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For people who want to have an impact

Allan Kleynhans International Ltd

You have two ways to experience life - the first is an unconscious experience - you're a victim of false assumptions and a flawed premise filtered through a disempowering paradigm. Your paradigm is a mental contruct and consists of a combination of your beliefs, your decision-making process and the things you've learned to value and avoid in life.

Your paradigm was developed by an accumulation of your past significant emotional events and although these events occurred in the past, they're still affecting you in the present.

The second is a conscious experience - you are intuitive and powerfully aware of your innate gift to create magic and transformation in the moment. You are thus creating a life you love and you are living it powerfully - undeterred and uninhibited by the painful events of your past.

In fact, you are aware of the gifts in those experiences and the important part your past has played in sculpting who you've become. You may now want to give something back to the world by exercising your unique talents and creativity - you even have a calling to share your knowledge and experience with the world, but you can't quite seem to take the necessary steps to realise it.

"One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but rather by making the darkness conscious." Carl Jung

Perhaps you are a coach, or a speaker, or an entrepreneur. Or you are possibly a business owner? Perhaps none of the above apply to you - whatever your vocation, or wherever you are currently in life, there's a very good chance you want more - more money, more success, more energy, more happiness and more love.

I know that because it is the same for all human beings everywhere in the western world. You have been sold the dream... and now it is very possible you are frustrated because whatever you try, it's not working. If this is you, keep reading - I have something you are going to love!

Are you yearning for more success in all areas of your life...?

Do you want to find your real calling or your purpose in life...?

Is there something you want to teach others...?

Have you experienced a powerful significant event that has shaped your life...? Does it still haunt you? Are you self-sabotaging your own success...?

Is there something in your past you are afraid to share...? Are you wearing a mask...?

Do you carry shame or guilt caused by a significant event that still affects how you show up in the world...?

Do you have important knowledge and experience that could change the world...?

Everything you experience in life is filtered through your own beliefs and values. You have your own unique way of viewing the world. You have a tremedous ability to create unique success and fulfilment in every area of your life. So why aren't you then...? It is probably because you've developed an outlook based of a false premise and it's always in the way, even if you are not aware. And it is costing you an amazing experience of life!

If you can bring that into the light as Jung suggested above, then you have every ability to create a life you love and live powerfully. Immediately!

It is not true that your past affects your future... But it is true that you think it does. Your paradigm of life and what you believe is available to you is influenced by the events you have experienced; and only in conjunction with the decisions and beliefs you have formed about those events and how they affected you in that particular moment.

Consequently, you made decisions about what that meant based on your thoughts and feelings about it at that time... It wasn't actually real, but your thinking about it was very real.

The mind is the biggest trickster of all... it has tricked you into believing certain things about yourself and your life and as a result, you may find yourself bumping into the same obstacles time and time again, even though they show up in different clothing. Your entire life is a projection of your consciousness. Your biggest challenge in life will always be your belief that life is happening without any apparent reason, when actually, it is unfolding according to your projection of your consciousness.

We all possess the ability to create a magical life. First we must wrestle from our minds the false perceptions that prevent us from tapping into the wonderful power that is already inherent within all of us. When we begin approaching life from a higher level of consciouseness and tap into the magical ability that connects us to what influential thinkers like Napoleon Hill, Buckminster Fuller and psychologists like Jung et al, have called the 'superconscious', or the 'infinite intelligence', we become elevated in all ways. So do our results. Suddenly we tap into the magic within and without; we begin to magically manifest our deepest desires and create our wildest dreams.

Before we can clear our thinking, we must remove the unconscious (below the surface) blocks that our flawed perception has tricked us into believing is true. Notice, I said 'flawed perception' - I did not say you were flawed; nor do I believe there is something about yourself you need to fix. It is my firm belief that you were born whole and that everything you need is already within you. I also know at the same time there is also a very good chance that you mistakenly believe certain things about yourself and these are the things that get in the way of your natural happiness and your ability to create authentic success.

I also believe that you have a powerful calling and once you let go of your false assumptions and false paradigms that are keeping you small, your real calling will ignite and your magical ability will come to the fore, allowing you to create wildlly successful results in all areas of your life! When you get past your false beliefs and tap into your own genius ability and connect that with insights of your past experiences, you will become someone who has amazing experience and knowledge to share with others who are also walking a similar path to the one you have walked.

They are looking for similar answers to similar problems and you will have those answers with your own unique insights. Then you become a teacher with wisdom and valuable experience to share. We all have experience of certain things; the problem is most of us have never managed to turn that experience into valuable lessons for ourselves and also for others.

If you are a coach, author, entrepreneur or a business owner, it is imperative to have an EXCEPTIONAL ability to tell your story and share your message in such a way that it is not drowned out by all the noise in the marketplace. How do you stand out without sounding like everyone else...? You turn your own unique experiences into valuble knowledge that can make a big difference to the marketplace. Then you learn exactly how to share it in a way that has tremendous impact that engages the listener and inspires action. This, in essence, is what all selling (serving) is about. It is the ability to teach valuable lessons in such a way that your listener wants to buy your solution.

Having been in the training and speaking industry for 22 years now, as well as working as a high producing speaker internationally for the last 15 years, it still amazes me how many so-called 'coaches', 'speakers', 'entrepreneurs' and 'business owners' have not yet learned to tell their story powerfully! You may have heard the phrase - facts tell and stories sell. If you want outrageous success in life and in business, you MUST learn to tell your story in a way that not only captures attention, but also holds it until you can present your solution. If you can do this well, you won't even have to sell your solution, because people will want it and see it as their own choice.

