Mind Mastery Traning: Use Your Unique Mind Setup To Your Best Advantage
£85 – £136.05
Mind Mastery Traning: Use Your Unique Mind Setup To Your Best Advantage

Mind Mastery Traning: Use Your Unique Mind Setup To Your Best Advantage

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United Kingdom

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In This Masterclass, You Will Learn 4 Key Principles Of Your Mind, So You Can Explore Your Full Potential And Get Advantage In Every Social Situation

Have you ever missed a great opportunity or a chance to talk to someone important only because you felt you ‘weren’t ready for it’? Because it was ‘outside your comfort zone’?

Many people get trapped in their so-called comfort zones – limiting mind patterns that restrict their possibilities and chances for success. The good news is – it can be fixed.

But the not-so good news…You have probably heard about some long and strenuous trainings that claim to set you free. Some of them deliver results but they do it through a painful process of forcefully breaking the natural patterns of your mind.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can achieve the incredible benefits of having a strong mind through a natural process of self-growth. You don’t need to force yourself to do things that feel incongruent, but instead you can use the right techniques to help your comfort zone effortlessly expand. This Masterclass will show you how.

A self-mastery journey can be an incredible adventure.

The 4 Key Mind Patterns will show you the most effective way of shaping your life and interactions with others, which are unique to you. Each of the four types favours a different approach in self-development, learns in a different way and requires a different type of meditation for optimal results. Find out yours and never waste time again on the techniques that are not right for you!

At this Masterclass you will:

  • Discover the strengths and weaknesses of the 4 Key Mind Patterns and how to master them

  • Learn to understand yourself on a deeper level and remove obstacles that are holding you back

  • Find out the truth behind the ‘comfort zone’ concept that nobody tells you about

  • Acquire your own advanced toolkit for effective communication techniques

  • Develop connection strategies to instantly click with people who matter

  • Discover ways to understand other people effortlessly

  • Learn to transform into the person you always wanted to be


  • Learn how to inject a perfect dose of stillness into your busy day

  • Access the strength within through mindfulness

  • The 4 different types of meditation and how each of them aligns with a deeper structure of your mind

We only use the techniques that actually work.

About the lecturer:

Jane H. Tepley is a mind mastery teacher, a published writer, and the founder of Modern Warrior Mind, a company dedicated to helping people become more efficient, more influential and more successful using the powers of their own mind.

Unlike most meditation teachers who rely on Eastern meditation principles, Jane has spent most of her life researching the traditional Western meditation that is much easier to understand and practice for the Western mind.

For over 15 years, she has been focused on working with groups and private students around the globe, helping them discover and harness their mind’s true power and overcome procrastination, indecision and willpower pitfalls that could otherwise stand in their way to success.

Why lead an ordinary life, when the extraordinary is just within your reach?

Here is what other attendees are saying:

"The course was incredible, words cannot honestly describe how I feel, say a mix of overwhelmed, surreal, excited, empowered all rolled into one. It answered many questions I could not explain or understand. For sticking points on how to meditate properly, what various symbols, and colours actually meant during meditation. What cues to look for in toxic people and how to deter them was also gold."

- Jasdeep J.

"Jane is a very charismatic and focused speaker. You can feel her connection to the energy clearly, which makes her speeches very true and inspiring. Now I am looking forward to my next seminar already.“

- Stefan H.

"You were right in saying that this training would change our lives… especially if we continue with the practice. One day when I am on my death bed looking back at the moments that have influenced my life the most - this training would definitely be one of them."

- Nikolay B.


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Date and Time


Exmoor St


W10 6DZ

United Kingdom

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