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Mindfulness is a practical technique that is essential for proactively managing modern day life.

When we regularly practice mindfulness our skill of internal and external observation is developed. This skill enables us to proactively manage our mental health and for many prevent common MH issues. Mindfulness if taught by a qualified and experienced mental health therapist can also be used to successfully treat common MH issues.

Common mental health issues include: anxiety, stress, depression, emotional eating, addictions, excess behaviours and diminished self care. The latest research shows that 75% + of these issues can be prevented with the correct education and lifestyle. We have a responsibility to regularly take care of our mental and physical health. There are no total health guarantees, there is cultivating a mind and lifestyle that to the best of our ability supports our health.

The philosophy that runs in parallel is totally optional, you need no belief, religious or spiritual system/interest to learn and engage in this technique.

There is a great deal of robust clinical research in Mindfulness showing the brains ability to develop and improve many vital functions that previously were believed to be degenerative.

In this brief introduction we will look at: a) what Mindfulness is and is not b) uses c) science behind mindfulness d) styles of thinking that create common MH issues e) who is it not for?

Camilla Ghazala: Background

My passion is enabling myself & others to develop their awareness, stability, self-management and resilience using safe, effective therapeutic and educative interventions.

My NHS work is diagnosing & treating anxiety disorders & depression. My private practice is a balance of 1-1, couples and family therapy, coaching and encouraging education treating a range of mental health issues and providing preventative education.

I have practised Mindfulness since 1981 and been teaching since 2000. My teachers are the Buddhist Sanga at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery UK.

As an integrative therapist, coach, supervisor & tutor my foundation is Adlerian Psychology which I have woven together with CBT, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Buddhist Psychology, Mindfulness, TA, Energy Psychology, Positive Psychology, HeartMind Process and Nutrition & Mental Wealth. | Linkedin

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