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Cannon Place 78 Cannon Street London EC4N 6AP

78 Cannon Street



United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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“At Bright Solutions we take a different approach to your training experience. Classes are run in small groups (never more than 8), we have a strong focus and real world scenario based training, that go way beyond most standard courses. We provide exceptional lunches using a mixture of our partners including one of our favorites “Comptoir Libanais”. You also receive detailed study guide and a host of post course material to reinforce the topics you have covered on the course”.

Course Overview

Microsoft’s Power Pivot and business intelligence tools allow you to effectively mine large amounts of data. In this advanced Microsoft Excel training course, you gain the knowledge and skills to import and merge large amounts of data, summarise and aggregate data, present strategic data, provide better business insights, and empower informed decision-making.

Why Attend this Course?

Our courses are authored by content-area experts with a great deal of training experience. Topics are broken down into small chunks, which are explained, demonstrated with sample files or applications, and then practiced with hands-on exercise.

What you will Learn?

    • Transform and present sophisticated data to provide Business Intelligence (BI)
    • Actualise a data model from multiple sources
    • Shape and filter tables to prepare for analyses by fixing common issues
    • Mine and expose hidden information with Data Analysis eXpressions
    • Communicate business and data insights with dashboards


Excel Users wanting to learn more about data mining.

Course Outline

Lesson 1:
Getting Started with PowerPivot


The PowerPivot Window

The PowerPivot Ribbon Interface

PowerPivot Worksheets

Activity 1-1

PowerPivot Data Sources

Data Feeds

The Table Import Wizard

Data Types

How to Import Data From Various Data Sources

Activity 1-2

Data Refresh


How to Refresh Data from a Data Source

Activity 1-3

Linked Tables

How to Create Linked Tables

Activity 1-4


Review Questions

Lesson 2:
Manipulating PowerPivot Data

PowerPivot Tables

Managing Tables

How to Organize and Format Tables

Activity 2-1

Calculated Columns

PowerPivot Formulas

How to Create Calculated Columns

Activity 2-2

Sort Options

Filter Options

How to Sort and Filter PowerPivot Data

Activity 2-3

Table Relationships

Types of Relationships

The Create Relationship Dialog Box

The Manage Relationships Dialog Box

The Diagram View

How to Create and Manage Table Relationships

Activity 2-4


Review Questions

Lesson 3:
Creating PowerPivot Reports


Flattened PivotTables

The PowerPivot Field List Pane

Creating Key Performance Indicators

How to Create a PivotTable

Activity 3-1


PivotChart Types

How to Create PivotCharts

Activity 3-2

Customize the Ribbon

Power Views

Activity 3-3


How to Filter Data Using Slicers

Activity 3-4


Types of Sparklines

The Sparkline Tools – Design Contextual Tab

Conditional Formatting

Conditional Formats

How to Present PivotTable Data Visually

Activity 3-5


Review Questions

Lesson 4:
Using DAX Functions in PowerPivot


DAX Functions

DAX Variables

Aggregate Functions

How to Manipulate PowerPivot Data Using DAX Functions

Activity 4-1

Filter Functions

How to Extract Data From Tables Using Functions

Activity 4-2

Time Intelligence Functions

Create a Date Table

How to Work with Time Dependent Data

Activity 4-3


Review Questions

Lesson 5:
Distributing PowerPivot Data

Workbook Protection

Worksheet Protection

How to Protect Reports

Activity 5-1

File Formats

How to Save Reports in Different File Formats

Activity 5-2


Review Questions

Lesson Lab 1-1

Lesson Lab 1-2

Lesson Lab 2-1

Lesson Lab 2-2

Lesson Lab 3-1

Lesson Lab 3-2

Lesson Lab 4-1

Lesson Lab 5-1


Keyboard Shortcut Quick Reference Sheet

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Date and Time


Cannon Place 78 Cannon Street London EC4N 6AP

78 Cannon Street



United Kingdom

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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