Mind the Gap: Liminal Spaces, Images and Texts

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Trinity College

College Green

School of Religion, Trinity College



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LIMINAL SPACES, IMAGES AND TEXTS 12–14 June 2019, Trinity College, Dublin

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In the wake of a renewed interest in the theoretical framework developed by Arnold Van Gennep and Victor Turner, the workshop will focus on liminality as an aspect of falling. Further to Gennep’s theory on liminality as an intermediate, ambivalent social zone, Turner regarded liminality as being characteristic of inter-structural, “betwixt and between” situations, of ambiguity and transition.

The workshop intends to look at the ambivalent potential of the liminal condition.

It will engage scholars from a variety of disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences, and explore the manifold ways in which liminality — the gap between the worlds —articulates, shapes, defines or serves the development of individuals, societies and cultures.

Mind the Gap — Workshop Programme 12-14 June 2019, Trinity College, Dublin

12 June (DAY 1)

12.30–1.00 pm Meet and Greet

1.00–1.15 pm Welcome

Panel 1: Marginalized Communities

1.15–3.00 pm

Eric Ziolkowski (Lafayette College, Pennsylvania): “Liminal dialogues: a Jewish interviewee in King Pedro of Aragon's court”

Michael T. Miller (Liverpool Hope University): “The African Hebrew Israelite Community and the Theology of Marginalisation”

Patrick J.S. Brittenden (Regent’s Park College, Oxford): “Christian identity in the Muslim-background Church of Algeria”

Panel 2: Religious Spaces: The Church

3.30–4.40 pm

Topher Endress (University of Aberdeen): “Church hubs and LAE as liminal expressions”

Jamie Ingram (University of Southampton): “Liminal space and liminal place: the medieval church porch”

Special Event : Mindfulness Session (for Speakers only)

Dinner (for Speakers only)

13 June (Day 2) Keynote lecture

9.00–10.30 am Prof. Alison Scott Baumann, Centre of Islamic Studies in the Near and Middle East Department at SOAS, “Bridging the gap to recognize others: Why the liberal project is still alive”

Panel 3: On the Verge of Society

11.00 am–12.45 pm

Agnese Sile (Edimburgh College of Art): “Liminality in the Context of Children and Young Adults with Autism Disorders and Intellectual Impairment”

Maria Antonietta Struzziero (Independent Scholar): “Liminal states in Rose Tremain’s The Road home”

Olga Sicilia (University of Vienna): “Liminal subjects and liminal frames. Spirit mediums in northern Zimbabwe”

12.45-2.00 pm Lunch (for Speakers only)

2.00-3.15 pm Book of Kells Tour (for Speakers only)

Panel 4: Performing Arts I

3.30–4.40 pm

Yu-Chun Chen (University of Roehampton): “A creative gap: become and becoming a dancer in the Taipei Dance Circle”

Michele Avis Feder-Nadoff (Independent Anthropologist and Artist – Mexico): “The Liminal and Contingent in Artisan Agency and Performance: The Coppersmiths of Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, Mexico”

Panel 5: Performing Arts II

4.50–6.00 pm

Lise Olsen (University of Aberdeen): “In-between the Soundwalk [The in-between walking and listening experience]”

Pauline Brooks (Liverpool John Moores University): “Creating in the liminal performance space between live and digital dance worlds – with specific reference to the Dance work ‘Falling’”

6.30 pm Dinner (for speakers only)

14 June (Day 3)

Panel 6: Liminal Women

9.00–10.45 am

Sandra Cardarelli (University of Aberdeen): “On the Threshold of the Divine: Painting the Virgin Mary”

Michael MacKay (Brigham-Young University): “Mormon Polygamy: Women Betwixt and Between Godhood”

Zohar Hadromi-Allouche (Trinity College, Dublin): “Wife and leader: Khadījah as a first follower”

Panel 7: Liminality: An alternative to one’s actual place

11.15 am–1.00 pm

Robert Segal (University of Aberdeen): “Liminality for Turner”

Jose R. Irizarry (Villanova University, Theology and Religious Studies, Pennsylvania): “Ivan Illich’s Pedagogics of Liminality”

Alexandra Grieser (Trinity College, Dublin): “Rising, falling, or staying where we are? – Conceptual metaphors and the techno- visioneering of a life without limits”

Summary and Farewell

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Date and Time


Trinity College

College Green

School of Religion, Trinity College



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