

Art of Decumbiture – Traditional Medical Astrology

With Dylan Warren-Davis

Saturday, June 8th, 11:00-18:00 Room 4.106 Cavendish campus. , 115 new-Cavendish st.

This workshop will include:

· Definition of decumbiture, outline of rules and procedures; signification;

zodiacal correspondences to the body; planetary correspondences to the organs.

· 1st house; humoral perspective of health, the symbolic connection between mercury and the vital force.

· 6th house; humoral perspective of disease, diseases associated with the planets & zodiacal signs; concepts of sympathy and antipathy.

· Moon, malefics & fortunes; relationship of the Moon to the humours and the course of the illness. Malefics in acute & chronic illness. Fortunes and the restoration of health.

· 7th house; role of the physician and their relation to the patient; physicians ability to diagnose & prescribe.

· 10th house; principles of physic; outline of the rules for the choice of medicines; treatment by sympathy and antipathy; when to administer the medicine.

About Dylan Warren-Davis:
As the son of a medical herbalist, Dylan has been exposed to the healing qualities of herbs since early adolescence. He has spent over 30 years researching, teaching and writing about the metaphysical basis of the European herbal tradition. Parallel to his herbal work, Dylan is also a very experienced hand reader. In 1990 his book The Hand Reveals, a complete guide to the European Cheiromantical Tradition, was published. He was also invited to contribute to the Oxford Companion to the Body, a section on Palmistry, published by Oxford University Press.

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115 New Cavendish St

115 New Cavendish Street



United Kingdom

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