Mind ReMapping - the Elusive 4th Dimension

Mind ReMapping - the Elusive 4th Dimension

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Is your Mind Orbiting the right Frequency...and if so, how would you know?

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Occasionally Minds will suffer under the weight of their own conflicts, this is because the 3 Dimensions of space have immense gravitational frictions, whereas the 4 Dimensions of the Mind are the Frequencies that Orbit Consciousness, thus Thinking has no mass, no time, nor space, where every thought which moves at the speed of light, causes temporal discourses between Linear & Spherical Time.

Every Belief has its own variable frequency. These frequencies are bandwidths which create interference patterns between the Dual Frameworks of the Mind & Brain, controlling every thought.

Interference patterns between the 3rd & 4th Dimension are multiple Frameworks of Maps, leading to the many parallels we call Life, that you can alter.

The Mind & Brain create gravitational fields, keeping thoughts grounded to 3 Dimensions of physical space.

Without their Frameworks, thoughts would be lost to an Abyss of infinite Consciousness, but the Mind is designed to prevent this.

Occasionally, thoughts are given previews to altered plains of Consciousness, which are mostly captured in the Dimensions of Dreams, but those dreams can often be hard to remember.

These dimensions are Harmonic Flashes of Awareness, as ReFractions within Consciousness called “Chasing the Phoenix”

Chasing the Phoenix, are phrases commonly used to describe “light bulb moments”, “flow-states”, “being in the zone”, “in the groove”, or “on one’s game”, experienced when we are awake, and these are our most Creative moments when the Ego crosses over from the 3rd to the 4th Dimensions of Time.

All these phrases point to the most upper, and outermost states of consciousness called “the Empty Mind”

The "Empty Mind" is the entire Meta- Framework of intuition.

Within intuitions, the Mind ReMaps paths of Time as choices by engineering Bio-Meta Mechanisms of Dualities into Frameworks of “BELIEFS”.

Beliefs, however, are only fractions to the low Orbits of our Truth, the rest of which, is the entirety of the Mind, but which is disguised behind the Mirrors of your Subconscious.

If this sounds too much for you to conceive, or too far-fetched an idea, then you must ask yourself why your Beliefs prevent you from Thinking of such prospects to Higher Consciousness?

Beliefs are not your Fate, they are passing frequencies, as Impeding waves within the infinite Oceans of Consciousness.



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Mind ReMapping - the Elusive 4th Dimension image
Mind ReMapping - the Elusive 4th Dimension image

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