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MOJO Blast - Ignite Your Creative Genius (Brighton)

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Synergy Centre

78 West Street



United Kingdom

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MOJO BLAST - Take Life, Work and Creativity To The Next Level For This New Chapter

Has someone turned up the volume on Life? It feels like the voltage has been upped and the very experience of Life is both more challenging and more full of potential. Greater challenges which require me to be on top of my inner and outer game, and greater need for Presence as the path of my life takes its ever increasingly unexpected twists and turns.

As this new chapter begins I want to optimise all the key areas of my life and make sure I’m harvesting my potential in all areas. So for MOJO BLAST I’ve created a full weekend of bringing the main 7 key areas of Life up to the next level of potential and sustainability, both in my inner life and my missions and projects out in the World.

1. MIND: Clear practices to stop overthinking and exhausting yourself strategising and controlling in such a futile fashion but use your innate intelligence to bear real fruit.

2 ROOTS: Create enough habits of self-care to not be so triggered so often, to not be so distracted, so that you can be present and available in the moment to be inspired and have the energy to act on that inspiration.

3. DEMON TRAINING: Efficiently use the unruly characters that live in your head as illuminations and harvest their powers instead of ’suffering them’ and being dragged down.

4. SUSTAINABILITY: Learn how to get the support you need in healthy ways and to know where to get it, which of your usual avenues are habitual but ineffective and which are useful and nourishing.

5. EGO BALANCING: Readdress your relationship with solitude, addiction and depressive or anxious tendencies.

6. EMBODIMENT: Learn how to meet each challenge in the body as well as the mind and how to free yourself from unconscious beliefs and patterning which create so much limitation and stress.

7. INSPIRATION: Flick the switch into the kind of spaciousness and presence which allows you to channel your best Creativity effortlessly and enjoyably instead of slave driving the unequipped intellect to do your creative work for you.

Ticket Prices:

It is my highest vision to ensure that all my workshops and events are 100% inclusive. This idea of anyone missing one of my events for money reasons really bothers me. So although I set a price on the workshops I also offer the option of paying less if the price is out of your range.

I am trusting that folks will meet me in the spirit in which it is offered. I write this now to ask you not to abuse the system in the vein of getting a cheap deal.


“…a polite warning; prolonged exposure to Jamie Catto could blow your mind…” - The Daily Telegraph

“Jamie Catto is kind, wise, open, boundlessly energetic, optimistic and passionate. I adore him.” - Stephen Fry

“Jamie Catto is a human icebreaker with a prow of determination and a motor of love, slicing through the frozen seas around us.” - Tom Robbins


These workshops can potentially be emotionally intense and may bring things to the fore that are sensitive/difficult to deal with. You accept that whatever issues or emotions that arise for you on a weekend or online workshop are your own, that you take responsibility for your choice to attend a workshop which may include such experiences and that Jamie Catto and Jamie Catto Productions are held harmless for any and all responsibility for your responses to the workshop.

By signing up to the workshop, you agree to the terms and conditions.


Where is it?

The Synergy Centre, Brighton

What is the time and date of the event?

From 09:45 - 18h00 on Saturday and Sunday, the 24th and 25th of June, 2017

What should I bring with?

Bring two pads, some pencils, a comfortable cushion and water.

What will we eat?

It is always lovely to bring some food that we can all share, but we will decide on the day what we will do for lunch.

Is there any local accommodation?

There may be local accommodation available. Feel free to google the area for possible places to stay.

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Date and Time


Synergy Centre

78 West Street



United Kingdom

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