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Mind, Myth & Magic Masterclass- Metaphors of Movement with Andy Austin

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The Golden Lion Hotel

114 High Street



United Kingdom

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A masterclass in exploring and mastering anthropomorphisations in metaphor- with Andrew T Austin

This two-day practical workshop is a masterclass in the systemic organisation of the metaphoric environment and how we can use this to our advantage.

Ok, I’ll translate that sentence a little. When we elicit the metaphor, and ask what is to the left, what is to the right etc, the way the information is organised follows some precise principles (i.e. systemic organisation). This isn’t something that is commonly taught on the MoM trainings but is something explored extensively in the sister project of The Historia Illius Itineris.

There are various religious, spiritual occult and magical traditions that embody these organisational principles which are often then celebrated through ritual and ceremony, often without conscious awareness by anyone involved.

In this experimental workshop, we will be taken one such set of rituals, that of Solomonic magic known as The Goetia. We will learn how the formulas embodied in this practice are relevant to the metaphoric environment and the way information is organised within it.

The workshop is split into two halves:

First Half.

  • An outline of the Hermetic principle of magic.

  • Elemental attributions and positions within the metaphoric environment.

  • An exploration of Goetic principles.

  • Design and layout of the physical working space.

  • The tools and techniques of evocation and invocation.

  • An in-depth examination of the formulae of Goetic evocation and invocation.

  • A walk-through of the Goetic evocation process.

Second Half.

  • Quick review.

  • Adapting the Goetic formula to an application of Metaphors of Movement.

  • The anthropomorphication of experience in metaphor taxonomy.

  • Evocation and mastery over your own personal demons.

For those of you who have studied Metaphors of Movement level 2, you will be familiar with the taxonomical grouping of “anthropomorphications.” This is where there is a creature, person or living thing that exists within the metaphoric environment that appears to have a life of its own. You will be aware that this is representative of both the thing itself and an organisation of people to whom the owner has the same relationship.

The easiest example is if I were to be in my metaphor of standing at a crossroads and in front of me stands my wife. It is both my wife, and an organisation of people to whom I have the same relationship. i.e. I am married to my job and regard the people at work as family.

The monster to my left might be both the monster and all my ex-wives, for example. And so on.

The problem is that most people tend to be at the mercy of their anthropomorphications in their metaphors. This workshop aims to change all that with a bit of witchery and lots of jiggery-pokery.

I am certain this will be the most unusual workshop you have ever participated in.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Andy’s workshop and had very insightful visions and dreams come up as a direct result of attending. Having been to many on similar topics, it was refreshing to find someone that delivers his wealth of knowledge on topics such as ‘demons’ without the unnecessary amateur dramatics that then install the fear into the group leading them to seek further therapy. Andy is a charismatic speaker, without the sales pitch and I would recommend the workshop to those with little or a lot of experience.” J.B., London

“Thank you for one of the most exciting weekends I have had for a long time. As you know, I have over the years largely disengaged from the NLP and associated communities, disillusioned with its association with snake oil and pitiful attempts to turn a fast buck. The weekend spent with the Mind, Myth and Magic group, working with the Metaphors of Movement material, has reinvigorated an excitement for the core principles and approaches of NLP. It was a pleasure to meet you face to face and I genuinely think that the Metaphor material is the most significant and original thing to emerge onto the scene in a very long time.” A.S., Bradford

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Date and Time


The Golden Lion Hotel

114 High Street



United Kingdom

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