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Mini-MBA For Healthcare Professionals (2 days)

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Imperial College Business School

South Kensington



United Kingdom

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The Mini-MBA: Foundation Course for healthcare professionals and future leaders

Ever wondered what an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) entails or considered doing one? Are you thinking about your career and want to learn business skills or move into a new sector e.g. consulting? Starting your own business but want avoid to mistakes and rapidly pick up the key principles, knowledge and confidence to compete with others in the market? Maybe you just want to improve the way healthcare or your organisation runs?

Whatever your motivations are, if you’re curious but want to explore without committing to the time and cost of a full time MBA, our course is perfect for you.

We deliver the entire course in a way that takes you on a journey through the set up of a new healthcare institution with you at it’s helm….

You will be learning some of the key material and knowledge of core MBA modules while simultaneously applying it at the same time. On day 1 we will allocate you to groups and give you a brief to set up a new institution and weave the key facets of strategy, finance, design, leadership, negotiation and marketing into the course along the journey.

We guarantee you won’t find a more enjoyable or cutting edge mini-MBA with the right blend of healthcare and leadership experience.

What does the course cover?

We have selected six essential modules (pending 12 CPD points) for you to gain a basic understanding and build a foundation for your career and personal growth:

Day 1*:

  • Strategy

  • Accounting

  • Design Thinking

There will be a networking dinner for delegates and course tutors on the Saturday 22nd April at 7pm

Day 2*:

  • Organisational behaviour & negotiation

  • Leadership & managing change

  • Marketing

*Maybe subject to change depending on speaker availability

What do these entail and how it is relevant to healthcare, business or my career?


This is one of the core requirements of running a business effectively. Our strategy module aims to introduce you to strategic thinking and focus on gaining a competitive edge. Whether or not we or our services survive is entirely dependent our own positioning in the market. Everything a business does should be aligned with its core vision. Can you think objectively and critically about where you want to be?

We explore how you can start thinking differently and how not to lose your way. This module will form the foundation for the course and really get your business brain working.


Accounting is one of the fundamental building blocks of running a business effectively. We explore the basics of reading financial statements and enable you to understand the language that is crucial to engaging your stakeholders, clients and most critically, your financiers. We also explore how you can align all your organisational or departmental activity with financial, educational or performance related metrics to bring your whole team on the journey with you.

You can’t be in business without core accountancy skills. Don’t worry if you’re not too hot on numbers, we’ll take you step by step through the work.


How can businesses and services better cater to customers or patients and how we can tap into psychology, behaviour and present things in a positive light?

We explore: What do people really want? Why do we need marketing in healthcare? Is marketing simply an add-on to the way we work or should it be engrained in everything we do?

This is a creative and an enjoyable module to end the first day.

Organisational behaviour and negotiation

Healthcare organisations and businesses are made of people, and are ultimately there to serve people. But how often do we stop to think about how people mesh together? How do we deal with complex beasts such as the NHS and how do we get what we want?

A greater awareness of yourself and others is fundamental to the success of your relationships and the organisation.

Leadership and managing change

Leadership is changing. It is no longer about strong individuals and their personalities but about leveraging teams, charisma and influence.

How do you effect change in a sustainable way? Why should people listen to you?

Do you have what it takes to make things happen and how will you build the right team to do what is needed?

An exciting module that will challenge your own perspectives as well as explore what has worked to bring about success in both health related and non-health related organisations.

Design thinking and lean

For the final module, we get creative and teach you about design principles and how they are improving the way things work in a variety of industries. We also touch on lean and how to run operations efficiently. Design thinking is not particularly prevalent in healthcare yet but is set to grow and we give you the head start and get you working in your teams to create innovative solutions to solve topical problems.

Why are we doing this course?

Our Story

The full time MBA blew my mind. I had all my previous understanding about the world blown wide open. In healthcare we are cocooned and end up with a very narrow perspective of the world. Coming from a background in orthopaedics, I am used to thinking logically and working hard but once you look beyond your comfort zone, you realise the world is a bigger place and we are woefully underprepared to enter the economic reality around us. I will never look at NHS culture, healthcare and business the same way. Reassuringly, it hasn’t changed who I am as a person. I still care deeply about what I do and my purpose in life – but I now feel more confident speaking to business professionals in any field: managers, accountants, business owners and clients alike. If even the minutest part of you is considering this, don’t miss this opportunity to sample something amazing.

Aroon Baskaradas

I am in a privileged position. My medical background is in paedaitrics: a job that I love. But I am also a successful property investor and entrepreneur. Many people ask me about how I successfully transitioned and what advice I have for them. The lessons I have learned in business, the way I have trained myself to think, and the experiences I have had are very different to what we are taught and experience in healthcare. If a course like this had existed a few years back, I would have saved myself so much time, money and heartache. I want to help others and share some of that learning. This is your chance to get ahead.

Lafina Diamandis

Think differently. Do differently. Eurekadoc: accelerate your career.

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Date and Time


Imperial College Business School

South Kensington



United Kingdom

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