Most of the so-called 'experts' in the personal development and training industry are broke, unhappy and unhealthy, because they have not yet brought their own 'darkness' or unconscious into the light... This is largely due in most cases, to unfinished 'work' related to their past. They've read a few books and now they want to teach.

The ability to deliver a message that keeps people riveted, whether for 2 minutes or 2 hours depends on several factors, not the least of which is being complete with past significant events that have affected the psyche. This allows you to be completely authentic with nothing to hide and no masks necessary. It amazes me that there are people in the coaching industry who bang on about being real and authentic, while at the same time it is so obvious to the well trained and conscious eye that they are still wearing a mask and not even aware of it in many cases.

Having said that, what is your unique wisdom that you can bring to the world...? What is your message that can change people's lives...? What is the story you want to share with your customers and clients...?

If you have read this far, then I am guessing the above resonates deeply with you. If you have a message you are dying to share with the world and you want to share it powerfully, with humility and authentically, in such a way that connects you with the heart of your audience, and keeps that connection throughout, then you will love the 1 day interactive workshop I have created!

If you really want to have an impact and transform your customers and clients with your powerful message, then my MILLION DOLLAR MESSAGE workshop taking place on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May is the workshop you have been waiting for. These days always offer great value, awesome content, deep and profound insights and often even some powerful breakthroughs. This workshop will absolutely change the way you look at your life.

In this workshop, I will show you exactly how I brought my own darkness into the light and demonstrate what you must do in order to turn your own unique experiences into valuable lessons that deeply connect you to your audience in a powerful and authentic manner. When you connect to your audience authentically and you are engaging with your own unique insights gained from your own unique experience, and you deliver your message elegantly and skilfully, you will command their attention.

You will become your message... You will become the kind of person that adds value to the space you're in. If you're a speaker or teacher, people will find they cannot ignore you. When you have a quality solution that serves your audience at a deep level, they will happily buy your wisdom, BUT only if you can communicate your message effectively.

I want to help you take your own unique experience and the knowledge you have accumlated through your lifetime, as well as the significant events of your life and assist you to turn them into powerful lessons with the potential to change lives. I want to help you develop your ability to deliver those lessons in a powerfully engaging way that creates a massive impact on your audience, whether it is an audience of one, or an audience of many.

I want to help you become a powerful communicator with a powerful message that impacts the globe!

I want to help you become a leader!

If you already regard yourself as such, then I would love to assist you to broaden your impact... If this sounds like a good fit for you, register your ticket now and I'll see you at the MILLION DOLLAR MESSAGE workshop on May 6th, 2017.

A few words from your MILLION DOLLAR MESSAGE Trainer, Allan Kleynhans -

You may very well be wondering "why should I be going to this particular workshop rather than any other...?" That's a great question to ask yourself and one I would like to answer for you here. I will be as brief as I can.

I have been fascinated by personal development since I was 21 years of age. That is now nearly 29 years ago! I say 'nearly' because my birthday is coming soon and I'll be 50! When that day comes it will be 29 years since I first read the classic work of Napoleon Hill, 'Think and Grow Rich'. The way that book found it's way into my hands can only be descibed as synchronistic... It is a story I look forward to telling you one day in person. At that particular time of my life I was going through hell. That book changed the direction of my life to some small degree and it led me to study psychology, philosophy and human behaviour in all its forms.

Before reading that book, I had led a life that involved many challenges and much heartache. Growing up in a very tough neighbourhood in South Africa left it's scars... After school I became a soldier and went through some very intensive specialised training, becoming a highly-strung human weapon. The 2 years I spent in the South African Defense Force changed my life in what at the time could only be described as 'horrific'...

The day I finished reading 'Think and Grow Rich' the first time, I knew I was on a new quest. That quest turned me into a bookworm and a 'seminar-junkie'... I became a student of some of the world's most prolific teachers on the subject of human consciousness. My desperate desire for freedom from my tormented thinking and my troubled mind, coupled with a newfound desire for enlightened knowledge, eventually led me to Landmark Education. I engaged and devoured their entire curriculum over the course of 4 years,including training to become a Landmark Forum leader. I helped to establish the work of Landmark in South Africa for the very first time in 1998. An achievement I am still very proud of today!

In 1990, I came across Anthony Robbins by discovering his first book, 'Unlimited Power'. Nine years later, during a very dark period of my life, plagued by severe depression and tormented by thoughts of suicide and fuelled by drug and alcohol binges that would last for 4 days, I borrowed some money to attend his 'Unleash the Power Within' workshop in Cardiff, Wales. That weekend changed my life in every way possible. The rest of the story is a fascinating one and I love to share it from the stage because I know it inspires and moves people in a deep way.

My journey since my first UPW workshop with Tony has been eventful and not without its challenges. It has also been remarkable in many ways. I have been able to create an amazing amount of success along the way, becoming an international speaker and a high-end performance coach who has worked with world-champion sports stars, celebrity clients and world-class brands. I have been able to achieve big goals and great achievements along the way. I am most proud of the fact I am a father to two beautiful children who will always be my greatest achievement, regardless of any success now and in the future.

I have been called an expert facilitator and if that's indeed true, it is only because I have had the most amazing and prolific teachers and mentors along the way. One thing I am absolutely certain of - you will not find a more committed individual with a deeper passion for your success! I want more happiness for you than you do at this moment in time... and I can say that because after 15 years coaching at the highest level, I know that although you want more, you also know there is something in the way and it's bugging the hell out of you... You have come to the right place!

I look forward to seeing you at MILLION DOLLAR MESSAGE. I promise you one thing now - I will not let you down!

Stay strong and stay blessed,

Allan J Kleynhans

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