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Refund Policy

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Payment of MIPAA membership subscriptions.

Subscription period: annual from 1 January - 31 December | Applications via Membership - Join MIPAA link.

Full membership fee: £105.00 applies to individuals & each of the first 3 members for corporate payment

Corporate discount: £100.00 per member for organisations with 4 or more members

Students undertaking a placement in a motor industry PR role may apply for two years' FREE associate membership - via the Membership - join MIPAA link.

Members who are no longer working in either public relations/communications or within the motor industry may apply for associate membership at a reduced annual subscription. Members wishing to transfer from full to associate membership, should contact General Secretary, Heather Yaxley.


  • Membership subscription can be paid easily via Eventbrite's secure online payment, which automatically generates a receipt. An Eventbrite Service Fee is added for online payments at a rate of 6.5% of the ticket price + £0.49 per paid ticket (no maximum fee).
  • Outstanding subscriptions are due at the rates applicable as stipulated. If paying for multiple years, indicate the number of member years - for example, one member for two years enter quantity of two.
  • Invoices and details of other payment options can be obtained by contacting General Secretary, Heather Yaxley.
  • As a learned society approved by HMRC, MIPAA membership is not subject to VAT.

Membership terms:

  • Membership runs annually from 1 January - applications accepted at any point during the year - use Join MIPAA link.
  • Cancellation of membership must be made in writing to the General Secretary by 31 December for the subsequent year.
  • Membership of MIPAA Ltd runs continuously, with non-transferrable, non-refundable annual subscription due at the start of each year (1 January).
  • Full membership includes the opportunity to book places on MIPAA educational and professional development courses without additional payment (unless otherwise stipulated).
    Places are subject to availability. They may only be booked by members who are registered as such with MIPAA and whose annual subscription payments are fully up to date.
    Student associate members are eligible to book places at MIPAA Business Academy events without charge (subject to availability of places).
  • Non-members, or those who are not registered or up to date in their subscription payment will be able to book places for MIPAA events (subject to availability) at the published non-member price.
  • Note: Social activities and other stipulated events or services that incur a cost are payable in full by all members (full and associates).

Refund Policy

No Refunds

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