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Mirror State is a live action disaster game for dozens of players. The fate of the world is in your hands. We're doomed!

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The End of the World is Now

The world is blissfully unaware of its imminent demise. Moving with purpose, quietly and unseen, the threat cannot be negotiated with, has no compassion and will not rest until the human race has been eradicated. This is the last throw of the dice for the powers that be before civilization as we know it ceases to exist.

As a player of Mirror State you could take the role of a CIA Agent, Corporate CEO, Politician, CDC Scientist or maybe even the President of the USA. Each Episode of Mirror State is a unique, standalone experience where every action you take changes the outcome of the game for everyone.

The game is exciting, challenging and above all fun. Whether you’re a seasoned board game player, LARPer, role-player, video game fanatic or a complete novice, the only requirement to succeed at the game is your willingness to play. Having watched a few disaster movies won’t hurt either.

The Game

Think of a megagame as a very large scale board game. Dozens of players with individual goals and agenda attempting to achieve victory... however they choose to define it.

Unless you choose to play a specialised role you won't be on your own. You might occupy the big chair in the White House, work as part of a team of FBI investigators, as a NASA scientist or have your own agenda as CEO of a major corporation.

The end of the world is coming, you've no idea what it will be, but it'll be up to you to stop it.

Your first megagame can seem daunting, but Mirror State moderators ensure you are never far from the action and are at the very centre of your own Hollywood disaster movie.

Your Ticket To The Apocalypse

Your ticket to Mirror State Apocalypse buys you entry into a single-day live action adventure. If you wish to play as a group please ensure each member of the team has a ticket for the role you want to play.

If you're coming on your own, we've got you covered. You can either choose to play as a Special Character who work alone, or pick any role you like the sound of. We will run a matchmaking service at the start of the game to build groups for solo players. New friends! Yay!

Around 10 days before the game you will receive a full briefing pack through the post which will outline the game rules and some tips for getting started.

Once the game is complete we will compile a review of the game and send you a souvenir guide to the apocalypse where you are the star of the show.

Immediately after the game is complete there will be the opportunity to join the team from Mirror State and other players for an informal drinks and discussion of the game. This is rarely a stuffy affair and often devolves into "We would have totally gotten away with it..." as a conversation opener.

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A note about younger players

While all Mirror State games can be played by younger players we suggest that those over the age of 16 will get the most out of it. We do not use strong graphic imagery or language in any of our game materials however the theme of the game and nature of how it is played is better suited to those a little older.

Also, look at that chap in the bio-hazard suit up top! That's quite ominous, right? Doesn't sound like a comedy does it? As much as there is like to be some hilarity it's likely to be that kind of grim humour at which the British are particularly adept.

Joking aside, we cannot host players under the age of 16 unless a parent or guardian is also playing.

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